Cushion Lab Deep Sleep Pillow, Patented Ergonomic Contour Design for Side & Back Sleepers, Orthopedic Cervical Shape Gently

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Size 1 Count (Pack of 1)
Fill Material Memory Foam
Material Memory Foam

  • ✔ THE MOST COMFORTABLE PILLOW: Your pillow search ends here. The Deep Sleep Pillow is the only pillow made to keep up with you even when switching sleep positions throughout the night. Enjoy always perfect support & zero interruption for the deepest sleep of your life.
  • ✔ PATENTED DESIGN FOR BACK & SIDE SLEEPERS: Shaped by in-house Ergonomists, the sculpted side bolsters provide optimal side sleeping neck support, while the sweeping shoulder line and center contour let you snug closer for a seamless fit and relaxing back sleep.
  • ✔ ZERO PRESSURE CLOUDSUPPORT CUSHIONING: Our special blend of dual-density memory foam features a soft, cloud-like zero pressure top layer with an adaptive support foundation – It sleeps unlike anything you’ve experienced.
  • ✔ ANTI-AGING FRESHFACE PILLOWCASE: Anti-wrinkle & hair frizz. The cool & ultra smooth washable cover has zero drag to prevent skin crease & helps fight aging. It’s a cinch to apply & will have you glow in the morning with great skin & hair.
  • ✔ SLEEP DEEPER, WAKE UP REJUVENATED: The best sleep happens when there’s no interruption. The Deep Sleep Pillow sleeps cool & provides tension-releasing cushioning with neck relief support so you can sleep deeper and wake up rejuvenated.


Quite Possibly the most comfortable pillow in the world. Introducing The Deep Sleep Pillow – A culmination of 2+ years of development to offer you the ultimate in sleeping experience. Our patented design provides a satisfying balance of soft, zero-pressure cushioning and perfect contouring support, regardless of sleep position. It gently cradles your head and neck to melt away your stress and tension for a deep, sound sleep that will have you feeling rejuvenated in the morning. Sculpted Side Sleeping Bolsters Cradle your neck softy for optimal support and alignment while providing instant shoulder relief–tossing and turning will be a thing of the past. Sweeping Shoulder Line Lets you snug closer for full cushioning support and a seamless fit. Anti-aging and Bed Hair Freshface™ pillowcase helps you prevent skin crease and hair frizz, so you wake up looking radiant. Dimensions: 24 W x 16 L x 5.5/5  H inches Pair with TruFiber™ Bamboo Sheetsfor the ultimate in sleeping luxury. In stock& ready to ship at our CA warehouse, arrives in 3~5 business days.

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Weight 5.74 kg
Dimensions 15.75 × 7.09 × 7.05 cm



1 Count (Pack of 1)

Fill Material

Memory Foam


Memory Foam

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Machine Wash

Package Dimensions ‏

15.75 x 7.09 x 7.05 inches

Item Weight

5.74 pounds



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Date First Available ‏

July 18, 2021

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C CUSHION LAB, Cushion Lab

10 reviews for Cushion Lab Deep Sleep Pillow, Patented Ergonomic Contour Design for Side & Back Sleepers, Orthopedic Cervical Shape Gently

  1. ML

    Not quite my perfect pillow but it comes very very closeIn the past 3-4 years I’ve tried 7 pillows in order to find the one that doesn’t give me pain upon waking. I am a combination sleeper (back/side), so often times a pillow that’s great for one of those positions will give me pain if I end up in a different position at night.I finally splurged for a cushion lab pillow (yay sale) and oh my god it’s so different from all the other pillows I’ve tried. It does take a while to inflate, usually the foam pillows rises to their full size within an hour, cushion lab pillow took a few hours for it to look like it did in the photos. So don’t be alarmed when yours come out of the box misshapened.What’s different about this pillow is the divot in the middle while still having neck support. Too many pillows (even the contour ones) either doesn’t support my neck, or supports it so much that my head ends up leaning forward (leading to neck pain). So this pillow is perfect for laying on my back. I give this product a 4 stars because the side bolsters aren’t very firm, so my head does dip down a little making it not as comfortable for side sleeping as I thought it would be. They also have different heights on different sides, so one side is a bit higher than the other.Still, this pillow is ridiculously soft, cooling, and comfortable to sleep on. I am glad I took the plunge with this purchase.

  2. Kayla

    Super soft, but not as ergonomic as hopedI love the pillow case this comes with this pillow; it’s silky soft. The pillow itself is soft and supportive, but the shape isn’t as ergonomically fitting as I had hoped. There’s a low side and a higher side, but neither had enough support for my cervical issues.

  3. Torie Morris

    The perfect pillow except off gassing odor : /This is by far the most comfortable pillow ever so I am rating it highly, however I am concerned about the off gassing & chemically smell it has. Probably not the best for health. Wish there was a pillow case out there that could protect from the off gassing…someone needs to invent this!

  4. Professional Scientist

    This is the best pillow I’ve ever used – and I’ve tried too many to countI am a back sleeper. I need a soft pillow because with firm memory foam pillows or pillows with inadequate support means that I wake up with a migraine. This is perfectly soft. It’s not too firm, like some memory foam or cervical pillows. There is no pressure. It’s really just what I was looking for. For the first time in YEARS I slept the entire night through without tossing and turning and without fluffing my pillow (I usually go for 100% goose down because I need both softness and support). The curves in the pillow perfectly cradle your head. Really the perfect pillow.There is an odor, but I have never seen a memory foam that doesn’t have an odor. Just air it out and it wears off. I put a pillow case over it and I slept fine. The odor isn’t that strong and I am very sensitive to odors.I did not notice any heat retention.To compare: I think Purple pillows are too firm and I do not like the feel of the grid. Tempur-pedic material is too firm and I wake up with a headache when I used their pillows. Also, the height is not right. They do not provide adequate support. Goose down is great, but I find myself waking up in the middle of the night and re-fluffing my pillow or putting my arm under to provide additional support. Plus, those poor geese. 🙁 The cervical memory foam pillows are too firm, causing me to turn side to side and leaning up against those weird wings (that don’t look that attractive on the bed or in a standard pillowcase). The gel fiber pillows are half-way decent (better than the old poly batten material), but are similar to goose down in that they need. to be fluffed and do not provide adequate support. The shredded memory foam pillows are too firm and they claim to be “adjustable” but when you take out the memory foam, it just feels like you are also taking out support and have half a pillow that also needs to be constantly fluffed.

  5. Mike

    Not enough support for meMy neck is messed up, no real severe injury just an aging neck. I need very firm support. Most people would be appalled if they tried my perfect pillow saying its like a cinder block with a layer of memory foam! LOL! I like the texture of this pillow case and the feel of the foam but as a true side sleeper this thing is to low in the middle for a 180 pound man who sleeps on his side. It also has a bouncy tendancy to it i dont care for. Make it an inch higher and somewhat firmer and its good. This isnt a cheap pillow so its going back. they say you have to give it a few nights to get used to, i didnt need time as its obviously not thick or firm enough. I am going with a 5 inch cube pillow and a 5 inch neck roll in front of cube. Roll needs to be firm.

  6. Carly I.

    FINALLY feel alignedWoke up with no pain!!! The past week I’m suffering from a pinched nerve in my upper back. Posture causes this!! When I slept, I was always on a flat pillow on my back or side. I remember sleeping on my back and when I would tilt my head to the side there was nothing supporting my head!! This pillow has contours to help support your head tilting back and forth while on your back!!! The contour that holds the neck is JUST RIGHT!!! I’m a tiny gal and there are two sides to decide from to figure out which will work for you. The memory foam is soft but firm for support. I FINALLY woke up without pain. This pillow is soooo worth $100. Buy this if u sleep on your back but also your side!!!

  7. Lisa Hunter

    Heavy and firmThis was not the pillow for me, very heavy and a bit too firm, the height was a bit too much for my cervical spine. Their customer service was very helpful and return was easy. If you want a heavy, higher lifted, pillow this is a good one to try.

  8. Barbara Livings

    Better than expectedI was skeptical at first because I have spent so much money on pillows before trying to find the right one. I like memory foam pillows, but they are always a little too firm and my neck winds up hyperextended during the night. This pillow is just the right firmness and softness. It fits perfectly under my head and my neck and I truly feel like my cervical spine is aligned properly. I don’t wake up in the middle of the night having slid off if it either as I have with other pillows. I’ve used it for about a week at this point and I hope it lasts a long time.

  9. Suman

    Good pillow for neck issues.I have been having some neck issues. I have tried out MANY pillows. I am a side and back sleeper. A pillow make work for one and not the other, so I wake up in pain. THIS pillow works for both! I feel comfortalbe sleeping on my side and back with it. While the pillow is not perfect ( I will always have pain due to injury), this pillow supports my neck the way I need it to allow peaceful and comfortable sleep.

  10. Beth Weingartner

    Pain reliefFinally, a pillow that is both supportive and comfortable. With two cervical disc herniations, I am always risking impingement causing pain and numbness in my arms and hands, as well as loss of range of motion. Since having this pillow, I have been able to sleep on my back with one height support, and on my side with the other height support without pain and numbness. The super soft texture and cradling is still supportive and not rigid in any way. I am completely satisfied, and only wish they had a travel size pillow for road trips. I will keep searching and will email to request a travel size companion! You won’t regret this investment.

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