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Best Adjustable Air Mattress in 2023 (5 Out of 7)

An adjustable air mattress is an ideal alternative to typical memory foam, innerspring and latex mattresses because users can effortlessly adjust its firmness. That said, they’re growing in popularity, especially among the people that shift between plush and more firmness.

In this article, we researched and carefully reviewed the best adjustable air mattresses within different price ranges. We also wrote a buying guide that will make your shopping experience easier.

Smart Airbeds Vs. Air Mattress, Which To Choose

All in all, if you plan to use air mattress for an extended amount of time and you feel you could benefit from their numerous smart features, then it’s better to take a smart bed.

However, if you want to use air mattress just for guests and occasionally sleepovers, it’s the best to take inflatable mattress.

Smart Airbeds

Smart airbeds are primarily used on actual bed and sport multiple air chambers and comfort layers at the top.

The comfort layer mostly consists of memory foam or gel-infused foam so it can conform and adjust to sleeper’s body and add cushy and plush sensation. They also have multiple smart capabilities like auto firmness-adjusting and tracking sleep data.

Smart airbeds
Source: Terry Cralle, RN

Benefits of airbeds

  • Changing firmness – Regardless of the type of adjustable air mattress, both types allow you to adjust the thickness of the mattress. Of course, the more premium products will do that smartly, while the latter needs to use a pump. Regardless, if your preference for firmness changes often and you are never satisfied with one level of firmness, then this model is for you.
  • Individual firmness – If you’re using an airbed with your partner, you may find that their sleeping preferences aren’t the same as yours and that’s okay. Premium airbeds have separate air chambers which means they can adjust their firmness differently compared to you.
  • Medically-approved – Airbeds are medically approved. Most premium options like ReST bed and Air-Pedic support separate comfort zones for head, lower back, shoulders, knees and feet which allows adjusting firmness on certain parts. This is ideal for athletes or people who’ve undergone some kind of a surgery recently.
  • If treated properly, they can be extremely durable.

Drawbacks of airbeds

  • Price – More premium and complex air beds will come with a higher price-point. Unless you feel an utmost necessity to sleep on an adjustable air mattress that will cost $1,000 or more unless you need it for medical reason or any reason we highlighted above, it’s not worth the investment.
  • It takes a long time to assemble. More premium airbeds can take anywhere from an hour to three hours to assemble, unless you pay the additional fee to get it assembled in addition to shipped.
  • They can be noisy. There are a lot of mechanical parts, as well as multiple air chambers that will likely make noise overnight.
  • They can easily break, either in terms of software or mechanical parts. While there’s a lengthy warranty in repairing them, it’s usually not enough to cover all parts that may eventually malfunction.

Air Mattress

Air mattresses are considerably more affordable, with many models being available in the sub-$100 category. They are not always used for sleeping. Instead, they often greet guests who are sleeping over, or are used at picnics, beaches and other outdoor events.

Nevertheless, companies like Intex, over the last few years, have started manufacturing air mattresses with premium support, making them great for sleeping too.

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Air mattress, Terry Cralle
Image Source: Terry Cralle, RN

Benefits of air mattresses

  • Price – Air mattresses are more affordable compared to their other group, which is the main benefit people consider when they’re shopping. As mentioned, it allows for sub-$100 mattresses to be seen and bought.
  • Adjustable firmness – Similarly to airbeds, air mattresses can adjust the firmness using a pump. If you feel it’s too firm, you can release a bit of air, if you feel it needs more firmness you inflate it more.
  • No sinking – Memory foam mattresses are fairly expensive, yet, they aren’t as reliable as they are known to sink and flatten way too fast. Air mattresses won’t sink unless they burst, which is highly unlikely with premium mattresses emerging on the market.
  • No off-gassing – Most of adjustable mattresses are made out of the PVC material which means there is no disturbing odor that ships with flattened mattresses.
  • You can use it for multiple purposes – Many people shop for air mattresses as their full-time sleeping mattress if they are thick, firm and comfortable enough. Still, you can use it for multiple purposes because of its easy storing and transport.

Drawbacks of air mattresses

  • Noisy Pump – Most air mattresses are equipped with a built-in pump which can often be noisy.
  • Short warranty – Most air mattresses come with six months to one year warranty, while some companies allow you to pay for up to three years warranty.
  • Pump lifespan – When it comes to adjustable mattress, their internal pump can easily malfunction due to dust exposure or other reasons, replacing can either be difficult or impossible so eventually you need to get external pump.

Question: How to know the right amount of air in the air chambers?

Smart airbeds usually have an indicator that says how much air there is in the chambers. However, those that don’t and they require pump need a lot of trial and error.

Basically, when you want to have a little more softness in the airbed, you’ll usually deflate and release a small portion of air while checking it yourself on bed. If you want it to be firmer, you’ll naturally inflate it to the maximum amount of air inside.

All mattress are different. That said, it’s the best to try with one setting, for example, at 90% gauge and spend a few nights like that to see whether that’s the right fit for you.

5 Best Adjustable Air Mattresses in 2023: Detailed Reviews

#1. Best Overall: Air-Pedic 700

Air-Pedic is a clinically-approved brand that manufactures adjustable air mattresses with smart capabilities. The ultimate aim of this brand is to provide soothing and relaxing night time, where the top-notch foam layer conforms to your body and promotes a healthy sleeping cycle.

Air-Pedic 700
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Key features:

  • It is covered in premium gel-infused memory foam that promotes more comfort.
  • Separate air chambers which mean each person on the bed can control their firmness level.
  • There are amazing 30 years of warranty that apply to compressed memory foam.
  • There are two-separate remote controls. Additionally, you can control your mattress settings through phone
  • You can test the adjustable air mattress for 120 nights.

It boasts 12.5-inch thickness along with contouring memory foam layer on tops that provide a luxurious and premium experience. While the overall firmness of the air chambers can be easily adjusted through remote and pump, the top of the mattress is covered in plush gel-infused memory foam.

Gel-infused foam guarantees seamless night rest free of heat and sweating, which adds up to cooling comfort and pressure-relieving surface, which means you won’t wake up with back or neck pain.

Beneath the memory foam layer, there are 6 air chambers with multi-zone technology that adjusts the air composition and lets users adjust the overall firmness of their bed. Additionally, there’s a separate layer for lumbar support control at the lower components.

Aside from providing extremely comfortable sleeping experience, it comes with 100% Medical Grade, Ultra-Flexible Urethane and comes with two digital remotes.

Given its size, this bed is ideal for couples, as well as someone who always needs additional space in the bed for a friend or family member.

Both digital remotes come entirely free of charge which means there are two separate top chambers. This is beneficial because couples can generate their firmness control whether someone prefers more plush over the other.

Air mattress Air-Pedic 700
Image Source: Terry Cralle

Additionally, separate chambering also supports motion control and bounciness. Aside from the remotes, the bed’s firmness and other adjustments can also be controlled from a smart device using Bluetooth and a smart app offered by Air-Pedic.

In addition to all its amazing features, Air-Pedic 700 offers 30 years of reliable warranty which can easily be claimed. The warranty also covers memory foam compression and sinking, which often happens so this protection keeps you safe for many decades.

Moreover, this premium adjustable air mattress offers a 120 night trial period during which consumers can test all its features and comfort before deciding whether they want to keep it.

Finally, while fairly expensive, Air-Pedic 700 is a great investment as it conforms to your body shape and builds, makes your night rest more peaceful and helps you maintain a healthy sleep cycle.

#2. Runner Up: The ReST Bed

The ReST bed offers luxurious features that will be a gamechanger for your night rest. This smart bed allows you to easily customize the sleeping experience for each body zone.

The ReST Bed
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Key features:

  • Separate chambers conform and bring comfort to separate parts of your body.
  • Automatic setting that adjusts the bed’s firmness and comfort while you’re sleeping.
  • Medically-approved design tracks the sleeping process and collects useful data you can use to improve your lifestyle.
  • 90-days trial period is more than enough to test how good does the mattress cope in your household.

This bed features five zones that you can adjust either manually or automatically, through the settings or app. This mattress caters to everyone with certain medical conditions where personalized customization for the head, shoulders, back or legs is necessary.

If you don’t know what setting works the best for you, the ReST bed offers the “Automatic” settings which can automatically detect the preferences as well as the “Position”. The adjustments are generated in real-time so all user needs to do is sleep. Users can also have information about sleep data using smart devices like a smartphone.

This adjustable air mattress will appeal to everyone who is understanding and supports the development of smart technology and need to monitor their sleep and comfort for medical reasons. It is also great for people who weigh more and need extra-adjustable support for their back. Additionally, this mattress is ideal for people who sleep on the side because of the softer feel that is provided by default.

Even though it’s also quite an expensive mattress, it offers high-grade features that make it worth the value. Still, its warranty is shorter than the Air-Pedic choice, going up to 10 years. Still, 90 days of trial period should be more than enough time to test the mattress’ quality.

#3. Best Budget Option: Intex Comfort Plush Airbed

Intex Comfort Plush Elevated Dura-Beam Airbed
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Key features:

  • It’s 22-inches height, meaning that it ensures maximum comfort and firmness that one is looking from an airbed.
  • It is ideal for traveling and guests. When guests are away, you can pack it in a convenient bag and store it away.
  • It can carry both lighter and heavier sleepers, as well as families.
  • It’s perfectly comfortable and adds up to extended night rest.
  • It has a built-in pump.

Intext Comfort Plush airbed establishes new levels of comfort at an affordable price, providing seamless convenience and flexible ways to use an airbed. Its height is 22-inches, which means it’s sufficiently high to work without a bed frame. If you prefer airbeds that you don’t mind sitting on the floor, this is one of the best budget-friendly investments.

It’s a great asset to families that like to travel, go camping or on the beach, as it can be easily and swiftly inflated using a manual or built-in pump within five minutes. It’s easy to transport thanks to a convenient handle.

Additionally, if you often have guests that are staying over and don’t want to invest in an innerspring or memory foam mattress this option will save you both money and space.

The sleeping surface feels plush as it’s sheeted with soft flocking that adds onto the comfort. Intex indented sides ensure that the fitted sheet won’t slip off the mattress. It’s also important to note that this mattress can handle up to 600 pounds of weight, meaning it can carry both heavier sleepers, as well as more sleepers in the mattress.

It has a 90-day warranty which will ensure it won’t flatten or burst. However, if you want to ensure more durability and plan to use it for the long run, Intex offers an additional warranty that lasts three years for $6.

#4. Best for Proactive Support: Sleep Number C2 Smart Bed

Sleep Number C2 is a little more affordable smart adjustable air mattresthatch may cater to families and households seeking to relax and improve their sleep cycle.

Sleep Number C2 Smart Bed
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Key features:

  • Compared to other smart mattresses we listed in this article, this one offers a great sub–$1000 value if you’re looking for a more affordable option and nearly the same number of options.
  • The bed can automatically adjust firmness and help you sleep without waking up, turning or tossing.
  • The mattress can track your sleeping activities and provide a report through a mobile app and show your sleeping data, which then can be forwarded to your doctor or another medical expert.
  • There is a 100-day trial during which you can test the mattress.

The height of the mattress is 8-inch with the additional 2-inch comfort layer that adjusts and conforms to your body and embraces your body zones to offer more comfort.

It is made out of materials like memory foam on top which reduce overall sweating during sleep and keep you asleep foa r longer time. The firmness of the foam is enough to quickly make you get used to the sleeping and help you overcome issues like back and neck pain.

In addition to that, the multiple air chambers which conform to your body zones automatically adjust firmness as you sleep to detect what preferences you have and which feature may suit users the best. Each side of the bed can be customized so you don’t have to worry about your partner preferrina g more plush setting compared to your extra-firm setting.

When it comes to buying privileges, the company allows its customers to test the mattress for 100 days during the special trial time offered within the purchase. If they don’t like it, they can return it. Also, here are 25 years of warranty so you’ll be ensured for a long time.

Another great option is that the company offers flexible purchase options, like a special paying plan that can help you pay it out more effectively.

Additionally, there are more premium options like C2 with Flexit 1 which allows additional adjusting and more detailed sleep tracking compared to the model now, as well as Flexit 2 and 3 which have features like smart heating or cooling, option to raise your partner’s head to reduce snoring and soothing underbed lighting in case you have to get up during night.

#5. Built-in Pillow: Intex Dura-Beam Air Mattress

Another budget-friendly air mattress comes with special fiber-tech construction which adds up comfort and adds up to seamless and soothing night rest. Although people often prefer to buy air mattresses for camping use or guests, Intex’s premium air mattress can be used for all purposes and even on the long run.

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed
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Key features:

  • It comes with an extra built-in pillow which can be used just as a regular pillow. It’s a great combo of comfy, yet firm enough to provide adequate neck and shoulder support.
  • 16-inch thickness is more than enough for sleeping on both bed and floor.
  • It comes with built-in electrical pump that will deflate and inflate it in no time.
  • It’s a great value and comfortable for long nights free of hassle.

It is equipped with a high-power electrical pump that provides quick inflation and deflation, it provides better pumping time compared to our budget-friendly option within only three minutes.

What makes this model great for guests is that you don’t have to buy additional pillows, as this model comes with one large built-in pillow that can work as two. It also has an external perimeter frame that adds up to firmness and extra comfort.

It is 16-inch thick so you won’t have to worry about missing on comfort. Additionally, it can hold up both thinner and heavier people with its 600-pound capacity. It can be used for children to play, as well as to sleep because of the premium-grade comfort it offers. If you need to store it away, there is a special Duffel bag for storage.

We Also Reviewed(Good But Not Great)

#6. WonderSleep Classic Series Air Mattress

WonderSleep air mattress is literally a cloud for sleeping, thanks to its comfort and thickness. It is equipped with a powerful rotary pump that can inflate the mattress in no time. It uses DreamCoil Technology that ships the mattress with 7 x 5 array air coils that add up to firmness support.

This mattress is ideal for guests as well as firm sleepers that need extra support for stomach or sides. It is also waterproof which means it can be used for outdoor activities like pools and beaches. It also ships with a one-year warranty.

Key features:

  • Ideal for people who seek extra firm support, thanks to the 7 x 5 air coil arrays that make up for firmer positioning.
  • Great for all sleeping positions thanks to its firmness, may especially appeal to stomach sleepers.
  • It is waterproof so it can be used for outdoor activities.
  • Super-powerful rotary pump.

#7. Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress

Insta-Bed adjustable air mattress uses premium materials that ensure comfort, reliability and durability. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and is equipped with two electric pumps that work intelligently to always keep your mattress’ firmness at the top of its game.

The neverFLAT pump system gets triggered when the mattress starts deflating and losing firmness over time, so it will inflate it in real-time, silently. It also boasts 35 circular coils to make up for more support and firmness.

The 18-inch thick sleeping surface makes up for cool and convenient sleeping experience, making it ideal for all sleeping positions.

Key features:

  • NeverFLAT pump automatically inflates the bed.
  • 35 circular coils that add up extra support and firmness.
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions.
  • Premium materials.

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