Adults Who Wear Diapers to Bed

Adults Who Wear Diapers to Bed: 4 Main Reasons

If you’re someone who only used diapers as a kid, consider yourself blessed. There are adults who have it worse than you.

There are plenty of reasons an adult may wear diapers to bed.

Some people run to the bathroom in the middle of the night because their bladder has reached its limit. It’s fine if it happens once, but some people have medical conditions that force them into this routine 3-4 times per night.

Others have a medical condition that forces them to wear a diaper to sleep. They would just wet the bed if they weren’t wearing a diaper.

Last, some people just feel more comfortable sleeping with a diaper on. Does it sound weird? Perhaps, but who am I to judge? People are free to live however they please. If their life improves by wearing diapers, let them. It doesn’t affect me.

The 4 Main Reasons Adults Wear Diapers to Bed

One of the main reasons adults may wear diapers to bed is because of an illness. This includes diseases like Alzheimer’s, dementia, Parkinson’s, and Multiple Sclerosis. Getting up from bed and going to the bathroom would be a challenge for these people.

Another reason some adults wear diapers to bed is because they have bladder leakage that interrupts their sleep regularly. This can be caused by many factors including urinary tract infections, prostate issues in men, or bladder problems.

A third reason some adults wear diapers to bed is because of diarrhea. Some people have an immune system that doesn’t work properly and as a result they suffer from frequent episodes of diarrhea.

In these cases, it’s clear that we are dealing with people who either have mobility issues, or who wouldn’t be able to go to the bathroom before the leakage. Sleeping in a dirty bed is a miserable experience, so diapers help these people get through the night without issues.

But there is one more category of people who wear diapers to bed. Most people think this is weird. There are adults who wear diapers to bed because they think it’s more comfortable.

Say what?

Yes, some people do it because it makes them feel better. They claim the diaper makes them feel comfortable, like when they were babies.

This could be a symptom of a condition called paraphilic infantilism, or ABDL for short. Basically, people feel like they are babies, and behave like one. It sounds way worse than it actually is though. Most people who suffer from ABDL just like baby things like diapers. Some indulge in abhorrent behavior like pedophilia, but they are an extreme minority. And there’s no actual link between the two, it’s just a potential red flag.

Wearing Diapers as a Healthy Adult

Some people will find it gross. Others will question your sanity. But these people will never even know you are wearing a diaper, unless you tell them. It’s a case of being spooked by something they don’t even know exists.

We prepared a list of pros and cons of wearing diapers to bed. Read it with an open mind and judge for yourself.

Benefits of Wearing Adult Diapers

There are many pros of wearing diapers to bed. Aside from the necessities we outlined above, even perfectly healthy adults can enjoy better sleep with it.

Here are the pros:

  • Diapers make you feel more secure. They gently latch onto your hips and navel, giving a sense of being hugged. Your body remembers this soothing feeling from when you were a kid and loves it.
  • They are way more hygienic. Even if you aren’t someone with issues that end up with a wet bed, your urinary system might still have minor leakages. These add up over the days, causing a sense of discomfort in your pants.
  • They let you relax more easily in bed. No more having to wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom. You can chill in your bed, do your thing, and go back to sleeping immediately. Diapers are very convenient.
  • There are some people who are into it. Yeah. This might be a con for someone. I don’t know. It’s a fetish. Just putting it out there.

Wearing diapers is not all rainbows and sunshine though. There are potential side effects to it.

Cons of Wearing Adult Diapers

There are potential issues with wearing diapers. Most of these won’t be an issue if you just wear them when you sleep, but it’s still worth to note them. You never know what could happen.

  • They can feel weird or uncomfortable. If you’re used to wearing regular pants, diapers might feel uncomfortable at first. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to them, eventually.
  • They are pretty big. Not big to encumber your movement, but big enough to become noticeable to an attentive eye. Not that anyone will ever come to you and ask if you’re wearing a diaper. But people might notice it.
  • The costs add up quickly. Pants are washable and reusable. Diapers are not. If you wear a new one every day, you’ll have to shell out some money for it. Naturally, if you are just wearing them for comfort, you can afford to wear them more than once, but then there are better solutions to sleep like a baby.
  • They can get very hot. Pants are minimalistic. Diapers cover a lot more area of your body. If the outside temperature is high, you’ll notice a lot more sweating than if you were wearing regular pants.
  • Finding the right size for you might be a challenge. There are companies specializing on making big diapers, but mostly, they are made for people of a specific size in mind.

The Best Adult Diapers for Better Sleep

Look, I’m not saying you are missing out on the greatest invention since the wheel, but adult diapers don’t look all that bad, do they?

That’s why I prepared this section to let you shop for the best ones. You might want to try them on. Why not? If you don’t like them, no harm no foul. But maybe you’ll enjoy them.

Solimo Underwear

If you’re looking for a bargain, look no further. These are by far the cheapest diapers you’ll find that still work great. It’ll keep odors at bay, and wear comfortably thanks to the cotton interiors.

Warning: this product is only for women. Since women’s anatomy differs from men’s, if you’re male you should probably look for a different product. Women have bigger pelvises, so these diapers will be loose around the hips for males.

Tranquillity Premium Overnight

These diapers mimic traditional underwear, meaning they thin, and feel like wearing regular cloth. They are pricier than other solutions, but they make up for it with increased quality. Definitely a great purchase for someone looking for a more high-end product.

Prevail Large Unisex Underwear

These diapers are designed for bigger people. If you’re a bulky individual, then you should consider these. Most other diapers focus on fitting on smaller people. That’s the main reason we included them. Other than their bigger size, they work like most other diapers.


While some people will find wearing diapers to bed weird when they’re unnecessary, ignore them. Who are they to tell you what you should and shouldn’t do? What matters is that you are feeling comfortable in your body.

If diapers are what it takes to achieve this result, then go for them. I know many people whose quality of life improved after making the switch from traditional underwear to diapers.

However, if you love wearing diapers for the hell of it, you should be careful. It could be a symptom of a bigger underlying psychological issue. There are associations and forums dedicated to ABDL, or paraphiliac infantilism.

Give these resources a look and make sure you don’t fall under that category. If you do, seek medical advice. There are trained professionals who will happily help you.

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  1. i wear because i have a bad back and diabetes, i would have to get up and go 4 to 5 times a night. With a bad back, that is very painful.
    i gave up and just wear a premium diaper and now don’t have to get up and sometime even move, i just relax and let it flow and go right back to sleep. plus i like the nice warm feeling.

    1. I have IBS and I’ve been out meeting people but I hate the face of having a Accident so I am Considering wearing a diaper as it will give me more confidence go out is this wrong I hope not i have had Accident in the passed please help

      1. Peter,
        There is nothing at all wrong with you wearing diapers. Your health condition is one of the reasons they exist in the first place! If you are out and have an accident in a diaper, you simply find a bathroom, change either into a new diaper or underpants and you’re back to life. Have the same accident in your clothes, and unless you have a change of underwear and pants you’re looking at going home. Also knowing you have a line of defense on your side should reduce any anxiety you most likely have related to your condition. If you are concerned about noise, try wearing underwear over the diaper. Hope this helps!

  2. I like the Rearz diapers they have nursery prints on them an hold up to 6100 ml of liquid they can hold a days worth of pee you might need a onsie to hold them from the weight

    1. I also use the rearz diapers, I’m Incotinate and have had to wear diapers for the last 20 years, I use the rearz inspired plus diapers, an all white with 4 tapes and plastic backing, I’m in diapers 24/7 and I use these day and night.

  3. I have cerebral palsy and was cloth diapered in chidhood and found it to be a comfort. I developed a desire to wear cloth diapers and plastic pants because it felt comforting and pleasurable habit. I wear now at night and around the house in private. I love the way the cloth of a diaper becmes soft and warm, in platic pants. I do not feel the need to act like a baby, go in diapers, or act out any child like activity. I do not bother anyone. I feel better when I wear my favorite clothing. I am a cloth diaper lover. If this feels good and I keep it quite. There nothing wrong.

  4. Can please someone help is there something wrong me wanting to out a feel comfortable outside as I have ibs is it wrong for me to wear a diaper so I don’t have a Accident I have had Accident in the passed it’s not nice I don’t have a lot of money I just wish someone would help

    1. Peter: I wear 24/7/365 and there is not a day that I can go without a Diaper of some kind.
      I was a bed wetter growing even though I didn’t get to wear a diaper for my bed wetting past age 6 and always slept in a wet bed. But now I have been wearing for for about 8yrs now and I can tell you it is a must and I don’t stress about trying to get to a bathroom in time.👀😁
      It will take a little while for you to get use to them but it will open up more things that you can enjoy and it will grow on you.😁

      1. I’m also in diapers 24/7, for the last 20 years, I had a fall off a ladder about 25 feet up on too a concrete floor I have pelvic floor and nerve damage, I’ve been in diapers every since. I’ve seen many Doctors and urologist over the years with no results, I’ve given up on the doctors and urologist and I’m in diapers. I’ve found what works for me and I’m comfortable with having to wear diapers, I use the rearz inspired plus. I’ve tried many over the years and these are the best I have found.

  5. I wear diapers because they feel good on me. When i wake in the middle of the night i just let it flow. It feels so good as the warm pee flows down aroundmy butt. I also wear plastic panties incase i over wet my diaper.

  6. I have been wearing diapers since I injured my back in the military and started having urgency and bed wetting issues . The drugs prescribed to help with this had side effects like like dry mouth and constant thirst, so diapers seemed to be the best option for me. At first I was embarrassed and ashamed. Over time I became used to them. After I recovered, I became more self aware when not diapered. Also, I would wake 3-5 times at night just to pee, and it became more difficult to get back to sleep. Also, I still have occasional back spasms and have take muscle relaxers before bed. This relaxes me so much I start wetting before I realize it. Diapers have become so much of my normal life that I pick them out just like I would any of my other undies.

  7. I’m also in diapers 24/7, for the last 20 years, I had a fall off a ladder about 25 feet up on too a concrete floor I have pelvic floor and nerve damage, I’ve been in diapers every since. I’ve seen many Doctors and urologist over the years with no results, I’ve given up on the doctors and urologist and I’m in diapers. I’ve found what works for me and I’m comfortable with having to wear diapers, I use the rearz inspired plus. I’ve tried many over the years and these are the best I have found.

  8. I had fallen off a ladder about 25 feet up on too a concrete floor, I have pelvic floor and nerve damage, I have no control over my bladder and sometimes lose of my bowel control, I’m in diapers 24/7, I was put in diapers while I was in the hospital, this all happened 20 years ago and I’ve been in diapers every since, I’ve tried using catheters and don’t like them at all.

  9. I am a teen girl,14 going on 15 soon.I am still in puberty that has caused me to wet the bed since before age 12.I wear cloth diapers and adult size plastic pants to bed every night that are put on me by my mom before bedtime.They do keep my bed dry and i am used to them now,even tho it is hard not to feel like a baby!

  10. I fell off a ladder about 25 feet up on too a concrete floor, I went to the hospital the doctors had checked me out and set me up for a MRI to be done, they couldn’t get me in right away they put me in a room and the nurse come in with a diaper in her hand , she explained to me why they didn’t want to use a catheter on me because they didn’t know how much damage was done, she pulled back the sheets on my bed and proseted to put a diaper on me, she told me they would come in and check on me, I was in the hospital for 3 days every 4 hours they would come in and check on me to see if I needed to be changed, after the first day they finally come and got me for the MRI, the results were that I have pelvic floor and nerve damage, after the third day in the hospital they sent me home in a diaper, the first couple of years I seen many doctors and urologist over the first couple of years with no results, had many tests done with no results. I give up on the urologist, all though it was really having a hard time with having to be in diapers, I had a doctor’s appointment and he knew I was having a hard time with adjusting to wearing diapers, he put his hand on my nee and looked me in the eye and said people wear glasses for a reason if you break your arm you have a cast for a reason your situation is no different you wear what you need to for a reason. The more I thought about what he said the more sense it made. After the first couple of years I’ve adjusted perty well, but don’t wish apon anyone, if I want any kind of a life I’ve got to be in diapers, this happened when I was 49 years old and I’m now 69 years old, I’ve been in diapers for over 20 years, I’ve tried my best to hide it and cover it up, my wife and Doctors and urologist and a few friends are about the only ones that know, like I said I’m tired of trying to cover it up, this is my story and it is what it is, I’ll be in diapers for the rest of my life.

  11. I love this blog post! I have been wearing diapers to bed for years and I absolutely love it! Here are four reasons why I love it:

    1. It feels really good to be able to sleep in a comfortable and clean

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