How Much Should You Tip For Mattress Delivery?

Tipping; the never-ending discussion on when and how much should we tip for different types of services. From sink-fixing, pizza-serving to mattress delivery; how much is it required to tip the person providing a service for you?

You probably already know that tipping, depending on the type of services, goes anywhere between 15% and 25%. For example, at a restaurant, you’re required to tip 20% of the total bill. After getting a tattoo, on the other hand, you should tip your tattoo artist up to 25% (sometimes even 30%) of the total tattoo cost. Tipping can be pretty expensive, but that’s the cost of having people do things for you, right?

But, tipping for mattress delivery isn’t something people know how to do right away. Many get confused as to how much should you tip the people carrying heavy mattresses to your apartment or house. Logically, one would need to tip them more than you tip a person serving you pizza…

Well, if you’re having the same doubts and questions, you’re at the right place. In the following paragraphs we’ll take a look at the mattress delivery tipping recommendations, so make sure to stay tuned!

Tipping The Mattress Delivery – How Much is Enough?

What Does Tipping Depend On?

In order to figure out how much should you tip for mattress delivery, there are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration- For example;

  • Is the mattress delivered to your door?
  • Is the mattress delivered to a building apartment or a house?
  • Will the delivery person need to carry the mattress to your apartment, or is there an elevator, for example?
  • Are you being delivered an extremely heavy mattress or more than one item?
  • Will the delivery person be required for setting up the mattress?

All of these questions can determine how much you need to tip the mattress delivery. You will never tip the same for a mattress being brought at your house door the same as the mattress being carried to your building apartment (especially if there’s no elevator).

So, How Much Should You Tip?

Now, depending on what the mattress delivery comprises, the standard tipping for mattress delivery moves between $5 to $20, but in the majority of cases, it surpasses these numbers, especially if the delivery requires carrying and setting up for the mattress. Therefore;

  • If we’re talking about a standard delivery (bringing the mattress to your home door) or a first-level apartment, then you should tip anywhere between $5 to $10, depending on the weight of the delivered item, for example. If there are two people delivering the mattress, each should be tipped equally.
  • If we’re talking about a delivery where the delivery guys have to bring the mattress to a 2nd apartment floor and up, then you will have to tip them between $10 to $20. You should tip more if there’s no elevator in the building and the delivery guys have to carry the mattress themselves up the stairs.
  • If you see that the delivery guys are doing extra work and being extra careful and considerate of your delivered item and the way they handle everything, you should up the tipping numbers for at least $5 to $10 per person.
  • If the delivery guys are also to set up your new mattress, you should definitely add $5 to $10 per person, regardless of whether they didn’t struggle to bring the mattress to you. Setting up a mattress at someone’s home is extra work that should be appreciated, especially if they have to remove your old mattress for you as well.

Sure, not everyone is able to tip more than $20 per person, but we always urge people to tip more if they can, especially if the delivery is exceptional and people go above and beyond to deliver the mattress in perfect condition at your door.

Note: Since we’re currently in a pandemic, delivery drivers are literally putting their lives on the line by delivering products to customers and being directly in contact with people.  Try to bear this in mind next time you tip delivery drivers, and make sure to increase your tip a few dollars.

What If You Don’t Have The Money To Tip?

For whatever reason, people sometimes don’t have the money to properly tip the people delivering their orders. However, even though tipping is the best way to show appreciation of someone’s good service, there are other ways you can show your gratitude and appreciation;

  • You can always offer the delivery guys a cup of coffee, tea, or some other refreshments
  • You can always tip the delivery guys the next time you order something, and make sure you double the tipping
  • You can tip the minimum of $5 and offer a cold drink to compensate for the small tip, which would also be sweet and nice
  • You can give the delivery guys good reviews and share your excellent experience on the company site where you ordered from

Unfortunately, nothing says ‘thanks for the great service’ like a good tip. But, since we’re all sometimes short with money, it is perfectly fine to provide a decent tipping alternative for the delivery guys. If you’re really satisfied with the service, find a decent tipping alternative, and even if that is hard, at least let them know how much you appreciate their hard work.

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When Should You Not Tip?

Knowing when not to tip is just as important as tipping itself. So, in case you were wondering when you should not tip your mattress delivery guys, here’s your answer;

  • If you have a generally bad experience with the service
  • If the delivery guys are unpleasant and rude
  • If the delivery guys won’t help you carry the mattress to your house/apartment, or won’t help you set it up
  • If the delivery guys just drop the mattress at your door and leave you to deal with it alone

It is also important to mention that you technically DON’T have to tip anyone for anything. But, in that case, you’re just being rude and a bit selfish. If someone has provided proper and good service, it is a decent thing to show appreciation by giving them a few bucks. Delivery guys don’t earn much themselves, so you’re not just tipping them, but also helping them out.

Moreover, the chance of the delivery drivers being rude is low. It is in their interest to be as pleased with the customer as they can, because they want to keep their jobs, of course. However, if the service is bad and the delivery guys aren’t really the nicest people to interact with, then simply don’t tip them.

However, bear in mind that even in case of bad service and rude delivery drivers, tipping may actually make these people feel better and improve their mood. So, tipping is always a better option, even when you feel the person doesn’t deserve to be tipped.

To Sum Up

Tipping is generally known as a great way to shop someone your appreciation of their good work and great service. A tip isn’t generally a big deal to the customer, but it is a big deal to the service provider.

So, make sure to try and tip people who provide excellent service and go the extra mile to be nice and provide help. Delivery drivers especially deserve to be tipped properly, since they have to deal with a lot of unpleasant customers daily, but still remain friendly and helpful.

Mattress delivery guys often carry heavy mattresses to building apartments and even help people set them up. This is labor-intensive and time-consuming for them, on top of their regular work and schedule.

So, if you want to make someone’s day a bit better, and reward their excellent service, then do the good thing and tip them as much as you’re financially capable of.

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  1. What a clueless article guaranteed to make delivery people resent you. This was written during COVID- offering a beverage is unrealistic. Are they supposed to take off their masks to drink in your home also you can’t pay the bills with a cup of coffee. These guys make a living primarily on tips, not their hourly wage. They also have a tight schedule to stick to and don’t have time to sit and have a beverage. And how’s that going to work to tip double the next time? Are you planning on ordering another mattress soon? What makes you think you will get the same delivery peeps? If you can plan to be home for a mattress delivery, a major investment, you can plan to arrange to have $10-20 cash on hand. Also, hello, we’re in the digital age, why not just offer to venmo them or use some other person to person payment app?

    1. THey do not rely on tips, though those are well appreciated. Every delivery driver I know makes $20=. This is NOT the same as wait staff that generally make $4.5/hour, and actually DO depend on tips.

      Should you tip them? Sure. It’s a nice thing to do. But if you cannot, or not much, they are already compensated.

  2. Quit pushing the idea of tipping people for doing their damn job. This is exactly what the billionaires in corporate America wants. Go spend time in Europe (where there is no tipping at all) and everyone makes a living wage.

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