DONAMA Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief,Contour Memory Foam Pillow,Ergonomic Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow for Side,Back

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Special Feature Compressible
Color Light Grey
Size 1 Pack
Fill Material Memory Foam

  • 🌙【NO NECK PAIN WHILE SLEEPING】Do you suffer from insomnia all night? Are you waking up with neck cramps or back pain? Our proven ergonomically designed, contoured memory foam pillow supports your head, neck, shoulders and back perfectly. The innovative design allows our pillows to naturally fit your curved spine perfectly, providing proper support for spinal alignment,makes you to shift between positions comfortably.So you will wake up relaxed without any neck and shoulder pain.
  • 🌙【2 HEIGHTS AND ARMREST DESIGNS】When you are still troubled about not finding the right height pillow, our cervical pillows have 2 different heights on both sides for you to choose, so you can choose the right one which is more suitable for your sleeping posture. And there are specific grooves that allows your arms to go under for comfortable sleep.This orthopedic pillow is suitable for all kinds of sleeping posture,such as stomach ,back ,side sleeping.
  • 🌙【SLOW REBOUND HIGH QUALITY MEMORY FOAM】The neck support pillow is made of high quality CertiPUR-US certified rebound memory foam,it has a unique non-toxic, non-allergenic, molded foam design. Premium quality firm and not too soft for maximum comfort and great relaxation of your head, neck, shoulders and back muscles when you lie on your back or side.
  • 🌙【BREATHABLE AND REMOVABLE PILLOWCASE】The DONAMA side sleeping pillow has a double-layer high-quality pillowcase, which is soft and stretches and contracts well with the pillow core. It is removable, has a zipper and is machine washable. Made from hypoallergenic cotton and polyester, the pillowcase fits perfectly against the skin, and its soft, breathable fabric keeps you cool all night – keeps you from night sweats in comfortable climates, give you the comfortable sleep you’ve always wanted!
  • 🌙【LIFETIME WARRANTY】Pick out a great neck pillows for pain relief , and you may find your sleeping quality improves unexpectedly. DONAMA contour pillow is perfect for the elderly, IT and those with sleep disorders. Memory foam will have a slight polyurethane smell, and the smell may be more obvious after passing through a high temperature and airtight transportation environment. This is a normal phenomenon. After receiving it, please place it in a cool and ventilated place for 7-10 days.


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Premium and odorless memory foam with high density and slow-rebound provides firm support for your head and neck. It can be folded or pressed, makes your head stay no pressure state and feel comfortable.


Pillowcase was made of skin-friendly fabric, no chemicals contains, it can promote airflow to keep cool and care for your facial skin.


Hidden zipper helps you remove the pillowcase at any time to clean it, keeps your sleeping environment cleaner. Please note do not wash the pillow core.


Warm Tips:

1. Pillows cannot be used to treat cervical spondylosis. If you want to use it for medical rehabilitation, please consult a professional doctor and decide whether to buy it according to the doctor’s recommendation.

2. The memory foam will have a very slight smell of polyurethane, if you are unacceptable, please ventilate 5 -7 days.

3. You can experience some discomfort within the first week, and your body tries to adjust to the correct location. Please be patient and give yourself an adaptation cycle.

Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg
Dimensions 24.8 × 14.96 × 5.51 cm


Special Feature



Light Grey


1 Pack

Fill Material

Memory Foam



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Memory Foam

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Item Dimensions LxWxH

24.8 x 14.96 x 5.51 inches

Product Care Instructions

Machine Wash

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Memory Foam Pillow,Memory Foam,Cervical Pillow

Fabric Type

84% Spandex+16% Nylon, 100% Polyester

Product Dimensions ‏

24.8 x 14.96 x 5.51 inches

Item Weight

2.4 Pounds



Country of Origin ‏

‎ China

Date First Available ‏

March 13, 2022

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10 reviews for DONAMA Cervical Pillow for Neck Pain Relief,Contour Memory Foam Pillow,Ergonomic Orthopedic Neck Support Pillow for Side,Back

  1. Samantha

    Very comfortable,helped neck pain!Pillow takes some time to get used to as if your like me, I’ve been sleeping in a poor position most my life. I had to retrain my body. I am a side sleeper and this has really helped my neck! It keeps my spine more aligned and therefore no more pain! My husband is a back sleeper and he has used it as well. He does not have neck issues but he says it’s comfortable! The pillow does not sink so much that you no longer have support but is soft enough if you like to lay more in the raised side, it will flatten a bit to be more comfortable. Totally worth the money (if your like me you’ve already spent hundreds on different pillows that have never helped, this one is worth the investment!).My father has bad neck issues and refuses to see a doctor. I’ll be purchasing this pillow for him to see if it brings him some relief too!

  2. Suzanne Sprague

    Great Support & ComfortI was in a bad car accident with me being rear-ended on the freeway. I’ve been going to physical therapy for neck and shoulder pain ever since. My physical therapist recommended that I get an ergonomic pillow to help relieve the pain and help me sleep better, so I began searching and reading reviews. This one stood out to me the most due to the reviews it had. The pillow arrived yesterday and I used it for the first time last night…AWESOME! I normally toss and turn throughout the night, mostly sleeping on my side or back; I barely moved last night. As soon as my head hit the pillow I felt so relaxed and comfortable; had the best sleep last night and felt refreshed when I woke up this morning. I highly recommend this pillow for anyone with neck and shoulder pain…it really helped me and made a difference!

  3. A buyer

    Curiosity brought in a new buyerI’m a massage therapist and know the importance of neck positioning during sleep so of course, I’ve had an ergonomic pillow for years. My last pillow wasn’t cutting it anymore and I had just been in a car accident (rear ended at 45 mph while at a stop light) a few months ago, noticing my hands were painfully tingling and numb while sleeping and doing all levels of activities. I’ve been going to a chiropractor but to help speed along the process, I decided it was time to change pillows. Came across this and was extremely curious of the shape and design. I especially liked the design for the placement of your hands. Tried it out the first night (yes, slight odor but I knew it would dissipate) and was pleasantly surprised by how I did.First: I’m a side sleeper and I toss and turn all night long because my shoulder I’m sleeping on starts to fatigue. Because the pillow has a curve where the shoulder goes, my shoulder doesn’t feel fatigued at all. No tossing and turning which is a first.Second: my hand which is connected to the shoulder I’m sleeping on has somewhere to go! This means the tingling and numbness has gotten better (no, it’s not completely gone as this isn’t a miracle pillow) because the wrist isn’t curved in, it’s comfortably flat which doesn’t impinge on my nerves (if anyone wants to know, my other hand is flat on my hip so I can stretch my pecs while sleeping).The only reason I’m giving it a four star rating is lack of pillow cases. I would love to buy extra pillow cases as I change my case every other day.This is NOT a miracle pillow (none of them are!) so if you are thinking this will solve all of your problems, it won’t. This is just part of self wellness regime and will help speed healing along.Also, if you’ve never used an ergonomic pillow, prepare to take a month to two months for your body to acclimate. Remember, you aren’t just helping your body’s posture after years of incorrect positions, you are also teaching your mind to accept the new position and that can be very difficult so have patience.Good luck!

  4. Bubblejamsam

    SHOCKINGLY AWESOME!Listen people- for decades I have struggled with tossing and turning through out the night- to get my neck supported- get in the morning with a painful neck and painful shoulders.I had a bone pillow that finally had to be discarded- I have been desperate to find a solution-having fibromyalgia and other skeletal issues- decided to try this pillow- it’s like sinking slowly into oblivion. A great part of the pain, stinging, aching pain from these areas from sleeping one night- subsided-who would have thought? Still sore but marginally- but directions says give it 2 weeks- Turned by relaxation music on – wow-I’m impressed- takes a lot to impress me- Going to buy another one – just for travel- normally sleeping on the beds in hotels is a nightmare! A must to try to those that have fibromyalgia and neck shoulder pain and ringing in the ears!!!

  5. Amazon Customer

    You won’t regret itOk so I NEVER ever write reviews for anything but I literally have to write one for this. I have been having neck pain for two years after a car accident and went I went to the chiropractor. It only made it worse. I looked and looked to see what would be best in pillows weren’t cutting it. I bought a neck stretcher they didn’t cut it and the last two weeks I haven’t been able to sleep at all so in desperate need of something to help me sleep I found this pillow, and I told myself that I would give it a chance. I am so glad that I did! This pillow is very sturdy and it keeps your neck in place and it allows your neck to rest the way it needs to. This is the best pillow I have ever laid on and I finally got the rest that I’ve been missing out on!

  6. JustPeachez

    Better than expected!I sleep on my side after my back surgery and this pillow cradles my head and neck… allows me to sleep with C-Pap without pressure on the nose cannula too. IM VERY PLEASED WITH THE QUALITY OF THE PILLOW. It took me trying different ways to find the most comfortable fit & I ended up sleeping with the portion that most likely is closest to the headboard (for most users) against my neck and shoulder. As it aligned better with my head and didn’t cause too much lift. Wish I could bear sleeping on my stomach as the place for your arms to cradle the pillow are nice, Unfortunately I can not sustain that position without putting too much pressure on my lower back. No fault of the pillow design though. Get the rest you have been craving with this pillow and save money at the same time! I put my cotton pillow case over this pillow and it’s cover. Only because I like a “cool cotton covering”.

  7. Nick Eustrom

    Looking for a Water Pillow and Instead went with thisI had been having neck pain, went to a chiro, and saw they were advertising a water pillow. While browsing for those, I stumbled across this pillow, read the description and the reviews and decided to give it a try instead.I am very happy I did! I have slept great on this pillow, no adjustment period for me. I like that it has the two different sides as different neck height options. I move around a bit at night but generally end up as a side sleeper, and the shape of the pillow works well for those like me. No needing to adjust the pillow in the middle of the night. And my neck and shoulders are feeling much better. My wife would have stolen this from me if there was a cooling option 😎 so looking forward to that in future versions

  8. Liz M.

    Absolutely LOVE this pillowWhen I was shopping for a new pillow I couldn’t believe how many options where out there to choose from. After doing some research I decided to purchase this cervical pillow. I didn’t really know what to expect but when I received it and used it for the first time I was sooo happy I choose this one. I move around a lot in my sleep and the cervical pillow is perfect for back sleepers, side sleepers and even stomach sleepers. I love how I got to choose which side to use so the height is perfect for me. It gives me the neck support I needed. The spots to place your arms and the cooling affect I get from the pillow are added bonuses. I’ve been telling everyone how amazing this pillow is. Give it a shot. I promise you won’t regret your decision.

  9. Alaskared49

    Awesome pillow!Amazon Cervical pillow reviewThis is the best pillow I have ever purchased. It is very supportive, I get a great night sleep and it’s easy to take care of. The best part is that it’s very comfortable and keeps it’s shape. It doesn’t squish down into a flat unsupportive rectangle that you can do nothing with, but toss in the trash, and that gets expensive after awhile. I ordered this pillow April 8th 2022 and I haven’t had to replace it a month after I purchased it because it has lost it shape, support and comfort. I would highly recommend this to anyone that has neck and back problems or just can’t find a good pillow. The only thing that I don’t like about this product is finding pillow cases. If anyone has ideas or suggestions on where to buy pillow cases for this product, please share.

  10. SpiralOut1123

    Helped my neck pain for sure!Been using for over a week and I can definitely tell a difference. I was having bad neck pain for 2 weeks from sleeping all funky. My regular pillow is pretty thick so it was not helping heal my neck at all. There were so many cervical pillows but I’m glad I picked this one ! At first I do wake up with a little bit of stiffness but I’m still adjusting to it. But my neck pain has subsided a lot. I really do think the pillow is helping. I recommend!

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