Anti Snoring Chin Strap for CPAP Users- Double Adjustable Snoring Solution/Sleep Aid for Men and Women, Stopper Chin Straps for

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  • ✅HOW IT WORKS- The sleep aid strap for men and woman supports your chin and restricts the inflow of air into your throat and thus the vibration that causes the unpleasant noise. You can experience better and more restful sleep without the constant snoring.
  • ✅ADJUSTABLE STRAP- Don’t worry if the strap is too big or too small! Our anti snoring chin strap is equipped with an adjustable strap, allowing a seamless fit for all head shapes and sizes.
  • ✅PREMIUM QUALITY- Breathable Neoprene. No sweat, no smell, no itching. This strap has unique all-round stitching, which prevents tearing and elongates your enjoyment of the product!
  • ✅BETTER NIGHT’S SLEEP- Snore no more with a jaw strap that will keep your mouth closed while sleeping


Product Description

Chin Strap

Easy to use and wash.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 1 :

With your mouth closed, place the indented part of the chin strap firmly around your chin.

Step 2 :

Tighten the chin strap using the adjustable strap on top of your head until the chin strap fits firmly.

Step 3 :

Wrap the rest of the chin strap behind your head and attach the hook and loop strap.







Absolutely CPAP-compatible!

Chin Strap for CPAP Users.

You’re ready to sleep peacefully!

Sweet Dreams!

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‎ 13 x 9.1 x 0.5 inches; 1.6 Ounces

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‎ January 14, 2020


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10 reviews for Anti Snoring Chin Strap for CPAP Users- Double Adjustable Snoring Solution/Sleep Aid for Men and Women, Stopper Chin Straps for

  1. Pc Macdonald

    it sort of worksI use a CPAP at 17 mm of pressure. I bought this to keep my mouth from opening at night.It sort of does that, not perfect but much better than without. In the mornings it takes 30 minutes for my face to look like I was not in a fist fight, but that’s a minor issue.I’ve tried several of these. This is BY FAR the best yet. It doesn’t stink, and it looks like it might last more than a few weeks.

  2. Mark A.

    Very comfortableGreat fit and does not cover ears.

  3. J. A. THOMAS

    Almost met expectationsAt first it was excellent, but soon after purchasing it started to fray around the ear area and fabric loosened. Very disappointing. I had not even laundered it yet. Would consider using again if fabric kept its tightness. I dont have a large head so I dont feel it should have stretched out so quickly. I picked it firstly due to fact it was made in USA.

  4. John

    Good chin srapComfortablè fit works well with c-pap mask very little stretch.

  5. Michael B

    Almost the bestI like, unlike most chin straps, this one does not slide off the head because the contact areas cover a large potion of the head. I also feel that the chin strap had enough compliance or stretch to be comfortable for the whole night.What I don’t like is that the strap around the back of the head is too short such that with minimal connection with the Velcro ends the strap pulls the chin back to hard creating a lot of discomfort over the night. If the straps were about an inch longer with a lot more Velcro for adjustment this chin strap would have been the best I have ever used.Currently, I made a Velcro extension to temporarily solve the problem.

  6. Joymoments

    It works!!! Best chin strap device I have found! – from a CPAP userThis is the chin strap you need.It worked wonderfully.This is an amazing product!I have only used it one night and it made a world of difference.The cpap supply companies generally usually supply you with a Single band chin strap and it truly doesn’t work all the time.This chin strap stayed in place ALL night.It held my mouth completely closed with no issues. I did not wake with air on my stomach which I am thankful because it is so painful!It is very comfortable and did not make my head sore, and it did not create a rats nest in my hair with tangled pieces caught in the Velcro. It also did not leave any marks.And it was so easy to remove with the back Velcro enclosure and tonight when I go to use it I will not have to find my adjustment, your adjustment/fit you found upon first using the device is kept in place because you never have to touch it again, the beauty if the back Velcro enclosure.I have sleep apnea. I use a cpap machine each night. I have had a horrible issue with air filling my stomach which means I have to wear a chin strap to keep my mouth from falling open.My supply company has been slow to responding so I went to Amazon to find one for the interim. I was surprised to see the different variations.Upon reading reviews I went with this company and it was prime so free shipping.I am so glad I did.I had a few questions last night and I received a prompt reply before I woke up this morning. I then received another email. Their customer service is outstanding!They mention that they are a family business. It shows. They are very attentive and go beyond what is expected to follow up and assist. I know if I need replacements I will be a return customer.In fact my husband is taking the one I purchased to try to Stop snoring and I am going to get two additional ones.

  7. DP 470208

    Good, but loses tight elasticity in a month or two.I just got two more of these. They work pretty well when new. Adjustable over the head and behind the head straps hold securely. They gradually lose their grip, and after 4-6 weeks still work just not as snugly. If you’re going to wash, wash by hand and use care as the covering can separate around the ear holes. Doesn’t really affect the performance but is annoying. I have tried many types of these and the Cleviss works as well as any I’ve use so far. Just keep a few spares.

  8. Brian Carpenter

    Very comfortable, but does stretchI tried a number of chin straps and settled on these as my go to. As other reviewers mentioned, they stretch in use, and have to be replaced every 3-4 months. However, they are so much more comfortable, I decided the extra cost was worth it.

  9. Linda H.

    Recommended!Husband has bad sleep apnea & this strap has helped ALOT!

  10. Pseudoboy

    too stretchy… does not worki can still open my jaw at night… so it does not work – no matter how tight i put it on – so does not work at all except to make you look like an idiot

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