Can You Sleep With KT Tape On

Can You Sleep With KT Tape On?

KT Tape is a magical invention for athletes who want to speed up the process of their joint healing, but also the elderly people who want to improve the blood circulation in their joints, their arthritis conditions, and even injuries. KT tapes come in different colors and you must’ve seen at least one athlete having them on during a game, tournament, or competition. That being said, even ordinary people can wear them to treat their injuries, but the question is how long?

KT tape is also known as Kinesiology tape and is used more often than not among the regular people and not just athletes. When applied to the body it needs a few hours to adhere and then can be worn for multiple days until you start feeling discomfort in the shape of burning and itching.

It encourages fluid flow which is important when it comes to blood circulation and supported a weaker joint or a muscle, according to a report. More importantly, it lifts your skin, reducing the pressure applied to the injured or weak muscle or joint, separating them from your skin and giving it more breathability.

A lot of people use them daily, and they mostly don’t notice the presence because it’s so stretchy that you won’t feel it as you move and carry on with your daily activities. However, the biggest question is whether you can feel them when you’re sleeping.

More importantly, those who want to opt to wear them during sleep for faster joint and muscle healing wonder whether it’s safe to do so, Given more and more questions regarding this are asked, we wrote this detailed guide that will help you understand whether it’s safe to wear them.

Continue reading to learn more. Below we also provided tips on wearing KT tape without irritating your skin or getting distracted by the itching and burning sensation.

Kinesiology tape is a special tape created by  Dr. Kenzo Kase. It’s extremely stretchy which is why it can easily be applied to any part of the body. Also, it’s not rough for the skin because it’s made of a material that is a combination of cotton and nylon. Being so stretchy, it resembles the skin’s flexibility.

That’s why it moves naturally on your skin and allows you to move seamlessly, and even carry on with your exercises, work, and other activities. That’s why you can see a lot of athletes wearing them during competitions and tournaments. A study has shown that they’re quite effective at treating musculoskeletal injuries.

They don’t only reinforce your muscles and joints but also lift your skin and assist with muscular healing after intense training and competition. The best part is that it can be used with other treatment methods to help you recover from injuries in no time. According to several studies, that’s when they’re the most effective at treating your injuries.

That being said, while it’s still an effective option to be used with other ways of treatment using Kinesio tape is not the most approved option to use in clinical settings, according to a study, which is why doctors prescribe a special clinically-approved therapy which is also supported by the use of KT tape for reinforcing muscles.

But, are they effective? This is the question that a lot of people ask because they live with unbearable aches and it may sound comforting to know that they’ll get the help they need to recover.

The truth is, they will work with mild to moderate injuries, and while some people notice the results of this treatment method, more work and research are required so most people base the effectiveness of these tapes based on the anecdotal evidence.

Can You Sleep With KT Tape On?

We’ve seen that the KT tape shows mild to moderate results in treating some joint soreness and milder injuries. Additionally, they are helpful in combination with other therapy methods when treating arthritis and other chronic conditions affecting muscles and bones.

But, can you sleep with KT tape on? The general rule of thumb is that the KT tape can be worn for 3 to 4 days without a problem. It can probably be worn even longer, but most people report that after 3 days the skin beneath it starts burning and getting itchy so it feels irritating and inconvenient to wear.

That being said, if it’s safe to wear it without taking it off for 4 days, it’s safe to assume that it’s also safe to sleep in it. It might take some time to get used to KT tape when it first gets put on, as the adhesive doesn’t apply immediately when you put it on.

Nevertheless, once the adhesive applied itself, it’s hardly even noticed that you’re wearing the KT tape.  As mentioned before, KT tape works best with the conventional treatment methods, that being said, you can exchange between heating and cooling therapy by adding ice packs and gels that can help you get better faster.

Cooling therapy is also good for people who want to sleep with KT tape on because sometimes the area covered by the tape gets itchy or starts to burn, so applying an ice pack can prevent the irritation caused by the KT tape.

Some people who apply the tape before they sleep experience sleep deprivation and are unable to sleep properly. There are a few reasons for that one is that they may have applied the KT tape too soon for bed and the tape hasn’t yet adjusted to your skin.

The other reason may be psychological, in the sense that you might be too worried about your injury or stress that your ankle or muscle experienced and are worried that your performance may be affected by the tape. There’s absolutely no reason to worry.

If you experience the problem with sleeping after putting the KT tape on, it is likely that you were unlucky and picked a bad tape instead of the good one. If you had an injury like tendonitis, sprained ankle, or some other injury, it’d be best to let your doctor apply the tape so that you can be on a safer note.

If you sprained your ankle or suffer from tendonitis, your doctor will likely recommend you to keep the KT tape on for a few days, which especially includes sleeping with it.

How to Sleep with KT Tape On

If you never had a KT tape on it’s likely that you are wondering how you’ll sleep with it. Some people are even concerned that it is on will hinder their night’s rest. Here are the best tips on sleeping with KT tape on so that you won’t notice that it’s even on. Read on!

Apply it a Few Hours Before Bedtime

One of the best tips that you can get about wearing a KT tape to bed is to not put it on right before bed. Some people have a habit to change the KT tape every few hours to ensure that their skin is fresh and clean and that the KT tape won’t give them some kind of skin infection.

That is a completely wrong way of thinking as the KT tape can be worn for several days without consequences other than itching or occasional burning. However, if you put your KT tape too soon to bedtime, it may not apply to the skin properly and may slide off or give you discomfort at the night, especially if you’re a restless sleeper and like to toss and turn in the night.

That being said, place your KT tape 3 to 4 hours before bed. If you are busy and won’t make home before close time to bedtime, try to apply it at least one to two hours before bed as that will almost ensure that the KT tape will be completely fixed on your skin and won’t move throughout the night.

Editor’s notes: If you’re not a restless sleeper and you keep one sleep position throughout the night, you can apply the tape up to 30 minutes before bed and not worry about it ungluing itself. Still, it’s recommended to rest in one position and not turn too much in sleep.

Wrap Your Affected Area

One of the best ways to not touch the KT tape on your leg or joint and let it rest and heal properly is to wrap your leg. This may not be the best idea for everyone depending on the injury. However, if you use a soft and breathable material, it’s guaranteed that you won’t feel the KT tape.

Simply lay your leg flat or arm, in case you have it there, and wrap your affected area with the material. If your muscle discomfort is located on the back or shoulder get assistance from someone else to cover the area.

Editor’s notes: For some situations, the cotton wrap is the best because it’s breathable and comfortable. However, some variants of cotton may be too rough, which is why you should consider a wrap made out of silk or satin for more comfort and softness.

Wear Baggy Clothes

Another thing that you can do is wear baggy clothes which will give your body more breathability and allow you to have a more peaceful night’s rest that won’t affect the heat that you may feel in your affected area.

Wearing tight clothes will make your clothes grind against the KT tape which, if it won’t cause itching or burning, might feel irritating in general, given that KT acts directly on your skin. If you have to wear KT tape during the summer months your skin will be grateful that you let it breathe throughout the night.

Apply Ice Therapy

KT tape is ideal for exchanging heat and cool therapy, especially in people with sciatica, osteoporosis, and arthritis. That way, applying ice therapy before sleep may be a good idea to reduce the inflammation before sleep when wearing KT tape.

Remember, this therapy should be used only if you want to remove the inflammation from the affected area, but it can also help during the summer months if the KT tape is applied too tightly on the skin and you’re not in a position to take it off.

Editor’s notes: You can combine this step with wrapping your leg or the other affected part of your body. Remember, KT tape is water-resistant, so leaving an ice pack while sleeping won’t affect its durability. Many doctors even encourage their patients to shower with the KT tape on.

Change Sheets

Remember how we said that wrapping your leg with a cool and breathable material can bring you more comfortable and allow your skin to breathe even when your KT tape is applied too tightly on the skin, causing it to stretch?

Using comfortable and breathable sheets will also help you sleep comfortably while your injury or chronic inflammation is healing. Cool sheets also prevent sweating and having hot flashes at night which is additionally good in the summer months as it won’t irritate the skin.

Editor’s notes: Avoid synthetic materials, stick to the natural and organic materials which are breathable, including sateen, 100% cotton percale, silk, and satin. Your skin will thank you.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about wearing KT tape overnight, you can get the answers to them here. We carefully tracked the questions regarding the KT tape and sleep and tried to answer them here.

Can I Sleep With KT Tape Over More Than One Night?

Absolutely, but you shouldn’t wear the KT tape for more than 3 to 4 days as your skin may start burning and may need cleaning and disinfection. That being said 2 to 3 nights should be okay for KT tape on your skin, although if you don’t feel irritated you can wear it long.

When Shouldn’t I Wear KT Tape to Sleep?

People who opt for KT tape therapy usually do so in consultation with their doctor. That being said, if you have open wounds, deep vein thrombosis, or some other condition that can affect your cardiovascular health, you should consult with your doctor first.

Can I Sleep With KT Tape in The Winter?

Sleeping in the winter usually means wearing additional layers of clothes and being covered with multiple blankets. Excessive heat may be bad for the KT tape, so ensure that there’s enough temperature regulation in your bed so that the affected area won’t start burning or itching, potentially disrupting your sleep.

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