Terry Cralle, MS, RN, CPHQ

Power of Sleep




Sleep Well. Live Well. Effectively communicating the link between sleep and peak performance.

Terry is a credentialed and experienced clinical sleep educator, providing critical information and guidance to a wide array of audiences. Terry is a recognized industry leader–speaker, consultant, and author–providing essential information in a thoughtful, understandable and entertaining format.

As a Registered Nurse, Certified Clinical Sleep Educator and Certified Professional in Healthcare Quality, Terry Cralle has devoted much of her career to sleep health and wellness. Author, educator, and co-founder of a four-bed sleep disorders center, Terry serves as a consultant and speaker to a wide variety of organizations and clients including schools, corporations, hospitals, community organizations and sports teams as well as the hospitality, transportation, travel and bedding industries. Terry is a national spokesperson for the Better Sleep Council and also works closely with the International Sleep Products Association, Start School Later, Inc. and the Pajama Program. Terry’s commitment to sleep health and wellness is reflected in her diligent efforts to deliver the message of healthy sleep to an international audience of all ages.

Terry is a credentialed and experienced sleep professional with extensive experience in sleep health consulting and promotion; presenting dynamic and informative workshops and seminars and related events to a wide variety of clients and audiences including corporations and industries, colleges and universities, nurses and healthcare workers, sports teams and community organizations.

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