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40+ Best Murphy Bed Design Ideas: Smart Space-Saving Sleeping Areas

Sometimes, people are left with no option but to stay in small places. At the same time, others would prefer to live in tiny areas than spacious ones due to their minimalist lifestyle.

If you enjoy DIY projects or maximize the small corner of your house, why not transform the furniture and give it new purposes? Once you have a good planning on the layout, you can change your furnishings to be used in different ways.

Considering that, I have brought together some of the most excellent design ideas for Murphy beds that can be added in various spaces, depending on your preferences.

The Name Of Murphy Beds

Did you know that Murphy Beds wear the name of their inventor, William Murphy? He applied this patented idea somewhere around 1900.

His concept came based on the moral code of San Francisco during those times. As such, it was frowned upon for women to enter a masculine bedroom.

Murphy came up with the idea of allowing his one-room apartment to provide both a parlor and a sleeping area, where he could invite friends from both genders.

Although there were also other fold-up beds, Murphy upgraded the existing models with the pivoting, counterbalanced design. As a result, his name becomes attached to the fold-up, hidden beds.

Where To Install Murphy Beds?

There is always an ideal area for installing a murphy bed from bedrooms, living rooms, even generous halls.

Most of the areas can then be used as living spaces during the whole day and then a bedroom during the night. However, nobody says that you cannot install a murphy bed in your bedroom, especially if you lack generous space.

As such, if you need some additional space during daytime activities, you can just keep the bed up and save lots of room. The Murphy bed is always popular as a wall-bed, as you can bring it up to the wall and look like any other furniture piece apart from the bed. Excellent idea, right? Keep on reading to find the main Murphy bed designs I have collected for you.

Excellent idea, right? So, here are some Murphy bed designs I think you should really look into.

40+ Best Murphy Bed Design Ideas

Here are some ideas for the best Murphy Bed projects that are not too costly and would look fantastic in any home.

Some of these sleeping areas are made of simple building materials; others have more refined pieces. Indeed, the Murphy beds will help you save a lot of space and enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Pine Murphy Beds

Pine Murphy Beds 1

Image source: Pinterest

Pine Murphy Beds 2

Image source: Pinterest

If you are looking for one of the cleanest and easiest Murphy beds for kids, guests, or nursery rooms, the pine Murphy will be to your taste.

The directions for installing this kind of wall-bed are simple. What will be left is a light wood, beautiful bookshelf or desk for your kids or guests.

Personal opinion: With the functional design and its slender, the pine Murphy bed will suit almost any space.

Murphy Bed and Dresser

Murphy Bed and Dresser 1

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Bed and Dresser 2

Image source: Instagram

Whether you go in a rustic style, or a more stylish, modern one, the Murphy bed and dresser is the ideal way to tuck an additional guest bed.

This way, not only will you keep the decor looking all-natural, but you will get the perfect place to store your things.

Personal opinion: If you have a small guest room, this beautiful bedroom dresser will allow you to invite some extra guests or transform the room into a small children’s space.

Murphy Beds in Tall Cabinet

Murphy Beds in Tall Cabinet 1

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Beds in Tall Cabinet 2

Image source: Instagram

If you want to save a lot of space and transform the rooms into multi-purpose spaces, this Murphy bed would be ideal. Due to its tall length, this type of Murphy bed will suit a gym, an office, or a studio space.

Personal opinion: The narrow width allows the bed to fit against even the tallest walls. Furthermore, the height gives that ideal depth and also dimensions to the rooms.

Twin Murphy Bunk Beds

Twin Murphy Bunk Beds 1

Image source: Instagram

Twin Murphy Bunk Beds 2

Image source: Instagram

A two for one, the Murphy Bunk Bed is the ideal way to save a lot of space and create the perfect hideaway for a bunk bed.

The beds are mounted horizontally, one under the other, so they will take as much space as if you had only one bed vertically. Yet, the twin Murphy beds will host double sleepers.

Personal opinion: Please consider where you will place these beds. Rather than closets, consider the crannies and nooks.

Mantle Murphy Bed

Mantle Murphy Bed

Image source: Instagram

If you are looking for a lovely looking method to hide the bed, the mantle design encourages you to reconsider the wood you will be using, as well as the paint colors.

Personal opinion: A great feature of Mantle Murphy Beds is their storage spaces. As such, this helpful area will offer your guest a nice place to stash all their things, from clothes to make-up or skincare.

Queen-Size Murphy Bed

Queen-Size Murphy Bed 1

Image source: Instagram

Queen-Size Murphy Bed 2

Image source: Instagram

Designed to find a more spacious room, the queen-sized Murphy bed will be as comfortable and cozy as a common one. Moreover, this piece of furniture adds that beautiful decor, and it is also a wonderful element of fun.

Personal opinion: You can add some unique accents based on your wishes, like some black hinges. Furthermore, you can transform this piece of furniture however you want so that it will fit into your guest room or home office.

Murphy Bed Within a Bookshelf

Murphy Bed Within a Bookshelf 1

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Bed Within a Bookshelf 2

Image source: Instagram

If you are looking for an advanced Murphy bed project, I have the best idea. This type of hideaway project has multiple functions to convert into a storage unit or a bookshelf. The built-in is usually light. However, the bed will still be very comfortable and cozy.

Personal opinion: Although it comes with shelves and other storage spaces, this Murphy bed is not a far stretch from the feel of a standard mattress.

Murphy Bed Ideas For Office Spaces

Murphy Bed Ideas For Office Spaces 1

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Bed Ideas For Office Spaces 2

Image source: Pinterest

Today, there are lots of people who are working from home, right? Furthermore, many people who have an extra bedroom would prefer to convert it into a guest room, even an office space. However, one of the challenges is incorporating a large part of the room without occupying too much space.

This desk can resemble a flat piece of furniture, even an upright piano. The flat part of the Murphy bed would stand out as a work surface.

Personal opinion: You can use the rest of this structure as shelves, cabinets, and any other storage spaces. All this assembly will perfectly hide a mattress and frame.

Furthermore, some versions of the office Murphy Bed will even keep the items in place and under the bed once the frame is lowered.

Murphy Bed With Sofa

Murphy Bed With Sofa 1

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Bed With Sofa 2

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Bed With Sofa 3

Image source: Instagram

Usually, the sofa beds are ideal for your guests to have a tight sleep for a few nights. However, you cannot compare the comfort of a sofa with a king-size bed. The solution? A Murphy bed version.

Why should you give up the sofa idea? Well, mainly because a sofa sleeping experience does not provide enough substantial support. The result would be back pain if you use this type of sleeping space. Furthermore, if the bed is constantly pulled out of a sofa every single night, then the operating mechanism might suffer from malfunction due to overuse.

Luckily for you, if you cannot give up the idea of a sofa, you can have the hybrid Murphy bed that combines the sofa component that sits against the wall.

As such, when the time to use the bed has come, you simply need to remove the cushions. Also, you will need to pull out the front panel of the sofa, then prompting the mattress and the bed frame to unfold them from the wall.

Personal opinion: This is one of the most innovative designs on the market, ideal when looking for a stable, solid surface to sleep on.

Murphy Beds With Bookcases

Murphy Beds With Bookcases 1

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Beds With Bookcases 2

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Beds With Bookcases 3

Image source: Instagram

One of the main issues for Murphy Beds is that once they are raised in the not-in-use position, all the broad details might not be so exciting or elegant.

As such, these elements can ruin the room’s design, which can be eyesore against a plain wall.

The positive part is that Murphy beds usually come in different designs to match your needs and design preferences. For instance, a murphy bed that is all flanked by bookcases is one of the top solutions.

Personal opinion: The bookcase design provides excellent balance, and the bottom of the bed would look like an attractive armoire.

Murphy Beds In a Chest

Murphy Beds In a Chest 1

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Beds In a Chest 2

Image source: Instagram

If you want a Murphy bed that would not look too heavy or massive, then you should look for a more compact bureau that would beautifully blend with the rest of the room.

When not in use, you can insert the bed into what looks like a drawer or some regular chest.

But once the sleep hours come, you can pull down the face of the cabinet so that it can reveal the bed’s frame.

Personal opinion: Depending on your preferences, you can have a Murphy bed that includes a mattress, some bare-bones, and other elements so that they can hide away the bed’s details.

Murphy Bed for Dens

Murphy Bed for Dens

Image source: Instagram

In my perception, the ideal Murphy bed would be the one that blends beautifully and evenly into the surroundings. This is what you get with the Murphy beds for dens.

Personal opinion: These sleeping areas would appear flush with the wall. What you need to do is simply find the ideal little nook so that your bed would look more like a closet than a large piece of furniture.

Ceiling to Floor Storage Unit with Bed

Ceiling to Floor Storage Unit with Bed 1

Image source: Instagram

Ceiling to Floor Storage Unit with Bed 2

Image source: Instagram

Ceiling to Floor Storage Unit with Bed 3

Image source: Instagram

If you want to create a storage and a workspace all around the hidden bed, you can choose the ceiling to floor storage unit.

Personal opinion: The bed includes everything you would need for a home office or the guests’ room. Furthermore, your secret sleeper will stand in the middle of the storage area.

A Cozy Murphy Bed for Two

A Cozy Murphy Bed for Two 1

Image source: Instagram

A Cozy Murphy Bed for Two 2

Image source: Instagram

A Cozy Murphy Bed for Two 3

Image source: Instagram

Many Murphy beds would usually fold out from the wall, but in such a way that the original design would be too tall for short people to manage them.

If you want to avoid the too-tall Murphy beds without fixing a six-foot storage hutch, change your mind and go for this design.

Personal opinion: The cozy Murphy Bed for two will offer you much more manageable space instead of building a bed on the whole wall.

Murphy Bed Encased in a Closet

Murphy Bed Encased in a Closet 1

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Bed Encased in a Closet 2

Image source: Instagram

Murphy Bed Encased in a Closet 3

Image source: Instagram

The main benefit of the Murphy bed encased in a closet is the exterior of this piece of furniture. The surface of this design makes it all look nice and clean and much fun. All you have to do is to reveal that it is not a closet there.

Personal opinion: The double bed is so comfortable and waiting for you to sleep on it.

Discrete Murphy Bed Behind Wooden Panels

Discrete Murphy Bed Behind Wooden Panels 1

Image source: Instagram

Discrete Murphy Bed Behind Wooden Panels 2

Image source: Instagram

If you want to make the most of your spaces and welcome your guests with maximum comfort, you should look for a discrete Murphy bed.

Personal opinion: This sleeping furniture will make the most of the floor space and let you enjoy both the guest room and a sleeping area. Furthermore, if you wish so, you can also have hidden storage shelves along the inside wall.

Single Bed Bookshelf Combination

Single Bed Bookshelf Combination

Image source: Instagram

If you would typically host a single guest, you should consider a twin-size Murphy bed or a single sleeping wall-bed.

Furthermore, the minor construction will occupy less space and would be less massive while still providing maximum comfort.

Personal opinion: Add the single Murphy bed to any room, and you will not have to worry about the space anymore.

Top Advantages of Murphy Beds

Here is why you should consider having a Murphy bed:

Wall Beds Will Save Lots Of Space

If you are dealing with a tiny apartment or small rooms, the wall beds are ideal because they take such a tiny space. Once unused, the vertical bed will stand on the wall and won’t use too much capacity.

You simply pull the bed down as soon as you need a sleeping place or when your houseguests are ready to retire.

Murphy Beds Offer The Maximum Of Comfort and Quality as Wall-Bed

Compared with other wall beds, the genuine Murphy beds offer a lifetime guarantee due to the durable design. Murphy beds are the most comfortable modern wall beds you will ever sleep on.

Murphy Beds are Easy To Use And Safe

Some might be reticent when it comes to wall beds. They might wonder about how easy or difficult it is to manipulate a wall bed. However, the innovative spring system usually comes with the Murphy Beds and is safe to use and accessible.

Murphy Beds Are As Comfortable As Conventional Sleeping Areas

Although they are usually very compact, Murphy beds come with high-quality mattresses, so every tiny spot of this bed will be comfortable.

Your houseguests won’t even feel they sleep on a wall-bed. A Murphy bed won’t even compare with a pull-out sofa, an air mattress, or a rolling cot.

Murphy Beds Are Customizable

Most of the Murphy beds support any type of customization. Some of the tailor-made modifications can look like this:

Single, double, even queen-sized beds

You can choose from more than one size. You can even design the Murphy bed as an individual unit or a larger one

Choose various wood finishes

Depending on the design you fancy, color preferences or budget, you can choose from more than one wood cut.

Add some open or closed storage options

Great addition for small apartments as it increases the storage space.

Attach some lighting features for reading purposes

Perfect for dorm rooms where you want to read without disturbing your roommate.

Murphy Beds Can Complement The Room’s Decor

Due to the high level of customization, the Murphy beds can match any room decor. As such, you will create a room with elements that go perfectly one with another. For instance, a Murphy bed can have beautifully crafted components that are also really functional.

Murphy Beds Are Also Multi-Purpose

A Murphy bed is fantastic because it can also create versatile furniture for your rooms. For instance, you can add drawers or shelves and store your guests’ things in there.

Last Thoughts

Murphy Beds are comfortable, easy to manipulate, really versatile, space-saving, and provide excellent value even when deciding to move. I hope the previous designs will help you decide on future sleeping arrangements.

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