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One Of A Kind Emerald Green Bedroom Design Ideas: Learn To Apply Decor Secrets

In the last few years, more people have started to enjoy vibrant colors when designing their sleeping areas. With so many expert designers claiming that bright and light colors may lockdown some positive feelings, many of us choose to move away from neutrals and embrace more colors in our homes.

Yet, each year, a specific color is awarded as the trendiest of them all. For instance, in 2023, Very Peri is what Pantone has revealed as the trendiest shade. Even so, indoor designers focus more on other beautiful colors like sky-inspired blue, yellow, or red. Why? Well, whether we are talking about pale shades or vivid colors, these chromatics enhance the final look of any room.

Today we are going to talk about a shade that has constantly been growing in popularity over the past years: green. This being said, before we start the discussion, I want to give you a piece of advice – forget about the dull shade of grey, and look for vivid colors, such as emerald green, especially when it comes to your sleeping area.

The Subtle Effect Of Green On The Human Mind

When it comes to indoor design, green is such a versatile color. For instance, deep greens allow you to get those tropical looks that can take you far away in the land of dreams. On the other hand, pale and sage greens can be used to call for natural vibes. So whether you wish to fully decorate the bedroom by painting the walls green or adding only a few green accessories, there are many options. The best part? You can mix and match shades of green with other colors.

Tip: Use pastels, pinks, greys, and metallics for the best effect.

More subtly, green represents the color of positivity and nature. Therefore, this is the ideal shade to decorate the most relaxing room in the house. Green is designed for restoration and relaxation. Don’t have too much experience in decor planning? Here are some easy design ideas to help you curate a relaxing bedroom for sweet dreams. So whether you plan to create nature heaven or simply an inviting sleeping area, consider green for evoking peace and calm.

Emerald Green Particularities

Whether you want to create plant heaven at home or invoke peace and calmness in the sleeping area, emerald green is a must-have shade. Why is that, though? Well, because emerald green is closely connected to nature and invokes an acute feeling of clarity and relaxation. Therefore, this shade is ideal for the bedroom and the reading area or working space.

However, many people may feel intimidated by the thought of including emerald green in their rooms, mainly because it has such a rich appearance. Therefore, how should you incorporate this royal color effectively? There are many creative ways to make your rooms all bold and integrate green emerald as subtle as possible, but here are my favorite techniques:

Emerald Green Bedroom Ideas

Let’s take them one by one and understand more about each approach.

Discrete Green Emerald Details

Discrete Green Emerald Details 1
Credit: @ourfirsthome_x_
Discrete Green Emerald Details 2
Credit: @our.cute.casa

If you have never embraced this color, you can make it by using small details instead of painting the walls entirely green. Interior design experts share that the best thing to do in the case of more discrete bedrooms is to invest in small accessories.

Personal opinion: A comfortable bed in green emerald, a green lampshade on the nightstands, or playing with natural wood elements and emerald green will make the bedroom look stylish. An emerald green throw will make the bedroom more sophisticated and offer it a premium look.

Emerald Green, With Blues And Browns

Emerald Green, with Blues and Browns 1
Credit: @rachel_b_interiors
Emerald Green, with Blues and Browns 2
Credit: @house_of_cartophilia

You can complement an emerald green bedroom with different shades too. If you are looking for a relaxing feel, you should know that when combined with other dark shades, emerald green creates a more prosperous and deeper space.

Personal opinion: Green emerald brings parts of the outdoors vibe to our homes, and if combined with browns and blues, it can turn any space into a more decadent one.

Go All In

Go All In 1
Credit: @odaiaconcept
Go All In 2
Credit: @homeinspo_uk

Some designers encourage people to move further and take the next step with this color. Why? Well, because emerald green is undoubtedly a statement color, and if you are not afraid to be a little bit bold, then the final decorative result will be rich, luxurious, mysterious, and dark.

Tips: You can paint some walls, even the ceiling, add some emerald green curtains and a rug.

Some designers also prefer to add some emerald green beddings to create more depth. But how you wish to develop this ambiance overall is only up to you. This regal color can go all-in if you allow it.

Personal opinion: If you are not afraid to try new things, don’t stop with the paint only; add a plush sofa, maybe some velvet fabrics, or dark greens to create a moody atmosphere. Some excellent details in this direction are wood antiques.

Use Neutral Bases

Use Neutral Bases 1
Credit: @thepoorsophisticate
Use Neutral Bases 2
Credit: @the_cornish_nest

If you are not ready to use emerald green all over the bedroom, interior designers recommend neutral shades that work perfectly as a canvas and help you center the deep color.

Tip: Neutral bases will work wonderfully as a base for more oversized items, like rugs, sofas, or some velvet green chairs. You can repeat the darker shade on pillows and accessories (vases, lamps, jewelry cases.) Although the room is relatively neutral, it won’t be dull.

Create Layered Effects

Create Layered Effects 1
Credit: @elaindoors
Create Layered Effects 2
Credit: @hecticand_eclectic

Do you want to decorate with emerald green and obtain the maximum in-depth effect? Try bringing the layering to another level. You can mix emerald green shades and experience the layered effect.

Personal opinion: This way, the emerald green will pop, but you won’t feel like it is out of place or overpowering.

Emerald Green For An Artificial Jungle

Emerald Green for an Artificial Jungle 1
Credit: @hiasan_rekaan_dalaman
Emerald Green for an Artificial Jungle 2
Credit: @be.colorful.coastal

But what if you are not a plant person? Don’t worry. I can relate. It can be challenging to maintain your plants healthy and green all the time.

Of course, a living wall of dense vegetation will offer a sparkle of life to your bedroom. But if that’s not you, you can choose wallpaper in different shades of green as a pinch of the natural environment for your spaces.

Personal opinion: Potted plants, textures, and prints are something you should think about.

Darker Shades Of Green

Darker Shades Of Green 1
Credit: @ourfirsthome_85
Darker Shades Of Green 2
Credit: @dc_interior_collection

You may also use darker emerald green shades to paint some walls and highlight the room’s depth.

Personal opinion: Darker spots of emerald green can draw attention to different surfaces and distinguish them from the rest of the wall.

The Shelter Feeling Of Emerald Green

The Shelter Feeling Of Emerald Green 1
Credit: @plumeinteriorsnj
The Shelter Feeling Of Emerald Green 2
Credit: @daniellelancasterinteriors

An enjoyable method to use emerald green and create that shelter feeling is by painting the ceiling in a darker shade. Maintain soft neutral colors for the rest of the room. A colored emerald green ceiling will reflect the sense of enclosure and limit the room’s height. If you have tall rooms, try using this trick.

Personal opinion: Emerald green will offer the illusion of reducing the room’s space, making it look more comfortable, cozy, and protected. Exactly how a bedroom should be.

Decorate The Bedroom With Nature In Mind

Decorate The Bedroom With Nature In Mind 1
Credit: @studio__one__interiors
Decorate The Bedroom With Nature In Mind 2
Credit: @dekorasi_rumahidaman1

So, as you already know, emerald green stands for mindfulness and relaxation. If you want to turn your bedroom into an oasis of zen, inspire yourself from nature and its most relaxing elements. You can use caledon as a base color, as well as lighter shades to obtain a sense of harmony. Others may consider a jungle-inspired bedroom in deep shades of green. Don’t be afraid to use bolder accessories like palm wallpapers, tropical-inspired beddings, colorful bedspreads, and rattan baskets.

Personal opinion: Use natural elements, like jute rugs and bed frames made of wood, as well as lots of light sources, like cozy, warm-light lamps. A stylish statement is what you will get.

Consider Environmentally Safe Materials

Consider Environmentally Safe Materials 1
Credit: @earth_lines_architects
Consider Environmentally Safe Materials 2
Credit: @thebedroomgallerychilliwack

When using emerald green shades, you should want to obtain a contrast of colors. Because let’s face it. What better way to get that than turning the bedroom into an environmentally friendly space? This being said, you should choose to paint with organic compounds that can reduce the environmental impact. Moreover, consider these paintings if you have health issues, like allergies or respiratory problems from floating chemicals.

Furthermore, choose sustainable materials for the furniture.

Tip: Consider wood instead of plastic or metal. The main focus should be on eco-friendly materials.

Personal opinion: Better sleeping comfort may also require organic beddings. In terms of the mattress, organic latex is cozy enough. These materials will be a great addition, especially if you deal with sensitive skin, as they are hypoallergenic.

Pair Emerald Green With Pink

Pair Emerald Green With Pink 1
Credit: @homestylemaguk
Pair Emerald Green With Pink 2
Credit: @chuna_loves_it

A dark emerald green wall in a bedroom can look sophisticated, cozy, and luxurious. You can feel its power from the very second you enter the door. However, sometimes you may need to temper things with a soft contrast.

Tip: Dusty pink is an excellent choice for beddings and pillows. Some metallic accessories will be the so-needed accent, while brass fixtures will come with a luxurious feeling.

Personal opinion: Some may find the dusty pink too girly for their taste. When in need of more color pops, go for something unexpected. Coral pink, neon green, or yellow will make a great combination. These vibrant pairings are daring and energizing.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy the summery vibes in your room regardless of the season. You can also balance the room by popping colors with more minimalist furniture, with warm elements such as wood accents.

Add Some Zesty Lime Green Accents

Add Some Zesty Lime Green Accents 1
Credit: @architectormendisabal
Add Some Zesty Lime Green Accents 2
Credit: @feathering_my_nest

Is emerald green a bit too dark for you? If this is the case, then you can choose some lime green parts that will add a bolder touch to the overall space. If you want to go all the way, consider the maximum impact and paint an entire wall in lime green. You can incorporate this happy color by using bold wallpaper to bring the mid-century vibe into the sleeping area.

Personal opinion: If you are not used to this shade, take baby steps. Start with smaller doses of lime green, and decorate the bedroom with pops of lime green (blankets, maybe some cushy throw pillow will energize the space.)

Statement Emerald Green Headboards

Statement Emerald Green Headboards 1
Credit: @rushmarketstlouis
Statement Emerald Green Headboards 2
Credit: @scheerandco

The bed has to be the focal point of any sleeping area, right? Then, why not make it stand out and be an authentic piece of art? Consider a statement headboard in emerald green as the pop of creativity you need.

Look at the image above. Here, the designer chose a soft velvet headboard in forest green shade to add a luxurious vibe to the space. You can soften the vibe and make it look elegant by using accent colors in a neutral palette.

Personal opinion: If you choose an emerald green bedroom, keep the other accent colors in a more earthy spectrum. For instance, grey, white, or black can be excellent choices. If you like to dare more, use pigments of taupe and terracotta.

Bring The Outdoors Inside The Sleeping Area

Bring the outdoors inside the sleeping area 1
Credit: @our_adapted_home
Bring the outdoors inside the sleeping area 2
Credit: @the_cornish_nest

Do you love spending the time outdoors and want to bring pieces of nature into the bedroom? The easiest way to do that is by combining pieces that combined will for some kind of jungle in the bedroom.

If you are a plant lover, look for plants that are easy to maintain and will improve the quality of air inside the house.

Aside from enhancing the overall bedroom decor, plants have therapeutic properties and healing benefits. Enjoy the released oxygen and the pure air you now have in the house.

Personal opinion: If you are not such a plant fan, don’t worry, as you can incorporate the plant pattern into your beddings, curtains, or wallpapers.

Consider these common indoor plants to decorate your sleeping area:

  • Snake plant – excellent for improving the air quality
  • Peace lily – adds humidity where you deal with dry air and absorbs toxins
  • Aloe vera – great in producing oxygen during the sleeping time
  • Spider plant – will purify the air

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What Colors Go Nice With Emerald Green?

Is emerald green too much for you, and you would like to soften things up? You can consider a great mix between emerald green and these colors:

  • Emerald green + blush pink is a chic pairing for an eclectic, yet modern sleeping area.
  • Emerald green + navy will add more depth to the room and create an intimate space.
  • Emerald green + off-white is elegant, calming, excellent choice for more minimalist bedrooms.
  • Emerald green + coral pink make a versatile pairing and a comforting and energetic vibe. If you have a maximalist and tropical sleeping area, consider mixing these shades.
  • Emerald green + brown make a nature-inspired pair, with calming shades that add warmth to the bedroom.

Green Emerald For Elegant Bedrooms

Emerald green is an elegant, deep, luxurious, and desired shade for interior design. There are many creative ways to incorporate this color into your bedroom’s decor, and all the above options work excellently. Would you try these tips and tricks?

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