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10 Best Foldable Mattresses: Ultimate Buying Guide (2023 Updated)

We’re going to shatter any notion you have that foldable mattress are of poorer quality than traditional, unfoldable ones! Our list of the 10 best foldable mattresses includes some high-quality mattresses that will put your current bed to shame.

Whether you need a tightly folding mattress for camping adventures or a space-saving solution for when guests sleep over at home, you can find the perfect mattress here.

Oh, and if you need convincing that a foldable mattress is a better idea than an inflatable one, then scroll down to our mattress buying guide at the end of this article.

Quick Summary: The Best Foldable Mattresses

Okay, okay, we fold. Here’s the summary of our list. The best foldable mattresses are…

Best for CampingWillpo Foldable Mattress, for a roll-able mattress that’s suitable for camping without compromising on comfort.

Best Floor MattressLuxton Japanese Futon Floor Mattress, for a luxurious cotton-filled futon in traditional Japanese style. It’s great for your back!

Best for Pack n PlayMilliard Foldable Pack n Play Mattress, for a high-quality and trustworthy pack n play mattress that folds into 3 and includes a travel case.

Best Sofa BedNoriega Folding Memory Foam Mattress, for the best range of features and comfort with a convenient trifold design.

How These Foldable Mattresses Were Selected

How These Foldable Mattresses Were Selected
Terry Cralle

Anyone who goes to the trouble to find a ‘best foldable mattress’ list clearly cares about the quality of their sleep. We respect that! So, we put the utmost care and attention into our research, so you can be sure that our top 10 best foldable mattresses truly are the best. These are the key points we looked at when comparing them – make sure you consider them for any other foldable mattresses you find across the web!

  • How well does it fold up? After all, this is what separates folding mattresses from traditional ones. We checked how efficiently the mattress folded, including how easy it was to fold, whether it started to unfold by itself, and whether folding it and unfolding it frequently would weaken the material/structure.
  • How can it be stored? We wanted to give you a range of options, so there are mattresses on our list that can be rolled and stored in your car boot, placed in a bag at the bottom of a cupboard, or left folded into a sofa shape in the room.
  • Who is it suitable for? First, there’s age to consider. If the folding mattress is for the guest room, you need a mattress that’s suitable for all guest ages, rather than just a kid’s mattress. If there will be only 1 user for the folding mattress (e.g. it’s your personal camping mattress) then consider your sleeping position. Firmer mattresses are best for back/stomach sleepers, while softer, cushioned foam mattresses are best for side sleepers.
  • What is it made of? Consider the inner material for comfort and depth, plus the outer material for softness (if you’re forgoing sheets) and breathability. Synthetic materials tend to offer more cushioning comfort but aren’t great for hot or sweaty sleepers. Cotton and latex materials offer more breathability and moisture-wicking, but aren’t always as durable and can be harder to clean.
  • How comfortable is it? Sounds obvious, but with so much to look out for it’s often easy to forget that comfort should be your number one consideration. A higher price tag doesn’t always equal better comfort. If possible, buy mattresses that have a trial period so you can figure out if they’re comfortable for your sleeping position. If not, check the reviews for comments by people of your age/weight/sleep position. What one person finds comfortable won’t always be comfortable for another.
  • What features does it have? Don’t believe for one second that a semi-permanent foldable mattress should have fewer features. You can find cooling layers, hypoallergenic covers, breathable designs, and different levels of firmness on either side, just to name a few features. Of course, mattress manufacturers will hike up the price with these added features, so prepare to pay more for them.

Besides looking at the obvious features, it’s always a good idea to research the manufacturer/provider a little. Do they keep their quality and replacement guarantees? Will customer service help you with problems? Are they well-known or an obscure seller from the depths of Amazon?

Of course, we’ve already done all the research for you to find these 10 best foldable mattresses.

10 Best Foldable Mattresses 2022: Detail Review

Willpo Foldable Mattress for Camping: Best for Camping

  • Type: memory foam roll-up
  • Suitable For: camping
  • Sizes Available: small single, single, twin
  • Trial Period: N/A
  • Delivery: Amazon delivery policy
  • Warranty: N/A

Yes, technically this one rolls… but that’s a type of folding, right?

Rolling is actually quicker, too. And if the speed of packing up this mattress doesn’t win you over, then the features certainly will.

The Willpo Foldable Mattress is a 2.75-inch thick memory foam mattress that’s designed for camping. It has a waterproof base and soft cushioned top so you can forgo blankets, plus the cover is machine washable in case nature gets a bit too close. It’s very well-made and sturdy, so you can count on this mattress being around for many camping trips in the future.

We felt that it offered the most comfort of all the foldable camping mattress types and was super quick to unroll and pack up again into the bag provided. This foldable mattress for camping is best for those who are taking a car with them, as it’s way too large to carry on your back. But that’s the price you pay for comfort!

Willpo Foldable Mattress for Camping
Know More Details on Amazon


  • Excellent padding for sleeping directly on the ground
  • The cover is waterproof and washable


  • Larger and heavier than carrying an inflatable camping mattress
  • Not enough contour support for side sleepers

Luxton Japanese Futon Floor Mattress: Best Floor Mattress

  • Type: cotton futon
  • Suitable For: floor sleeping, yoga, travel
  • Sizes Available: twin, full
  • Trial Period: 30-day return policy
  • Delivery: free US shipping
  • Warranty: N/A

If you’re looking to transition from your bed to the floor, this is our top choice. The Luxton Japanese Futon floor mattress is 3-inches of fluffy cotton to add just enough cushioning to make floor sleeping comfortable! Japanese floor mattresses are great for your back, although as experienced floor sleepers have pointed out, it is best to air-out and replace the cotton filling every few years to keep it plump and comfy.

We’d also recommend buying a tatami mat if you’re getting serious about floor sleeping, and you’ll definitely want a futon cover for this one. While the pure white cotton is beautiful, it will attract dirt very quickly!

As for the foldability, this mattress is quite easy to fold into 3 and stored away. You can also use it for meditating and cozy yoga practices when not in use. Don’t forget that it will take a day or more to expand to the full 3 inches once out of the box.

Luxton Japanese Futon Floor Mattress
Know More Details on Amazon


  • Promotes good back health
  • Natural cotton materials throughout


  • Takes a while to decompress
  • Needs a cover to prevent it from getting dirty

Milliard Foldable Pack n Play Mattress: Best for Pack n Play

  • Type: pack n play mattress
  • Suitable For: baby and toddler playing
  • Sizes Available: 38 x 26 x 1.5 inches
  • Trial Period: N/A
  • Delivery: Walmart delivery
  • Warranty: Walmart protection plans available

The Milliard foldable Pack n Play mattress (with travel case included) is a firm mattress that’s good for young babies and for play dates! The firmness is suitable for all baby ages, but you can always pad it out with blankets to make it more comfortable as they grow.

It’s designed to go flat on the floor or in a playard, but you could use it as a crib mattress too if the dimensions fit. 1.5 inches of polyester foam is encased in a waterproof cover (don’t worry, the surface is soft to the touch) that’s easy to wash and keep clean.

When playtime is over, it folds up into 3 and fits conveniently in the travel case provided, with handles.

Milliard is the best brand for pack n play mattresses – yes, you might be able to find cheaper ones on Amazon, but for quality and safety, it’s important that you spend a little more for a quality mattress!

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Milliard Foldable Pack n Play Mattress
Know More Details on Walmart


  • Packs up for easy traveling with case included
  • Great for pack and play, or playard


  • Costly for what it is
  • Takes 48 hours to decompress

Noriega Folding Memory Foam Mattress: Best Sofa Bed

  • Type: memory foam sofa
  • Suitable For: indoor home use
  • Sizes Available: twin, full, queen
  • Trial Period: 100 nights
  • Delivery: free 2-day shipping
  • Warranty: 3 years limited warranty

Our top choice for an at-home sofa bed that folds away is the Noriega Folding model available at Wayfair. First, there’s the foldability, which is excellent! It has a trifold design so it will fold up into a sofa shape when not in use. With the carrying handles, you can stuff it into a cupboard if you don’t have space for the sofa during the day.

Bonus – it’s also compatible with folding bed frames!

The features of this mattress are comparable with permanent mattresses too. It has a gel memory foam layer to add coolness, a breathable and hypoallergenic cover (that’s removable and can go in the washing machine), and low motion transfer.

The only downside is how firm and thin this mattress is – 3 inches of firm foam is not suitable for long-term use. But for an impromptu sleepover it’s perfectly suitable, and you can always pad it out with a mattress topper or blankets.

Noriega Folding Memory Foam Mattress
Know More Details on Wayfair


  • Easy to fold and store as a sofa
  • It’s cooling, breathable and hypoallergenic


  • Firm feeling might need extra cushioning
  • Not suitable for long-term sleeping arrangements

Milliard 6-Inch Foldable Foam Mattress

  • Type: memory foam trifold
  • Suitable For: home
  • Sizes Available: twin, full, queen
  • Trial Period: N/A
  • Delivery: Walmart delivery
  • Warranty: Walmart protection plans available

This is your standard foldable mattress. It’s super thick (compared to others), cushioning, and folds up into a neat cube for storage. Milliard suggests that you can use it for camping and traveling, but we thought it was far too large for that. Furthermore, the bamboo cover with non-slip base isn’t sturdy enough to handle the camping lifestyle.

We did find, however, that this is one of the best at-home foldable mattresses for side sleepers, thanks to the thick foam layers.

When folded, the mattress dimensions are 31 x 25 x 18 inches which is quite large. If you don’t want to use the folded mattress as an extra seat in the room, you might need to store this one in the basement or attic if it won’t fit your cupboards.

Our final problem with this mattress is the lack of breathability, despite the bamboo cover. The polyurethane foam and memory foam don’t have any cooling technology or gel layers around them, so if you sleep hot then it’s best to avoid this one.

Milliard 6-Inch Foldable Foam Mattress
Know More Details on Walmart


  • 6 inches of foam is great for side sleepers
  • Quick to fold and unfold


  • Synthetic materials lack breathability
  • Still very bulky once folded

Tabihta Twin Futon Folding Mattress

  • Type: foam and cotton floor futon
  • Suitable For: home
  • Sizes Available: twin
  • Trial Period: N/A
  • Delivery: free shipping
  • Warranty: 90-day limited warranty

The Tabhita Futon is 5 inches thick, which is impressive for a futon! If you wanted to test out the floor sleeping lifestyle with extra comfort, this is a good option. It’s also compatible with flexible sofa beds and folds in half when it’s not in use.

The core construction is foam, which makes it plusher and more responsive than the typical cotton-filled Japanese futons. While that does make it less breathable, the cotton cover surrounding the core does a lot to wick away moisture and heat naturally.

We also liked that the removable cover is available in a few different color options, and the entire mattress is manufactured in the USA. But we’re not entirely convinced that this justifies the large price tag attached to it. Thus, the Tabihta falls only midway through our list of the best foldable mattresses.

Tabihta Twin Futon Folding Mattress
Know More Details on Wayfair


  • Made in the USA and long-lasting
  • Good depth for side sleepers


  • Only twin size available
  • Very expensive and the warranty is very short

GranRest 4-Inch Trifold Foam Mattress

  • Type: memory foam trifold
  • Suitable For: home
  • Sizes Available: twin
  • Trial Period: 90 nights
  • Delivery: free 2-day shipping
  • Warranty: 10-year manufacturer’s warranty

The GranRest is another trifold mattress designed for 1 person. Or child/teenager, to be precise. At 4 inches thick it’s quite generous for a trifold mattress but still quite thin for an adult side sleeper. You could layer one mattress on top of another, or set them side by side to create a double mattress, but that just won’t be as stable or comfortable as buying a full-sized double folding mattress.

Regardless, it’s still quite versatile as a back-up mattress for the unexpected guest or kid’s sleepover. Once it’s folded up, it makes a nice footstool for the living room or comfy seat for the gaming room too.

What it has in versatility it lacks in sleep-ability, however. It’s made entirely of synthetic materials, from the “gel-like” memory foam (note that it’s not actually gel memory foam, it’s merely like it) to the polyester jacquard. If you’re a hot sleeper or have night sweats, this mattress will be a nightmare.

GranRest 4-Inch Trifold Foam Mattress
Know More Details on Walmart


  • Great warranty and trial for testing out this mattress
  • Versatile and comfortable


  • Entirely synthetic foam and polyester
  • Designed for toddlers and teens

Niantic Foldable Latex Mattress

  • Type: latex folding
  • Suitable For: home and adjustable bed bases
  • Sizes Available: twin, twin xl, full, queen, king
  • Trial Period: 100 nights
  • Delivery: free US shipping
  • Warranty: 3-year limited warranty

There are very few folding mattresses on the market that aren’t made of memory foam… but the Niantic is one of them, and it’s possibly the best foam alternative around. It’s made with latex foam, which offers improved breathability and firmness over foam. It’s also entirely hypoallergenic which is a good thing especially if you’re buying it for a guest room rather than yourself.

When not in use, you can fold it up into a sofa seat or fold it up completely and use the handles to drag it into a cupboard. The downside to being so foldable is the creases in the mattress when it’s laid out flat. As it’s a very firm mattress (not suitable for side sleepers), you can really feel the gaps!

But at least it’s versatile. Latex makes a great playmat material so you can take this mattress to the nursery too. With 100 night’s trial, you should give this mattress a try if you like a firm mattress or despise foam (e.g. you’re a hot sleeper), as you’ve got nothing to lose.

Niantic Foldable Latex Mattress
Know More Details on Wayfair


  • Hypoallergenic latex
  • Can be used as a playmat for kids or sofa chair


  • Very firm, unsuitable for side sleepers
  • Creases can be uncomfortable

Tobi Kid’s Foldable Mattress

  • Type: foam trifold
  • Suitable For: kid’s room
  • Sizes Available: 45.4 in x 22.8 in (smaller than a twin)
  • Trial Period: N/A
  • Delivery: free US shipping
  • Warranty: N/A

Our favorite folding mattress for kids! To be specific, young kids (elementary school grades), as this mattress is smaller than a twin size and quite thin, at just 2 inches thick. Older kids will be cramped or curled up and find that it’s not cushioning enough.

But for the nursery or kids room, this is a good mattress for sleepovers or just for the kids the play on. The foam is spongey and comfortable (albeit not memory foam) and is encased in a very soft peach skin material that won’t irritate their skin or be too rough. Thankfully, the beige color hides stains better than white mattresses, and the removable cover can go in the washing machine!

When it’s not in use, the mattress folds up into a rectangle block that makes a good seat, or can be stored in the dust bag (included in the box) with handles for easy traveling.

Tobi Kid’s Foldable Mattress
Know More Details on Walmart


  • Easy to move around with dust bag cover
  • Ultra-soft peach skin covering


  • Very thin at 2 inches thick
  • Foam isn’t memory foam

IKEA Vimsig Extendable Mattress

  • Type: extendable mattress pads
  • Suitable For: home use
  • Sizes Available: twin
  • Trial Period: N/A
  • Delivery: fast US shipping
  • Warranty: IKEA mattress guarantee

The IKEA Vimsig is technically more of a compartmented mattress. It’s made of 3 mattress pads, each individually wrapped. You can pile them up to make a sofa shape, or place them all together and zip up the outer cover to create a twin-sized mattress. Only the outer cover is machine washable.

At 4 inches thick, it offers good support but is not quite thick enough for side sleepers to be entirely comfortable. At least you have a choice of firmness! The textured side is medium-firm, which is best for side sleepers and those that like that cushioned feel, while the smooth side is firm, which is best for back and stomach sleepers.

Overall, it does everything that a folding mattress can do, with that extra IKEA quality and guarantee.

If you choose another mattress from IKEA and you’re unsure if the 25-year mattress guarantee applies (it’s not for ALL mattresses) then it’s best to contact IKEA customer support before you buy. Why risk it?

IKEA Vimsig Extendable Mattress
Know More Details on Ikea


  • Different firmness levels on either side
  • Can be made smaller/larger


  • Not foldable, per se
  • Designed for kids more than adults

Foldable Mattress – What Is It?

You guessed it, it’s a mattress that folds. But like origami (without the gracefulness and art) there are many ways to fold a mattress. Generally, these are the foldable types available to choose from:

Trifold Mattresses

Mattresses that fold in 3 places. These are usually made of foam and are typically from 2 to 6 inches thick. You can find all mattress sizes in this style and some that fold up into blocks for easy storage, or into sofa shapes for extra seating.

Roll-Up Mattresses

Usually made for camping, these mattresses are loose foam (not always memory foam, so check the label) that can roll up tightly or even compress for traveling. The great thing about these folding mattresses is that they’re very quick to pack up and unpack, with no fussing about folding it in the wrong place.

Japanese Futon Mattresses

These mattresses are almost like a comforter, at first glance. But these traditionally cotton-filled mattresses are firm sleeping mats that are often praised for helping your spine. It may take a little while to adapt to sleeping so close to the floor, but eventually your posture will thank you! You can find Japanese futon mattresses on Amazon or seek out traditional sellers online.

Other foldable mattresses are available, like our latex option from Niantic above, which folds in multiple places. Luckily, most online websites will have a foldable mattress section, so you can see all types of folding mattresses available in one place for comparison.

The Best Features

We love foldable mattresses for these great features.

  • They’re portable – around your home or on vacation in the car/tent/RV.
  • They save space and are great for small homes that can’t have a mattress out full-time as well as a sofa.
  • They can be just as comfortable as traditional mattresses. Check out the first mattress on our list, for example. You can also top them up with blankets, breathable cotton covers, and mattress toppers to improve comfort.
  • They’re cheaper than traditional mattresses.

The Worst Features

Folding mattresses aren’t perfect, however. You should consider these disadvantages before you buy one.

  • They aren’t as durable as traditional mattresses. Foldable mattresses that are moved around a lot, folded and unfolded, will wear quicker.
  • They aren’t as thick, making them less suitable for side sleepers.
  • They are typically less value for money, when you compare them to traditional mattresses that pack in more features and thickness per dollar.
  • Most will have shorter warranty periods than traditional mattresses – but not all, so check the warranty section of all our reviews above.

Foldable Mattresses: More FAQs

Can mattresses be folded?

If they are designed to fold, yes. If your mattress isn’t designed to fold, then folding it will damage it, whether it’s an innerspring mattress, foam, latex or other.

Can you fold a Tempurpedic Mattress?

Currently, Tempurpedic doesn’t offer any foldable mattresses so folding your Tempurpedic mattress will be very difficult and ultimately damage it. However, Tempurpedic does have some mattress models that will flex (not fold) with adjustable bed bases.

How should I store my foldable mattress?

Exactly how the manufacturer suggests, of course! Usually, it’s best to fold it up to store rather than keeping it flat. This will protect most of the surface from dust and sun bleaching (keep it in a dust bag for more protection). Storing it in a cupboard or out-of-the-way place will prevent it from being stained or damaged by accident too.

What are the best foldable mattress alternatives?

If you don’t like the idea of foldable mattresses, then we suggest futons for the home and air mattresses for camping. Both offer flexibility, save storage space, and are semi-permanent sleep solutions.

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