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30+ Creative Preppy Bedroom Aesthetic Ideas: Learn To Decorate With Style

A preppy aesthetic can make you feel bubbly, refreshed, joyful, and young. So, if you love polka dots, stripes, classic colors, and the east coast charm, then you came to the right place if you.

Even if you don’t really know much about this style and have just heard the term, you should not worry, as I will explain everything. As a matter of fact, the modern preppy style has increased its popularity during the last years due to the polished look that is all-American.

Anchored by traditionally styled furnishing, colorful fabrics, joyful patterns, or sophisticated traditions, this indoor decor could just be the right one for those who want to add fun, preppy touches to their homes with a minimal budget. But before decorating the sleeping area, read more about the elements you should not miss.

First Things First: What Means A Preppy Bedroom?

What Means A Preppy Bedroom 1
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What Means A Preppy Bedroom 2
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Before moving straight to the decorating tips and tricks, let’s understand better the preppy style. There are two accepted directions of preppy aesthetics.

According to designers, the first preppy decor originated in New England and East Coast prep. However, this is no longer suited only to the country club sets but can also enhance home vibes with classic patterns and bright colors. What impresses these preppy decors is their mix of upbeat shades and popular nautical elements with compasses, ships, navy blue, and white.

The second variation of preppy design is the Southern Prep, which is based more on summer symbols, elephants, monkeys, leopards, and zebras. All in all, these variations of the preppy style are fond of stripes, crisp linens, natural light, and materials.

Preppy Design – More Than A Style, But A Feeling

More than following some simple elements, the preppy interior design style is a feeling. This interior decor is built upon a traditional style to call up the sophisticated style of country clubs, social graces, or equestrian events. As already briefly mentioned, usually, the preppy style uses bright colors and different neutral shades of brown and white to play with natural light.

If this type of decoration looks familiar to you, then you are correct. Decoration artists consider the preppy decor a second cousin to the modern farmhouse style. Furthermore, it contains central pieces with history, like old furnishings or parts with less polish and wear. Like modern farmhouse decor, the Preppy style is mainly associated with whites and neutrals rather than bolder accents.

Learn To Decorate Preppy Bedrooms With Best Accessories: 30+ Ideas

Here comes the most exciting part: sharing the top accessories and tips to decorate bedrooms in a preppy style. Learn about our favorite ideas and tricks to obtain a preppy sleeping area.

Pink And Green Shades For The Win

Pink And Green Shades For The Win 1
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Pink And Green Shades For The Win 2
Credit: @1904square

The go-to combination of shades for preppy bedrooms is pink and green. From decorative pillows and rugs to beddings and curtains, pink and green should be a must for your sleeping area.

Tip: Do not miss the floral details, stripes, and solid colors to enhance the final look of the bedroom. You can add some accent details of blue, black, and gold.

However, there is no restriction regarding color combinations regarding preppy decors. You already know that the traditional shade mixes are white, blue, pink, and green. Even so, you can play around and add pine green, brown, yellow, and red anytime you feel like there is room for more.

Personal opinion: Bold colors, paired with a modern preppy vibe and classic patterns, can offer that look you seek.

DIY Tips: One of the easiest ways to get a Preppy bedroom by playing with colors is by painting wood furniture to transform the sleeping room. Thus, use a paintbrush and let your creativity go wild. For instance, you can paint the nightstands, dressers, and tables glossy white or simply update the walls with colorful wallpaper.

Painted furniture in a preppy style works in any room of the house, not only the sleeping area. You may also paint the kitchen chairs and the bar stools or cover the seats with plaid fabrics.

Choose Stripes

Choose Stripes 1
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Choose Stripes 2
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Do not miss the stripes if you want to follow the coastal decors. They can add such a classic charm to this design style.

Personal opinion: One of the best things you can do for your bedroom is to choose striped bedding or curtains. You may also incorporate stripes into the overall design by installing curtains or wallpapers with nautical stripes.

Layered Patterns

Layered Patterns 1
Credit: @theperennialprepster
Layered Patterns 2
Credit: @simplycarolineharvey

Preppy interior designs may also feature a soft mix of patterns. Herringbone, stripes, or gingham patterns create a curated look that is not stuffy but clean and aerated. You may create a pleasant combination of navy blue stripes, colorful plaids, and curtains to brighten the room.

Learn to DIY: Mixing patterns is not rocket science nor a stretch for your budget. Finding neutral plaid fabrics is not that hard. Everything you should do is coordinate the materials. A straightforward tip is scaling the patterns. Remember that significant patterns will overwhelm tiny spaces, while the small ones will only get lost in large areas.

The needlepoint pillow is one of the most accessible patterns for the traditional Preppy design. The only downside here is that you might find them a bit harder, so you might need to look in hidden gems and thrift stores. Do not hesitate to ask your grandma for some curtains or old blankets that suit the Preppy design.


Monograms 1
Credit: @holder.dawn
Monograms 2

One of my favorite details regarding preppy bedroom designs is the monograms. In my opinion, monograms are very special, and I will tell you exactly why I think so. Using them can give your bedroom a sophisticated, quite regal vibe. So why not feel like a prince or princess in your own home? Because truth be told, these letters make everything look more expensive and personalized, creating the ideal preppy bedroom of anyone’s dreams.

Monograms are an excellent design element, showing your pride and heritage, and adding that pinch of elegance to the sleeping area. You can monogram the bed sheets, towels, rugs, or anything that you think can enhance the design of the bedroom.

How to DIY monograms: Although it might seem a bit challenging to monogram textile, well, it has never been easier than now. This video might be a great starting point if you want to learn how to design your monogram. You can create pillow envelopes or towels with your initials.

If monogrammed pillows are not your style, don’t worry. You can create your simple monogram using Google Docs or Word, then frame the pages. Choose bold letters rather than cursive lettering.

Patterns and Distinct Finishes

Patterns and Distinct Finishes 1
Credit: @mightymimsy
Patterns and Distinct Finishes 2
Credit: @dwellinggawker

Offering unique charm to the bedroom area is easy if you know how to mix different patterns. Therefore, do not hesitate to combine various accessories, textures, and finishes to make the sleeping area more appealing and preppy.

Personal opinion: Shades of blue, yellow, pink, and green suit the preppy design.

Add “nature” to your bedroom

Add "nature" to your bedroom 1
Credit: @nwatsonweeks
Add "nature" to your bedroom 2
Credit: @kbbmagazine

Do not forget to add nature elements when choosing a preppy look for the bedroom.

Personal opinion: Fresh flowers, natural materials for your bed, or simple wallpapers with leaf and flower designs will be a perfect touch of nature.

The result? A more calming and relaxed indoor feeling.

Heirloom Accessories

Heirloom Accessories 1
Credit: @fairmaidenprep
Heirloom Accessories 2
Credit: @littleredhousevintage

Consider using some heirloom accessories if you want to follow the preppy style. Vintage suitcases, old nightstands, and maybe old coffee tables will subtly remind you of your ancestors. Preppy bedrooms should have all kinds of accessories to style the fantastic decor. If you love sea vacations, you can also consider nautical accessories and display them all over the place.

How to look for heirloom accessories: If you want to pepper the bedroom, search vintage stores and garage sales for all these little treasures.

Botanical Prints

Botanical Prints 1
Credit: @meggiehinteriors
Botanical Prints 2
Credit: @theloftandus

It might be my opinion, but a preppy bedroom is better with some botanical prints.

Tip: You can look for books, framed botanical prints, or maybe some wallpapers to enhance the final look of the sleeping area.

Tennis Rackets For Decor

Tennis Rackets For Decor 1
Credit: @thefreckledhound
Tennis Rackets For Decor 2

No, you are not Rafael Nadal or even a professional tennis player, but that doesn’t mean you can’t love this sport. This being said, nothing can stop you from decorating your bedroom with rackets. If you are a huge tennis fan or simply love its vibe, why not bring some of the main elements as decor accessories?

Personal opinion: While they may seem sweet and sporty, the tennis rackets resemble some oversized fly swatters.


Pompoms 1
Credit: @keepingupwiththejoneses1966
Pompoms 2
Credit: @bradyandblue

I can speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. And I have to admit the following. Every time I see colorful pompons, I feel the need to touch and squeeze them. And since preppy indoor designs require bright and joyful accessories, rickrack, pompoms, grosgrain ribbon, and other cute accessories are the perfect items to lighten up the sleeping area.

Tip: Add even more cutesy adornment with monogrammed accessories to double up the preppy paint in the room.

Cute Animal Accessories

Cute Animal Accessories 1
Credit: @etsyde
Cute Animal Accessories 2
Credit: @decoradorastudio

Some of the most popping accessories to suit a preppy bedroom are those that make you smile, like some cute doggie lamps, elephant umbrella stands, paper birds on the walls, and even some monkey end tables.

Personal opinion: If you have entered a room and feel like you stepped into a zoo, that means you are dealing with a preppy decor. Animal motifs are best suited for this design. So if you are an animal lover and don’t find them too much, do not hesitate to add them to the sleeping area decor.


Chinoiserie 1
Credit: @_havensent_
Chinoiserie 2
Credit: @margaretjameshome

If you are looking for a touch of exotic flair, then a preppy bedroom should have pieces of Chinoiserie chic decor.

Tip: Let’s say China is not necessary your passion, and you don’t know where to buy authentic pieces. You should not worry too much about this. If you still want to integrate the patterns into the bedroom’s decor but don’t know where to start, just choose some pillowcases with Chinoiserie decoration.

Goofy Golf Signs

Goofy Golf Signs 1
Credit: @stileinteriordesign
Goofy Golf Signs 2
Credit: @buildroots

For passionates, golf is a religion. If you are one of them, then you must bring bits of your hobby into the bedroom’s decor. I can guarantee that if you go with golf-inspired patterns or the final visual effect will be unique. Furthermore, if you like the idea but what to keep things simpler, you can just hang a rocket on the wall.

Personal opinion: Now, you may find this type of decor a little bit expensive. If decorating with authentic golf objects is not in your budget, a wall picture displaying golf players will be just enough.

Mix Red, White, and Blue

Mix Red, White, and Blue 1
Credit: @mjginteriors
Mix Red, White, and Blue 2
Credit: @victoriawillsoninteriors

If there’s one excellent color combination to use for the preppy bedroom, then the red, white, and blue one is my personal favorite. Why? Because it gives such summerish vibes and a fresh look to the sleeping area.

Personal opinion: More than the nautical and sea-side feeling, the splashes of white, red, and blue feel like saluting. Every day will feel like there is the 4th of July.

The Busy Design

The Busy Design 1
Credit: @emily.retro
The Busy Design 2
Credit: @itsasmallspace

If you don’t mind an overcrowded bedroom, you can go all the way with preppy designs. Preppy patterns are some homeowners’ mantras. Thus, if you are one of those enthusiasts, then you should know that tweed ornaments, botanical wallpapers, and colorful blankets are a must when it comes to a busy decor.

Tip: If you still don’t want to exaggerate, make this test: drop something on the sofa. If you simply can’t find it, then you’ve probably exaggerated a bit with the design might, and you should let some things go.

Last Details

Consider the preppy style if you want to redecorate the old bedroom or give it a fresh vibe. This indoor design is all about tradition, the love for patterns and stripes, and playful twists that will make you smile as soon as you wake up.

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