How to Make a Memory Foam Mattress Firmer

How to Make a Memory Foam Mattress Firmer?

The memory foam mattress is one of the renowned orthopedic mattresses available worlds over. It is specially designed with temperature-sensitive material that lets it adjust to temperature changes. For instance, if your body temperature increases, it will soften, making you feel more relaxed. Also, memory foam evenly distributes your body weight on the mattress, thereby providing you an even surface to relax.

This mattress is attributed as incredibly sturdy and durable, with an average lifespan of 10 years. However, as the memory foam mattress nears the end of its lifespan, it will start wearing out, characterized by extreme softness or a dip. This may cause you to wake up with backaches and soreness. You don’t have to replace it just yet; there are several tips that you can explore to bring back the firmness and ultimate comfort while sleeping.

Read on to find out how you can restore the firmness in your memory foam mattress!

How to Make a Memory Foam Mattress Firmer: 10 Tips

1. Rotate and Flip Your Mattress

The unused surface of the mattress tends to be sturdier compared to the used surface; over time, you will notice that the frequently used surface will start forming impressions.

It is advisable to seasonally rotate your memory foam mattress and flip it over so that there is an even distribution of pressure to prevent a dip from forming. You should flip it every six months for optimal longevity. Sometimes this simple rotation is all that needs to be done to restore that firmness that you so deeply desire.

2. Invest in a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is a layering pad designed to go over your mattress for extra support, especially when your mattress is worn out or uncomfortable. It is made from various materials such as gel memory foam, memory foam, microfiber, hollow fiber, feathers, and latex.

A mattress topper can change the feel of your memory foam mattress. If your mattress feels a little too soft, a firmer mattress topper can turn things around and get you feeling cozy once again. When shopping for a mattress topper, I recommend that you pair your memory foam mattress with a memory foam topper to bring out nearly perfect results. You should also consider using a topper that is 100% organic and certified by USDA and GOLS.

Steps to Follow to Install Your Mattress Topper: 

  1. Free your Mattress off all the bedding.
  2. Place the topper atop your mattress, then stretch; be careful to position it correctly.
  3. Add a fitted sheet, then properly tuck it in.
  4. Add the rest of your bedding to your liking.

3. Replace the Box Spring or Platform

A box spring or a platform is an essential component in your memory foam mattress. They offer support by easing pressure off the mattress, making it firm. After prolonged use, they are bound to wear out, leaving your mattress feeling softer and saggy, thus, undesirable.

A saggy mattress is likely to get you thinking of a replacement which is a costly affair. Sometimes the solution you need is simply replacing the box spring or platform of your mattress, and your mattress will be as good as new! Consider making the base support of your mattress firmer. Chances are, they have weakened over time, causing your mattress to sag, and a simple reinforcement could help solve your problem.

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4. Add Extra Support

At times additional support is needed to keep your mattress from dipping. You could be assuming that dip is a result of your mattress wearing out while, in reality, it is just a frame problem. Before you throw in the towel, try adding in extra support and see how it turns out.

You can always find mattress support in stores near you, or you can also buy online in places such as amazon. You can also support your mattress using plywood, wood, or metal board to help keep it firm. The good thing is that this type of support is inexpensive, and replacing them is easy in case they break.

5. Regulate Your Room Temperature

A memory foam mattress is designed to adjust to temperature changes. When it gets hotter, they tend to soften, consequently losing their firmness. When the reverse happens, they become sturdier.

If your mattress feels unusually soft, you can try aerating your room by leaving the windows and door open for some time. You can also lower the thermostat and turn on the fan to cool the room. A cooler temperature will help stiffen your mattress, making it firmer.

6. Beware of Moisture

The memory foam mattress is notorious for absorbing moisture from its environs, more so in humid areas or near the beach. The issue with dampness is that over time your mattress will become too soft.

If you suspect this to be the problem, the solution is to air your mattress in the sun and let it dry through the day.

This will not only firm up your mattress, but it will also rid your mattress off;

  • Bacteria
  • Germs
  • Mold

Alternatively, you can also seek professional cleaning services, especially if you are worried about a contaminated mattress.

7. Try Placing Your Mattress on the Floor

Placing your mattress on the floor is one of the easiest and cheapest solutions to a memory foam mattress that is less sturdy. Placing it on the floor will readily get even and solid support, making it firmer.

In as much as this method is cost-effective, there are several cons attached to it, such as:

  • Decreased air circulation
  • Dust accumulation
  • Mold
  • spillage

Should you choose to go this direction, be sure to aerate your bedroom occasionally and seasonally sundry your mattress to help curb these effects of placing your mattress on the floor. A waterproof mattress protector will also be essential in such a scenario.

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8. Replace the Worn Out Layers

Most of these mattresses come with a removable cover which is a blessing; this allows you to change dipping or worn-out layers at your convenience. If you think your mattress has lost its firmness due to wearing out of some of its layers, try replacing it with a firmer layer.

However, avoid this option if your mattress is still within the warranty period because this could render it useless.

9. Keep Your Bedding Flat and Smooth

Another easy way of achieving firmness on your memory foam mattress is by completely flattening your bedding until they are very tight. Tightly fitted bedding exerts a substantial amount of pressure on the mattress, compressing it to make it feel stiffer and firmer as you lay on it.

A mattress pad comes with a touch of softness. Avoid using it, as it is likely to thwart your efforts in trying to make your mattress firmer.

Here is a step by step procedure for you to follow:

  1. Start with a fitted sheet. Choose one with deep pockets and tightly tuck it in your mattress.
  2. Tightly pull all the edges to ensure it is very tightly fitted, hence compressing the mattress.
  3. Throw in an extra top sheet, and you should be good to go.

10. Invest in a Mattress Protector

It is always advisable to get a mattress protector from the onset. It helps protect your mattress against spillage, bacteria, moisture,  and mold, among other things, to help maximize the lifespan of the mattress. Just like a mattress topper, a mattress protector sits atop your mattress.

Mattress protectors are highly diversified; some come in fitted-sheet style, encasement style as well as strapped mattress protectors. There are also those made of cotton fabrics, polyester, and vinyl, among others.

To install a mattress protector;

  • Remove all the bedding from your mattress.
  • Carefully spread the mattress protector evenly on your mattress just like you would a fitted sheet.
  • Tighten it using the elastic band on the lower side of your mattress on the corners to flatten the surface.
  • Wrap up by spreading the rest of your bedding to give it a nice finish.

Bottom Line

If you are still not satisfied with the results, it might be time to replace your mattress after trying out all the above tips on making your memory foam mattress firmer. After prolonged use, mattresses naturally begin to soften, losing their sturdiness.

But, if your memory foam mattress is still on a trial period or within the warranty period, you can reach out to your seller for a replacement or repair. Most brands offer between 100-365 days’ worth of trial period, but again, if you are way past your trial period but still within your warranty period, you can still get assistance.

Memory foam mattress not only guarantees you sound sleep, but it also comes packed with numerous health benefits such as pain relief, relief from body soreness, and backaches. This is made possible by the material’s ability to displace pressure from pain spots on your body. These unique properties of a memory foam mattress have made it a darling to many, regardless of age and gender.

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