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4 Best CPAP Cleaners in 2023: SoClean or Lumin?

A CPAP machine is a relatively simple device that can do wonders for your sleep apnea. However, for the device to function properly and not cause any harm to your health, it needs proper and regular maintenance.

Many people surely don’t know how to take care of their CPAP machine; there is the mask, and all the hoses and the tubing, and things get complicated quickly.

But, luckily, the market is now filled with so-called CPAP cleaners. These are cleaning machines designed to make it easier for you to maintain your CPAP device without a fuss.

But, because there are hundreds of different CPAP cleaners on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one.

Therefore, in the following paragraphs, we’ll take a look at the best CPAP cleaners of 2021, and hopefully help you make the right purchase choice.

4 Best CPAP Cleaners For 2022: Detailed Reviews

1. SoClean 2 Go Travel CPAP Equipment Cleaner – Best Portable Cleaner

SoClean 2 Go Travel CPAP Equipment Cleaner
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The SoClean 2 Go is the first portable CPAP equipment cleaner. This is a sanitizing device that is great for on the go, and can be used anywhere. You can also carry it wherever you go, because of its compact size. For people who travel a lot, the SoClean 2 Go Travel can be a lifesaver.

The SoClean 2 Go provides the same cleaning and sanitizing options as its fellow, regular-sized CPAP cleaners. However, because this one is compact and portable, it is more convenient to use and much safer for people who need to maintain their CPAP machine when not at home.

It is claimed that SoClean 2 Go effectively destroys 99.9% of CPAP bacteria, germs, viruses, and mold that is hidden in the equipment like masks, hose, or water reservoir. But, to have all of the equipment cleaned, you don’t have to disassemble the machine and the equipment. The SoClean 2 Go will do the job without all the extra fuss and work.

When it comes to the SoClean 2 Go, it is important to mention that it fits multiple mask types. Most masks should fit inside, expect for full-face mask models. The cleaner can also be used with various CPAP, BiPAP, or APAP models, and rarely is there a need for adapters for proper function. The cleaner further features an easy filter cartridge system, a sanitizing bag, a pre-wash bottle, a valve assembly check, and 8 AA batteries. All of this will help you clean your CPAP device in no time.


  • Can be used at home and on the go
  • Portable and compact
  • Battery-operated
  • Cleans 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, germs, and mold inside the CPAP equipment


  • Possible issues with the switch
  • Outer construction made from low-quality plastic
  • Additional purchase of certain parts
  • Some people reported feeling nauseous after having their CPAP equipment cleaned with SoClean devices (mostly because of the odor).

Note: As of February 1, 2020, ResMed has recommended that SoClean CPAP equipment cleaners are not to be used with the ResMed CPAP machines!

The reason for this lies in the fact that activated oxygen or Ozone sanitizing technology degrades the internal parts of the ResMed CPAP machines.

2. 3B Medical Lumin CPAP Equipment Cleaner – Best CPAP Cleaner Overall

3B Medical Lumin CPAP Equipment Cleaner
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Lumin is a CPAP equipment cleaner that is an innovative device specially designed for mask and CPAP accessories cleaning. The cleaner uses UV light to sanitize the mask, tube, hose, and water chamber in only 5 minutes. During those few minutes, the Lumin cleaner kills 99% of bacteria, pathogens, and fungi that can cause serious harm if not removed from the equipment.

The Lumin cleaner features a specialized mercury-arc germicidal lamp that emits UV light. The lamp has exceptional germicidal effectiveness, which means safe and clean equipment without any fuss and extra cleaning work. This cleaner can even be used for non-CPAP items, like eye masks, glasses, toothbrushes, retainers, mouthpieces, etc.

The Lumin cleaner works in a unique way, where you have to place the CPAP parts inside a tray within the cleaner. After you close the tray, the UV light starts doing its thing, disinfecting and sanitizing everything inside that tray. In only 5 minutes, the parts are clean and safe to use again.

Overall, if you’re looking for a fast and effective device, that will have your CPAP equipment clean in only a few minutes, then the Lumin cleaner is for you. The cleaner itself doesn’t require maintenance, because it has no filters or other parts used for cleaning; it only uses the light, which is pretty convenient.


  • Uses UV light for sanitizing and cleaning
  • Cleaning cycle lasts only 5 minutes
  • Disinfects non-CPAP items too
  • Doesn’t use filters or other parts that require replacement
  • Cleans 99% of bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, fungi, etc.


  • Possible after-cleaning odor (not caused by the cleaner but rather the interaction between UV light and dead skin cells on the CPAP equipment).

3. Sani Bot CPAP Mask Cleaner – Best Mask Cleaner

Sani Bot CPAP Mask Cleaner
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If you’re looking for a mask cleaner for everyday use, the Sani Bot mask cleaner is for you. The Sani Bot is one of the best-sellers when it comes to CPAP equipment cleaner, and for a reason. This cleaner can clean the mask not only from bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, and fungi but also from different types of facial oil.

Facial oil is hard to remove from the masks completely; because of this many of the CPAP masks cause skin irritation, breakout, acne issues, etc. That is why daily mask cleaning is necessary in some cases, and that is where Sani Bot steps in.

Moreover, this cleaner is completely automated. All you have to do is place the mask inside the cleaner, close it, and click the button. Sani Bot cleaner will use water and disinfecting tablets to clean your mask quickly and without a fuss. The cleaner is made to clean a number of different types of masks, so you don’t have to worry about your mask not being able to fit in or get cleaned.

Another thing worth knowing is that the cleaner features a powerful heater which ensures, alongside the disinfecting tablet, that the mask is completely sanitized and disinfected. The cleaner will remove dirt, facial oil, debris, and all kinds of organic residue in a matter of minutes. However, unlike other cleaners, this one requires maintenance itself, so you will spend some time cleaning the Sani Bot now and then.


  • Suitable for everyday cleaning
  • Automated and quick cleaning process
  • Removes stubborn facial oil and organic residues
  • Removes bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, and fungi
  • Suitable for different types of masks


  • Requires regular maintenance itself
  • Takes time to clean and assemble again properly

4. VirtuCLEAN 2.0 CPAP Equipment Cleaner – Best Easy-Use Cleaner

VirtuCLEAN 2.0 CPAP Equipment Cleaner
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To clean your CPAP equipment, you need a reliable cleaning device. One such device is the VirtuClean, a trustworthy name that has been on the market for more than 15 years now. VirtuClean is an automatic sanitizer, that doesn’t require soap or water. It is perfect for day-to-day use, and is sure to keep your equipment germ- bacteria- and virus-free.

The VirtuClean device is guaranteed to kill 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses that can be found in the CPAP mask, tube, hose, and other equipment. The reason for this lies in the activated oxygen or Ozone which is used to perform sanitizing and disinfecting. So, there is no water, nor soap and no extra fuss; the cleaning process is simple, hassle-free, quick, and most importantly effective.

Moreover, it is important to mention that VirtuClean is a lightweight, portable device. You can bring it wherever you go and rely on whenever you need to clean your CPAP equipment. Also, this cleaner is a quiet machine, unlike other CPAP cleaners, so you can use it discreetly when you’re on the go or in your bedroom (but you don’t want to wake your partner up).

VirtuClean comes with the cleaning bag (where you place your equipment to be cleaned and sanitized). The bag should be replaced only once a year, which is super convenient. Moreover, the cleaner doesn’t need an adapter and uses a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. The cleaning cycle usually takes half an hour to complete and should be repeated once every week.


  • Lightweight, compact, and portable
  • Easy assembly and use
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, germs, mold, fungi, etc.
  • Quiet and relatively quick
  • Doesn’t require maintenance and cleaning itself


  • Some people had issues with the assembly of the cleaning bag and cleaner itself. The complaint usually regards older people who are simply too weak to connect all the cleaner parts themselves.

Other CPAP Cleaners We Also Consider

Sleep8 Automated CPAP Cleaning Device

This cleaning device is an exceptional portable option when it comes to CPAP cleaners. It runs on electricity, but can also use a rechargeable battery.

Sleep8 comes with a cleaning chamber where you can place your CPAP equipment and have it cleaned and sanitized quickly and with no fuss. Sleep8 is also the lightest cleaner on the market, which makes it extra convenient.

It is an Ozone cleaner; it generates activated oxygen to sterilize everything you place into the cleaning bag. The bag is replaceable and can fit equipment from CPAP, APAP, and BiPAP machines.

Purify 03 CPAP Equipment Cleaner

The Purify 03 is a portable Ozone cleaner that is suitable for CPAP, BiPAP and APAP machines and equipment. This cleaner is a simple way you can achieve hospital-grade sanitization and disinfection.

Purify 03 utilizes activated oxygen or Ozone technology to achieve the perfect cleanliness of your CPAP equipment.

It doesn’t require washing, filters, or replacement bags. You can simply connect the tubing to the Purify 03, and place the tubing, mask, and sanitizer inside a supplied sanitizing case.

At this point, you simply have to turn on the sanitizer, close the case, and let it do all the work in only half an hour.

Purify 03 is also lightweight and portable, which makes it a perfect travel option.

Medihealer CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer

If you’re looking for an affordable yet efficient CPAP cleaner, then Medihealer is what you’re looking for.

The Medihealer is an Ozone cleaner, which means it uses activated oxygen to sanitize and disinfect. This cleaner is very easy to use; it works automatically and turns itself off.

All you have to do is place your CPAP equipment in a provided cleaning bag, hook it to the machine and turn it on. The cleaning cycle usually lasts between 30 and 40 minutes, and with a fully charged battery, you can have three cleaning cycles.

Unlike other Ozone-based CPAP cleaner, this one doesn’t leave an odor after the cleaning, but you are still required to let it air out a bit.

For the price, this cleaner is excellently constructed and very effective against bacteria, viruses, and germs.

More FAQs About CPAP Cleaning

Q: Why Clean Your CPAP Machine?

As you breathe using the CPAP machine, the mask, hose, and tube become exposed to all kinds of germs and bacteria, as well as mold. All of these parts of the device are exposed to humidity, pressure, and temperature variation which is perfect for the contaminants to breed.

This can be a really big problem because, in the end, it is you that is now inhaling all those germs and bacteria during sleep.

As a result, people can develop serious health issues, like upper airway infections, lung issues, etc.

Why Clean Your CPAP Machine
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Not to mention the fact that germs, bacteria, and mold can compromise the functionality and performance of the device itself. Exposure to such contaminants decreases the durability of the device and accompanying equipment.

Therefore, regular and proper cleaning is essential for CPAP and similar machines (like APAP or BiPAP).

Q: How Often Should I Clean My CPAP Equipment?

It is recommended that you clean your CPAP equipment after every use, meaning you should clean it daily. However, you can clean your equipment once a week if you’re busy or you simply forgot to clean it.

But, we surely believe that it should be a habit to clean the equipment daily and that CPAP users should make this their priority and habit. CPAP equipment requires special care, which can be important not only for your health but also for the durability of the machine and the equipment.

Q: What About Weekly Cleaning?

As we mentioned, you can clean your CPAP equipment weekly, sure. The filter at the back of your machine should be washed weekly as well. Or, if the filter is disposable, make sure to change it regularly, or at least weekly.

Moreover, ensure that the mask, tube, and hose are cleaned once a week but extremely thoroughly.

Over the week, there will be a lot of bacteria, germs, and viruses inside the mask and the tube, so really pay attention to have everything cleaned in detail.

Q: How To Clean A CPAP Machine Without A CPAP Cleaner?

There are few ways you can clean your CPAP equipment without a CPAP cleaner (even though this is the best possible way to get rid of 99.9% of all germs, bacteria, and viruses). For example;

You can use this product to clean the CPAP machine’s tubing. The cleaning brush will ensure that you get rid of bacteria and germs passing through the tubing.

The bristles of the brush are usually soft, so they won’t damage the tube or the hose. However, the bristles are also strong enough to scrub away all the dirt, germs, and mold. The brush also usually extends for several feet, so you can clean the entire length of the tube at once.

If you want to clean your CPAP equipment, you can do it using a cleaning spray specially designed for these purposes.

The spray doesn’t leave chemical residue and it is made to kill 99% of all bacteria, viruses, and germs. The spray is gentle, safe, efficient, and doesn’t even require rinsing.

These cleaning wipes are very easy to use and can be applied for cleaning daily. They are usually fully saturated, so you can even use only a few wipes to clean the whole CPAP equipment.

Cleaning wipes are a great sanitizing method and can be used by anyone. They are also safe and effective against bacteria and germs.

Final Words

It can be rather difficult to choose the proper CPAP cleaning device. We truly hope that our choice for the best CPAP cleaners for 2022 will help you make a good purchasing decision.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like to clean their CPAP machine manually, you won’t regret buying a specialized cleaner for sure.

But, whatever your preferences are, and final decisions, always make sure to clean your equipment regularly and thoroughly!

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    1. Ditto. I have an original So Clean, but after purchasing a ResMed AirMini travel machine I decided to purchase a Respify for that device. I also use the Respify for my standard-size ResMed at home and it seems to work just fine. I have no complaints.

    2. I have respect. I really liked it , but it stopped charging about a month ago. I called the company and was told that the recharable battery life is less than 2 years. I had not planned on having to buy a new one so quickly.

  1. Has anyone tried Clyn cz001 CPAP cleaner? My friend said this is great and I am planning to buy one recently. Any recommendation?

    1. Yes, I have used it for more than half a year, it works great, with the activated carbon filters could help remove the ozone odor left after cleaning. Hope it helps!

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