Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask and Cloud Soft Eye Cover for Sleeping Organic Mulberry Silk Genuine, Naturally Hypoallergenic &

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Color Black
Material Silk outer w/cotton inner
Unit Count 1.00 Count
Number of Items 1

  • Silk outer w/cotton inner
  • A natural sleep aid and eye relaxer, crafted from Grade 5A 100% organic mulberry silk. Only super-soft, super-smooth and skin-friendly silk offers the breathable, cool relaxation of the soothing masks found at the world’s premier spas, a sleep-inducing gift for women, men, all skin types
  • ANTI-AGING — Silk has been shown to reduce friction, which can reduce pressure on creased skin; Helping protect the delicate areas around your eyes by preventing marks that could cause wrinkles
  • IDEAL for DRY-EYE SUFFERERS — The ophthalmologist explained people who can’t close their lids fully can experience extremely dry eyes, wear a shade that is against your eyelids it holds your eyes shut, so you don’t wake up with dry, painful eyes
  • 100% COVERAGE & BETTER FIT — A taller/deeper nose cutout are more comfortable to all face contour w/o pressing high bridged noses
  • GREAT ADDITION TO SLEEPING SUPPLEMENTS — Silk fibers are less absorbent than cotton, poly satin or foam material, so they can help keep your expensive eye cream and skin moisture where they belong, which means more skincare stays on your face, saving you money and giving you that bedtime glow
  • COLORFAST & HYPOALLERGENIC — Odor-free, non-toxic dyes and anti-irritation; NO stains concerns on bed sheets or pillow cases
  • CPAP compatible, easier to use with other machine mask and headgear.


Product Description


Turn off from the world – in your own style and conditions!

Knowing you will often use our premium sleeping mask on the go, we enhanced with a high-quality drawstring carry bag for easy transport and safe storage. On top of that, for even more stylish appearance, even when you nap or sleep, you may explore 13 sleek patterns and color styles.

Discover versatile and fashionable designs for both men and women. We literally have something for every taste.

Improve the quality of your sleep – the time for silky smooth sleep is now! Welcome to Mulberry Silk Eye Sleep Mask – where deep silky smooth sleep is your new reality.





Quick nap or deep sleep anywhere

No matter what you want: lazy afternoon naps at your home/resting and sleep on the plane/bus/ train/to focus on your yoga/meditation etc. All this is possible with our full coverage silk sleeping eye mask. And once you feel the comfort and luxury materials, you are sure to make it your travel accessory for relaxing and uninterrupted sleep anywhere, anytime!

Perfectly fitted for 100% light blocking

Perfectly fitted to your face due to the flexible design, you will wake up energized even after a bad night sleep. Snug the sleep silk mask tight to your face using the elastic strap and instantly feel refreshed and pampered. Then go, fall asleep with the comfort on your eyes and without the brightness, no matter if you want a quick energy nap or deep, restful full night sleep!

Pampered and protected eye area

It’s time to think for the future and protect your eye area! The silk in the eye cover enhances absorption of your beauty products, doesn’t tug or crease your eyelashes like cotton, and protects the delicate eye area. Creating a perfect synergy and balanced pH that help to increase skin hydration. Anti-aging benefits prevent under eye wrinkles by keeping you moisturized throughout your whole sleeping session.




Care Instructions

Hand washes gently with a little mild shampoo/Soap in cool water. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Do not scrub or twist. Gently squeeze out most of the water. Air dry. To make it last, keep out of washing machines, hot water, direct sunlight.

High quality natural silk which feels heavenly

Using high quality mulberry silk fabric, we remastered the eye mask to be ultra-smooth on both sides thus indulging your eyes every second of your sleeping.

Fully adjustable headband

The sleep mask uses a latex-free nylon elastic. The adjustable elastic headband makes a sleep mask suitable for any sleeping position.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 5 × 0.7 cm
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‎ 5 x 5 x 0.7 inches; 0.6 Ounces

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‎ AB-EM-001

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‎ May 27, 2013


‎ B00GSO1D9O

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10 reviews for Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask and Cloud Soft Eye Cover for Sleeping Organic Mulberry Silk Genuine, Naturally Hypoallergenic &

  1. Janet

    This is the very best!!The electric company installed a ghastly LED street light that shines in both bedrooms naturally making a good sleep difficult I’ve bought many eye masks, but though they are nice, my sleep is disrupted because they have moved or I am conscious of them on and off. But this is the softest ever and large enough to keep any light out and I thought it would be tight, but it’s snug but not tight. I don’t need to use the adjustable strap. Perfect.

  2. Amazon Customer

    My second one – a must haveAfter having my first sleep mask for 4 years, it finally petered out. I find this a totally acceptable time frame for a good product, as I wore it every night and machine washed often. The replacement sleep mask is just as soft and I highly recommend

  3. marty p.

    Loving it So FarThree weeks in and so far, I love love love this mask. The strap always stays secure without being too tight AND it has the added bonus of keeping my bonnet on lol Very soft and smooth. Highly recommend. Def worth the $8

  4. jomojo

    Great Quality Masks…Game Changer for Deep SleepI actually ordered all four styles of the Alaska Bear Sleeping masks to find the best style and fit for me (just call me Goldilocks). All four styles were very well-made and well-packaged. This company is clearly committed to sleeping masks.I tried both flat masks (there are two styles, one with two straps and one with only one). While these are not as comfortable as the spacious molded cups, they are easier to tuck in my purse or carry-on luggage. I chose the one with just one strap as it felt secure enough and the two strap model hit my head and ears in a way that wasn’t so comfortable. I do wish that the one-strap version had the little bit of extra silk ‘beak’ around the nose (they call it a ‘baffle’) to keep out the light, that was a nice feature that was not included in the single strap version for some reason.I also tried the two versions that had the molded cups. The molded cups are fantastic…the rolls royce of sleeping masks. They make the eyemask extremely comfortable and easy to wear and I woke up without any creases or lines on my face, which can be a problem with non-silk masks. (The side-sleeping version has a really nice design, very stable and comfortable around my head, but the molded cups were not made of silk and so I ended up opting for the silk cups).At the end of the day I kept two masks, the one with silk molded cups for home, and the single strap flat mask for travel. I would absolutely recommend these masks…I’m sure with four styles to choose from, everyone can find one that works for them.

  5. Dee Kunde

    Best sleep mask availableI simply don’t understand the one-star reviews below. I’ve always had problems with insomnia, and after experimenting with many brands of sleep mask I reluctantly decided to try just one more: Alaska Bear. I’ve now been using Alaska Bear for years — I have four of them, so that there will always be one available when the others are being washed — and they are wonderful. They’re comfortable to wear, shut out ALL light, and you’re not even aware that you’re wearing a sleep mask. There’s one feature I don’t see mentioned in the other reviews: on the upper right hand side (interior) there is an inconspicuous little white tag with the Alaska Bear name on it. This isn’t just advertising: if you wake up in the middle of the night — total darkness — and the mask has slipped ever so slightly out of place, all you have to do to correct the position is feel for the little white tag. Intentionally or not, it’s a wonderfully thoughtful design for anyone who otherwise would have to turn on a bedside light to get the mask perfectly back into position.

  6. Jan Michael

    Best in this price range for quality and softnessI use an eye mask every night as any light disturbs my sleep. This mask is the best I have ever found in terms of value and comfort.Pros:1. Extremely comfortable fabric – feels like silk against the skin2. Washable and does not lose its shape after being washed (many will shrink when washed machine washed & dried, or the material inside the mask will start to bunch up after being washed a few times..these masks remain soft and well-shaped even after being washed & dried 20-30 times).3. Affordable. I have some eye masks that cost $50-$100, and although maybe those expensive one may have more “bells and whistles” with things like dried lavender flowers inside or lovely boxes/pouches/containers to keep the eye mask, these $10 eye masks are equally comfortable and block out all light.4. Adjustable – and the adjustment is not velcro, so it does not pull long hair at all, and it also does not degrade with multiple washings.Cons:NONEI would buy this brand and this product again and again (and I have probably bought at least a dozen in the last year or so for myself and friends). Highest recommendation!!

  7. Justin D

    Purchasing my 2nd Alaska Bear sleep mask after using the first mask for 5.5 yearsI first purchased this sleeping mask July 10, 2017; 5.5 years ago as of this writing. I’m now ordering a replacement after I mistakenly tossed it in the washer and dryer. One of the plastic pieces holding the strap in place even snapped but stuck together enough so I could still loosen or tighten it. Unfortunately it has lost its ultra softness after going through the dryer. Top quality sleeping mask.

  8. N8

    Great sleep mask, won’t stretch out anytime soonI never thought I’d be writing a review for a sleep mask, but I’ve used this thing since 2017, and it has worked perfectly, using it almost every single night.I came back to see if it is still available, and am ordering another one, as the one I ordered 5 yrs ago is only now beginning to get stretched out a bit, so it’s not fitting so tightly anymore.The soft material up against your eyes is really relaxing; the strap does not stretch out with daily use, even with years of use.I’ve tried other sleep masks, and this is the one that I really liked. I would highly recommend it.

  9. The 2000 Man

    Best mask I’ve tried.I’ve tried about 8 different sleep masks and this is the best one I’ve found. It’s very soft and light, almost like not wearing a mask at all. It blocks out 100% of the light unless you have direct sunlight or a bright light on. I’m ordering a couple extra so I’ll always have a clean one ready to use.

  10. Hannah L Clayton

    ComfortableComfortable and soft. Does an excellent job blocking light. Would purchase again.

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