Dreamegg White Noise Machine – Portable Sound Machine for Baby Adult, Features Powerful Battery, 21 Soothing Sound, Noise

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Color White
Brand Dreamegg
Power Source Battery Powered
Model Name HFD-D11 Max Sound Machine
Music Tracks White Noise

  • 【COMPACT BUT POWERFUL】- D11 Max has more skills. Designed for all things sleep, this sound machine comes with favorable features: rechargeable battery, 21 soothing sounds, customized timers, various volume levels, child-lock for safety, and even memory functions! It is not only a sleep soother sound machine for baby kids, but also an effective white noise machine for adults sleeping & relaxation.
  • 【HUGE BATTERY, WORRY-FREE ON THE GO】- Everything D11 max has, PLUS a LONG-LASTING battery. The portable sound machine is built with unbeatable1800mAh battery compared with 500mAh of others. Easily lasts through the night and into daytime naps on a single charge. For parents who are worried about baby getting naps on the go and especially when the power goes out, it is definitely a life saver!
  • 【HELPS SETTLE-IN & STAY ASLEEP】- Moms know how precious sleep can be. Turn it on to create peaceful sleep environment to help crying baby calm down and stay asleep. Choose from selected 21 soothing sounds including classic white noise sounds, to baby lullabies and nature sounds. Fall asleep easier and stay asleep longer with this baby sound machine.
  • 【ULTRA PORTABLE AND CORDLESS】 – D11 Max make magic happen for better sleep anywhere. Small and lightweight makes it a perfect travel noise machine. It is extremely convenient when you are packing around so much stuff whether for a baby or for your travel. With a lanyard and loop, you can easily hang it on the stroller or car seat or suitcase. Take it along in the car, on walks, hotel stays, business trips to enjoy portable freedom.
  • 【HAPPY EXPERIENCE, CUSTOMERS TURN BACK】- Dreamegg has been the standard in white noise sound machine. Neutral look makes it fit into any room décor and works with aesthetic very well. D11 Max is the fancy gift choice with unbeatable quality for babies and also for adults who struggles to switch off or wind down after a long hard day. 365 days warranty saves you worry and friendly customer support brings your smile back on face.


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baby sound machine

sound machine for sleeping

long-lasting and rechargeable sound machine

white noise machine for adults and baby travel

baby sound machine for sleeping

sleep machine baby soother

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Weight 10.23 kg
Dimensions 3.7 × 1.8 cm
Product Dimensions ‏

‎ 4 x 3.7 x 1.8 inches; 10.23 Ounces

Item model number ‏

‎ HFD-D11 Max

Date First Available ‏

‎ October 24, 2022



Country of Origin ‏

‎ China

Manufacturer ‏

‎ Dreamegg

10 reviews for Dreamegg White Noise Machine – Portable Sound Machine for Baby Adult, Features Powerful Battery, 21 Soothing Sound, Noise

  1. Joey

    Blows the Hatch out the water + feedback to manufacturerIf you’re on the fence about getting this, just do it. There’s a ton of pros and some cons, but in short, this blows the Hatch out of the water (unless you need lights or bluetooth control…which we don’t).Pros:- Great sound quality (my biggest hesitation ordering this was another review saying the sound was not crisp). Compared to the Hatch this was comparable if not better fidelity sounds. It did not feel like these were cheap or tinny recordings.- Hard to find a machine that has both the shh noise (this was basically an instant sleep sound for our baby) AND white noise tracks that our baby is accustomed to. The shh noise instantly puts our kid to sleep. Proof is in the pudding.- Great battery life. 1800 mah battery capacity is great. Hatch isn’t even portable. We haven’t yet maxed out it’s capacity but it will run at least a few hours on a single charge and it gives you options to limit time to 30, 60, 90 minutes. With the timer it doesn’t abruptly shut off the sound but it fades it to silent which I thought was fantastic.- Incredibly portable, small form factor. We are using it to replace our main Hatch sleep machine since we don’t need the Hatch night light or it’s pathetically small array of sounds, AND will buy a second one to use when we’re on the go.- Minor – but when you turn it off and turn it on it plays the last sound you had it on. Really useful when you need the sound immediately to soothe a fussy baby. Very thoughtful!Cons:- For god’s sake please put lights on the buttons. There are like 7 buttons that all look and feel exactly the same. Even in daylight the on/off button looks exactly like the timer button. Please find a way to light the buttons esp. when fumbling with it in the dark as many parents do when trying to get their kid to sleep. At the very least a more distinct on/off button.- While it takes USB-C cables to charge, it apparently does not let you use any USB C charging cable. Higher capacity cables (like a mac charging usb c cable) does not charge it. I have another small electronic device ( a portable fan) that has a rechargeable battery and it can take any USB C cable including fast charging. Wonder why this one cannot.- The plastic ring it comes with is flimsy, and opens easily. Needs a better clasp – maybe a carabiner. Big hazard if it is hanging from somewhere (not because it could hurt someone, because you shouldn’t hang it near a baby) but also because the sound could wake kids up. The string it comes with is an actual shoelace which I thought was funny.Not a con, but wishful thinking:- It would be cool if the egg could also charge other devices as a powerbank since it does have a decent battery. Just wishful thinking from a parent trying to consolidate as many devices as possible.

  2. Nancy

    Love my egg!This is my first time purchasing a white noise machine. I saw an almost identical one (different brand) at my Dr.’s office and the sound was so soothing to me, I decided to get one. I have a very hard time falling asleep and wake up multiple times throughout the night, so I was hoping this would help. Often times I’ll leave the TV sound on low in my bedroom, because I like some noise. I have to say this little egg is perfect! The volume and sounds are not static-y, and the various sounds (rain, thunder etc) all sound soothing and pleasant. I looked at a bunch of other machines before buying this and for the cost and quality I’m very happy with it. I have it hanging on my wrought iron bedframe. Another plus is you don’t have to use the timer feature but can turn on/off. If you do use the timer, it gives you a full hour option before you fall asleep. Good selection of sounds and great quality. I wouldn’t hesitate to try this. Happy sleeping!

  3. Jewelskb

    Not perfect, but customer service is outstanding!This is an edit to my original post. Customer service was awesome, and I decided to edit my review based on my experience with them.I was looking for a machine to use as an adult who has anxiety and insomnia. I usually put my phone on a YouTube video but I don’t like having the phone next to my head, as not to disrupt my husband. I like how small it is. The machine is adorable. The buttons are very big and easy to find in the dark. It is very easy to figure out, and folks, I am not mechanical at all.I am not thrilled with the sound quality. It isn’t awful, just not what I was expecting. The other complaint I have is the nature sounds are too fast. Think forest fire instead of campfire. The lullaby sounds are great if you have kids, as are the fan noises.Customer service read my first review and were attentive and caring. I would do business with them anytime. They really went above and beyond to make sure I was happy with the outcome of their product and the situation.So, if this is for children it’s probably perfect. If it’s for nature sounds, I would consider it carefully.

  4. Terri

    Wonderful qualityWe love this tiny but quality white noise machine. I bought it to take on a cruise and only charged it once before we left and never charged it again on our 10 DAY cruise! Specifically bought it for the battery operation only because plugs are limited in cruise ships or not always in the right location. We LOVED it and it’s now our go to “travel” sound machine for sleep. It’s a great size for packing!

  5. DakotaMami2006

    Great quality sound and sizeThis little thing is perfect. I was worried about the sounds sounding distorted but they aren’t at all. We usually only use rain and white noise, but the other options aren’t bad. The only con, is the white clip it comes with is very flimsy and often unlatches. And the rope you have to knot yourself (which is no big deal), but we’ve had to use a more sturdier ring. All in all definitely worth the purchase. Does not have a soft light which would have been a cool feature to add.

  6. Miss Brina

    Great for travelingWe got this for a three-week stay in my home town visiting family. We already have a bulkier noise machine in our baby’s room and he’s used to falling asleep to the noise of ocean waves. We figured a portable one may come in handy during our family visit instead of bringing our bigger one. This was a great purchase. It’s light, easily charged via usb and can be moved with the baby. Sometimes we hang it from his stroller il to help him nap. Highly recommended.

  7. Jacob Hoffman

    Great for any timeWhite noise is a must for our kids. It’s helpful on roadtrip or even just sleeping in a new space. This thing has some volume too almost as loud as the box fan at home. Totally recommend!

  8. Melissa Presley

    alot of optionsThis is really great – purchased to use on a cruise and hotel so I can have some white noise. It has so many settings; music, “fan” or white noise, etc. Would be great to use for a baby (heartbeat sounds). It has a strap so you can hang it if you like. Easy and quick to charge. There are timers, or you can keep it on all night. Very simple to use. I found the sounds to be clear and loud. (volume control, too)

  9. C. Smith

    Great for travel, works for a week on one chargeI bought this to take on vacation and now i use it every night! One charge lasts about 8 nights. At home, i used a fan for white noise, but it’s not practical in the winter. This little guy does the job without lots of bells and whistles. It’s also cheap enough that it’s replaceable, if I forget it when traveling. It’s great for minimizing hotel noise.

  10. Angelita

    Don’t second guess!This is my first white noise machine so I don’t have too much to compare it to.The different sound selections are all nice. It was easy to use right out of the box; I didn’t really need to read the instructions at all. Just pretty straightforward to use and simple to charge. You can easily travel with this and sleeping has improved.

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