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Most Elegant Master Bedroom Ideas: Learn To Decorate In Style (And Affordable)

Are you tired of seeing the same old look in your bedroom? Don’t worry as you are not alone. If your sleeping area needs a bit of refresh, I can completely relate to you.

An elegant bedroom is not like any other space in the house. Considering we spend most of our lives there, this area should offer mind and body rejuvenation. And above all, bedrooms should be the ideal frame for our dreams. While the mattress is essential in this equation, you must take care of the other senses just as much. All the colors, smells, and sounds are part of the brain’s working stimulus. This is why you should consider perfecting the master bedroom design so you will get that comfy sanctuary.

Unfortunately, even though we spend most of our time in this relaxing space, bedrooms are sometimes the last areas people enjoy redesigning. Luckily, I have brought together the best ideas to revamp the master bedroom. Some are easy to apply all by yourself; others may include spending more time and energy. But in the end, you will get a stunning sleeping area and a relaxing vibe regardless of your chosen path.

This being said, let’s begin.

Things That Should Not Miss From A Master Bedroom

We all live in tense times, and the only thing we need when going home is a good rest. Therefore, designing the bedroom requires a bit more attention. If you need a good night’s sleep or simply want to refresh your sleeping area, then there is only one solution – it’s time to change the bedroom’s decor. Here is what a master bedroom should not miss out on:

The Right Color Selection

The first rule of decoration is this – master bedroom colors should be relaxing. If you want your sleeping area to radiate freshness, then don’t miss soft greens, pale pinks, beige or bleu marine. Also, consider color washing for an unfinished plastered finish. The result will be an artistic vibe and panache.

You may also consider a focal wall. If so, go ahead and apply a floral wallpaper or some trimmings in fresh neutral colors.

Ensure You Get The Right Feeling

A bedroom is sometimes more than what you see. As a matter of fact, you need to feel its atmosphere from the very moment you step in. Those who don’t want to overcrowd the space should look for a Scandinavian style with minimal flair, maximum comfort, and “hygge“.

Tip: Do not overlook the natural textures. In this case, always choose lifelike textures and modern accessories to offer the prettiest vibe.

Another great trick in this direction is balancing and blending eclectic styles with maximalist ones. For instance, you can pair some velvet accent walls with bronzed details and maybe some egg-blue decor too. This way, you can obtain the ideal master bedroom from the glossy pages of a magazine.

Use Your Very Personal Style

Never forget that the master bedroom should be a personal sanctuary in any person’s home. This being said, add those details that make you feel comfortable and cozy.

Tip: go with some accessories that have some sort of sentimental value. A nightstand or an old carpet could be the starting point.

Don’t Forget About Layering

You can make any style possible by using the layering technique. You can layer quilts, carpets, or frame photographs to create textures on the walls. Let your creativity run wild and free to obtain that pure harmony your soul seeks.

Creative Master Bedroom Designs And Inspiration

Do you want to refresh the sleeping area and don’t know how to start? Well, to get an elegant master bedroom, you only need to follow some simple elements and integrate them into the final design:

Use Calming Colors

A good night’s sleep needs a calming interior design. Calming colors are exactly what their name implies – they calm our senses and create serene bedroom interior designs.

Personal opinion: Sleek lines, and grey shades, if strategically placed in the room, will make everything look more elegant.

The Touch Of Nature

Make everything look more elegant and in harmony with the elegance of your sleeping area by choosing natural elements. Pieces of natural wood and all kinds of natural plants will bring soothing shades of blue, green, beige, and green.

Personal opinion: Do not hesitate to play with textures and patterns, as well as other elements that can invigorate you in the morning.

Soothing Pastels

Some color combinations will make any room look calming and have a zen vibe. Color pastels can introduce tranquility in the sleeping area, enhancing the coziness and tactile factor.

Personal opinion: Do not limitate yourself to one single color, but mix them along with patterns and different settings.

Tip: Do not forget accents; they should not be too prominent and overwhelming. Therefore, look for subtle sophistication instead.


Paneling is becoming more popular by the day. Why? Because it has the power to offer that classy and fluid feeling to your space. While fluted glass is one of the most fashionable comebacks recently, you may also use many other materials like wood or panels.

Personal opinion: Give a try to crimped, scalloped, or ribbed panels so that you won’t overcrowd the room.

Tip: Unless you want to obtain a pop-art bedroom, I would suggest sticking to neutral shades and textures and letting these factors speak for you.


Headboards 1

Credit: @roxbylane

Headboards 2

Credit: @bagnoybagno

Whether you prefer those headboards that stretch wall-to-wall, or you are more a fan of wood or rattan pieces, headboards are an excellent accent in a master bedroom.

From exquisite bedrooms to minimalist ones, wooden headboards are an evergreen piece. Upholstered headboards will steal your heart, so don’t hesitate to integrate them into your master bedrooms.

Personal opinion: For elegant spaces, I would recommend some highly chic linens and pieces of velvet and suede leather.

Tip: Keep the headboards in solid, classic colors. If you want the room to pop, bold prints can give the punch you are looking for.

Elegant Bed Frames

When it comes to master bedroom designs, character is the key. Therefore, you should not miss a bed frame with tons of personality. Whether you choose a wooden, a metal bed frame, or even a canopy, make sure the expensive headboard will suit the sleek bed frame. For a rustic vibe, consider a wood bed frame rather than the iron one.

Personal opinion: Interior designers recommend vouching for bed legs for a more classy vibe. Thus, choose tapered, squared, or round accessories based on the overall decor.

Tip: Some fancy half posters will do wonders, as well as canopy beds with legs.

Plush Bedding

Plush Bedding 1

Credit: @evakore

Are you looking for a simple yet cost-effective way to make your master bedroom look even more elegant? The solution is simple: fluffy duvets, soft sheets, or plump pillows. Look for elementary yet not too expensive beddings that are durable and good-looking. This way, you can enjoy the evening with some breathable cotton blankets that are more comfortable and light as a cloud.

Personal opinion: Good-quality cotton will do wonders during hot days, while plush beddings keep you warm on winter nights.

Tip: Look for Egyptian cotton, Belgian linens, or plush beddings. Linen beddings instantly create a refined yet comfortable look.

Outstanding Curtains

When it comes to curtains, you should not miss out on the details. These elements need to not only be elegant but also good-quality to match a master bedroom. Bedroom curtains should offer that privacy element and offer the beautiful look you seek.

Personal opinion: Look for blackout curtains if you are one of those who want to sleep longer in the morning.

Tip: Summery sheers will filter the harsh sun; however, they won’t block the light from passing in the room. However, if you prefer lots of light in the master bedroom, these are all you need.

Eclectic Elements

Eclectic Elements 2

Credit: @otodom

Elegant master bedrooms are a great way to show off your creativity and let your personality be present in this relaxing area. The flexibility of eclectic designs will allow any of you to apply their little pleasures and give the master bedroom a unique character.

Tip: Enjoy the freedom of matching and mixing colors, shades, and patterns, or provide a refresh to the old pieces.

Personal opinion: Moreover, the mix and match of patterns and textures create the much-needed contrast you need in an elegant master bedroom.

Staple Pieces

Staple Pieces 1

Credit: @casaoneus

Staple Pieces 2

Credit: @mirukaulive

Before decorating the master bedroom, you should consider those gorgeous elements that will give an expensive final look. Consider staple pieces, like a comfortable bed and mattress. Patient curation can turn a basic bedroom into a genuine sanctuary and a photogenic spot in your house.

Tip: Do not forget the statement decor pieces, like a unique nightstand or a spectacular rug.

Best Master Bedroom Decor Designs

Now that you know some of the critical elements of an elegant master bedroom let’s move on to the best designs to inspire you.

The French Chic Master Bedroom

If you are looking for an elegant master bedroom design but still don’t want to give up the modern twists, don’t worry. You can try this French-style master bedroom, with a mix of classic items, atypical elements, upholstery, paint schemes, as well as edgy pieces of art.

Tip: Choose industrial parts instead of rustic ones to evoke that unique European spirit.

Minimalistic And Sleek Master Bedroom

Modern master bedrooms should not focus on bringing together lots of elements. This concept of designing the sleeping area should focus on the principle of “less is more.” Play with soft colors, clean lines, minimalistic surfaces, and sleek symmetry to define that visually pleasing ambiance.

Personal opinion: To make the minimalistic bedroom look more sophisticated, choose contrasting spots and strong accents. On the other hand, avoid those pieces that blend into each other. You want to avoid a sterile look without personality.

Tip: Play with natural lights and statements of art and take care of details.

Colorful Mid-century Master Bedroom

Colorful Mid-Century Master Bedroom 2

Credit: @point.endd

Nobody wants to have a dull sleeping area, do they? Mid-century modern designs come with different shapes and distinct color palettes. If you bring the midcentury vibe into your home, do not forget to decorate the bedroom with quintessential hues.

Personal opinion: You can choose a neutral color scheme for the overall design, then add pops of color where you feel like it. Choose neutral shades and little pops of vibrant colors. If coziness is what you wish for, this approach will nail it.

Most Relaxing Colors For Master Bedrooms

Ready to hear more on the matter? Then let’s continue.

Masculine Vibes

Masculine Vibes 1

Credit: @de_pandie

If you want a masculine master bedroom, do not avoid materials such as thick cotton or leather. Style begins with the shell you create, and a masculine master bedroom should impress from the very first steps. Yet it should be done in a very subtle way. While most of you would look for white, pastel, and neutral shades, I recommend using silver and gold pieces of decor as well.

Tip: Dark hues are also an inspiration for elegance.

Personal opinion: Choosing the right shade will offer the bedroom a more sophisticated look.

Use Highlights Of Color

Use highlights of color 2

Credit: @domeklusi

An elegant master bedroom should be neither too bright nor too dark. Why? Well, as a matter of fact, these extreme situations might cause insomnia and an unpleasant vibe to the overall area. However, some pops of color might make a difference and improve the mood and flair of the sleeping area.

Tips: Add a few firm details, as a vibrant palette may work amazingly to boost the bedroom’s mood.

Personal opinion: If you have a small bedroom, avoid using too vibrant a palette, making the space look tinier.

Pastel Bedroom

Pastel Bedroom 1

Credit: @nkochet

I can’t be sure, but it’s my firm opinion that most people are looking for a serene bedroom, the ideal zen frame for their sweet dreams. So, if you enjoy bright bedrooms, then pastel shades are your friends.

Personal opinion: Pastel colors of green, blue, pink, and grey match an elegant master bedroom.

Last Thoughts

Bedroom design should be a unity of different decor elements. If you seek to get true harmony, keep in mind the sense of proportion and the welcome and cozy feeling you want. Start by placing the bed in the area you wish to sleep in, then add the decor items you have thought about. Make sure you keep the master bedroom decors to a minimum; otherwise, you might clutter up the area.

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