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Top Funniest Sleep Memes: Take Your Portion of Good Laugh

Sleep, what a necessary habit for a healthy life and still an elusive thing we all crave or when we can’t get enough. However, I am not here to tell you how many hours you should sleep per day, nor why it is so essential for the brain cells to have a deep 8 hours sleeping routine. I am here to laugh out loud and to make the most of my sleep.

Regardless, sleep has been an intensively discussed topic, also the theme for lots of books. This physiological process still has endless questions, such as: Are you sleeping enough?

What are you most often dreaming about? Do power naps work for you? What is your ideal body position during sleep?

Ok, there are many questions to be still asking; however, sleep can also be a great fun topic. No wonder why there are so many fun pictures of your friends while sleeping or jokes that have as central subject the bad sleeping habits.

Today, you will take a good load off and laugh about some of the best sleep memes on the Internet. Make yourself comfortable, and get ready to receive a significant portion of a laugh.

What Are These “Memes”?

Firstly, let’s define the term “memes” as the concept might be new or less famous for most of the readers. The meme is pronounced “meem.”

Most of all, a meme is whether a behavior style or an idea tends to spread immediately throughout a culture. The meme spreads fast from person to person and carries a specific symbolic meaning that speaks for a theme or a particular phenomenon.

On the other hand, when it comes to the Internet era, a meme is a video, a piece of text, or an image that is usually humorous. It is spread and copied speedily by millions of internet users. Of course, these memes can have different topics, from cartoon memes to nature-inspired Internet trends.

Every day, millions of Internet users laugh at pet shaming, funny baby memes, LOLcats, and so on. The web world is full of these rising creative culture images and videos, so there is a lot of rising creative content in the web world.

However, coming back to our main topic, not all sleep memes are successful, and even the newest memes cannot surpass the old sleeping memes.

Understanding the entertainment behind the memes is easier once you have some excellent examples. This is why I brought together in this article some of the best sleep memes from the Internet. I have been grouping them into different categories, so you can choose the one you are most interested in.

Best Sleep Memes. Prepare To Laugh Out Loud

Are you looking to raise your mood today’s mood? I bet these sleep memes will bring lots of good vibes. Check the categories below and reshare your favorite images:

Sleep Memes With Babies

Sleep Memes With Babies

Image source: Pinterest

Dear parents, are you there? This image with the baby still in their mother’s uterus might have been the last picture with them all nice and quiet. It’s a joke, but still, some parents might agree with this sleeping meme.

Sleep Memes With Babies 2

Image source: Pinterest

Does your kid have the same habit? Like Murphy’s laws, it can rain cats and dogs, bombs can fall in the middle of the room, but your baby would not wake up until… until you tip-toe out of the room.

Sleep Memes From The Office

Sleep Memes From The Office

Image source: Pinterest

If you are a fan of the Office series, you might already know some of the most common grimaces of Michael. This sleeping-related meme is so true.

It might have happened to you to be asked this question, and all you are thinking about is totally another pain in the ass than your sleeping routine.

Anxiety, stress, or pure fatigue are some of the issues that might run into your head.

Simpsons Sleep Memes

Simpsons Sleep Memes

Image source: Pinterest

I do agree with this sleep meme. Some of you might not be party animals, but you would rather have a deep sleep, and this is all you need for a happy Saturday night.

I am their brother and sister, so nothing makes me more comfortable than a good book and a tight sleep.

Simpsons Sleep Memes 2

Image source: Pinterest

Insomnia can make you mad. You wake up every hour and count the minutes until your alarm clock will start making fun of you. Can you imagine your desperate face every time you check the hours, minutes, and seconds until you go to work? Oh, the feeling is so painful.

Cat Sleep Memes

Cat Sleep Memes 1

Image source: Instagram

This is real life, dear ones. When you feel young and restless, and your body tells you that you can party all night long and still be focused during classes, but something goes wrong.

It happened to all of us, and this cat’s expression is priceless and quite conclusive.

Cat Sleep Memes 2

Image source: Instagram

How can you stay up too late at work when there is this sleepy ball of fur waiting for you? Cats are the masters of good sleep; no wonder there are millions of sleep memes with their positions.

Dog Sleep Memes

Dog Sleep Memes 1

Image source: Instagram

How many times has it happened to you to fall asleep finally, and the neighbors’ pets to have totally another plan? Imagine them with a microphone in front of them, and you might get away from anger.

Dog Sleep Memes 2

Image source: Instagram

Are you melting yet? Because I am. How cute does this dog look? It’s like it is having a quiet, sweet sleep. Well, this meme seems pretty familiar to me, as I did the very same thing with my cat.

I never knew that I would accept our Freddie in bed, but, well, you simply cannot resist these cute pets.

Dog Sleep Memes 3

Image source: Instagram

Oh my God. Tell me this is the cutest sleep meme you have ever seen. The dog’s face is everything. This is the pure expression of sleep coziness, fresh and clean sheets, of a nighty night, of everything sweet and friendly.

Marvel Sleep Memes

Marvel Sleep Memes

Image source: Instagram

Mr. Spiderman, I couldn’t agree more. Have you ever tried not setting the alarm only to check the organism’s biological clock? Well, this clock might sometimes fail, especially during the weekend mornings.

Why does your body still want to wake up early during the weekend days? Why, God, why?

Real Life Sleep Memes

Real Life Sleep Memes 1

Image source: Instagram

Have you slept too little? Those bags under your eyes are bothering you? Not if you make fun of them. These Gucci under eyes bags can be so fashionable as long as you don’t take them too seriously, right?

Real Life Sleep Memes 2

Image source: Instagram

This is by far one of the most popular sleep memes on the Internet. What better commercial for a sleep-teaching book than this meme? I hope that this lady has safely reached her subway destination.

Real Life Sleep Memes 3

Image source: Instagram

Don’t act like it never happened to you. You cannot expect to sleep like a baby if you took a two-hour power nap during the afternoon. However, the desperate face of this guy expresses so much.

Real Life Sleep Memes 4

Image source: Instagram

This is so good. Although we are getting lots of alarms during the morning, we always feel like we want to beat that phone. This meme is somehow a metaphor for that morning feeling. However, it might be a bit violent, right?

Real Life Sleep Memes 5

Image source: Instagram

During childhood, parents would always try to convince you to make up early in the morning. They said this habit would help you during adulthood. But, mom, dad, teenagers need more reflection time.

Real Life Sleep Memes 6

Image source: Instagram

Is there somebody who enjoys washing dishes? I bet there are only some particular cases. So when your mom tells you to leave the kitchen only after cleaning everything, a better idea is to take your sheets and sleep on the kitchen floor—anything rather than washing those filthy pots.

Real Life Sleep Memes 7

Image source: Instagram

Sometimes your brain is working totally against you, and there is little left to do. That moment when you are finally cuddled under the duvet, ready to travel into the land of dreams, but your brain insists on overthinking:

“How many calories have you eaten today?/ Did you lock the door?/ When do you plan to call the plumber to solve the bathroom issue? How many letters are in Krankenwagen?” and so on.

Real Life Sleep Memes 8

Image source: Instagram

Sometimes the night is a great counselor. So when you have real problems in life and don’t want to overthink, just take a deep sleep, rest your mind, and you will find the solutions. A well-rested mind will bring to light the best ways to get out of your daily issues.

Sleep Memes In Words

Sleep Memes In Words 1

Image source: Instagram

This is for the restless minds who don’t want to take that deep sleep without making a good recap of their whole life.

Sleep Memes In Words 2

Image source: Instagram

Well, this is kind of impossible, isn’t it? However, if you discover the secret of resting in 3 hours, like in 8, please let me know.

Cartoon Sleep Memes

Cartoon Sleep Memes 1

Image source: Instagram

Do you see that happy face of the cartoon character? Now imagine yourself lying in bed during summertime nights and listening to the rain outdoors. Is there any better sleeping background sound for a nighty night? Currently, there is none, trust me.

Cartoon Sleep Memes 2

Image source: Instagram

This anime goes so well with that feeling in the morning. It is tremendously hard to wake up from bed, but it is also like winter outside the sleeping area. You will stay ten more minutes under the warm blanket, won’t you?

Cartoon Sleep Memes 3

Image source: Instagram

So cute and so true! Do you have that moment during the middle of the day when you are yawning right in the middle of an important meeting? The body is telling you that it lacks oxygen and it needs good sleep. So you go home earlier, trying to satisfy the body’s need for rest, but it wants it no more. How annoying…

Cartoon Sleep Memes 4

Image source: Pinterest

Tom, tell us, what have you learned from your sleep master plan? Tom’s face looks so clueless, so naive, and distracted. I bet he now knows more about cell regeneration during sleep and how the synapses are opening and closing during resting time.

Cartoon Sleep Memes 5

Image source: Pinterest

Nowadays, Sleeping Beauty would probably overthink her diet and appearance. Stop doing this as you are always beautiful, no matter which is your diet or how many times you exercise.

Cartoon Sleep Memes 6

Image source: Pinterest

Dear Bugs Bunny, what happened to you? Your eyes are kind of injected, aren’t they? There is nothing more frustrating than sleeping next to a person who falls asleep right in seconds after shutting their eyes while you are waiting for hours to knock out.

Cartoon Sleep Memes 7

Image source: Instagram

Well, it is sometimes tiring only to be tired, right? As odd as it might sound, you cannot escape from this vicious circle. If you relate to this sleep meme, you should share it with your friends.

Movie-Inspired Sleep Memes

Movie-Inspired Sleep Memes 1

Image source: Instagram

There have been so many memes with John Travolta and his character in a worldwide famous Pulp Fiction movie. The text from this meme is so accurate and illustrates the peace and relaxation of some people during chaotic times.

Movie-Inspired Sleep Memes 2

Image source: Instagram

Well, sometimes you want to have some deep sleep, but your mind and body feel like dancing, partying, and moving. What to do? Listen to your instincts and start dancing.

If not, close your eyes and imagine you are at the party and maybe Sandman will come to you.

Movie-Inspired Sleep Memes 3

Image source: Instagram

How long have you slept? Oh, well, sometimes it seems like an eternity. This meme might express the surprise on your face when you see that your nap time was not less than 10 hours.

Movie-Inspired Sleep Memes 4

Image source: Instagram

Oh, boy, the Adam’s Family is a permanent source of inspiration. For funny memes, for that particular kind of family, for the unique decors, and their iconic characters.

This sleep meme uses the pale, tired face of Uncle Fester, who is panicking when asked how many hours he has slept. If this face looks familiar to you, it means you have been asked how your night was too.

Movie-Inspired Sleep Memes 5

Image source: Instagram

Sometimes, that elastic blanket can cause you lots of problems. If you close your eyes and picture yourself during the KO with the sheets, you might resemble a pizza chef modeling his pizza dough.

Why Do People Love Sleep Memes?

It is interesting how people relate so well with sleep memes, right? I bet you have felt excellent, appreciated, maybe more relaxed once you have seen a funny meme. Well, let’s discover the main reasons why people do love memes so much.

Memes Are Digital Versions Of Inside Jokes

Once you understand an inside joke, you feel like you belong to a specific group and that you get that social acceptance, right? Once you relate to a joke, that meme ties you together with other people who are totally on it.

This is why I can consider digital memes kind of a binder with a social group, as well as a confirmation of your place in the community.

As such, memes represent that human connection in the digital world. Once you love some memes, you won’t feel isolated anymore.

Memes Tap Into Specific Cultural Knowledge

Sometimes, when you see a meme, you can perfectly understand it. However, some of your friends might not feel the same. Understanding a digital meme that crosses your social media pages requires a certain amount of cultural knowledge.

Once people understand the sleep meme, it will be a kind of confirmation that there is a hip to the references.

Memes Help People Release Some Tension

The sleep memes sometimes address some topics that are difficult to discuss, or they might be a bit taboo.

Anxiety, social pressures, bad habits, political disagreements, even societal changes are some of the memes topics that can make a point while still causing a laugh.

Sometimes, memes express what people can hardly put into words. These funny images talk about challenges, today’s issues, or embarrassing moments in our lives.

Last Thoughts

Sleep memes are fun, creative, relaxing, and can put many happy thoughts in your mind. However, these memes are also a connecting method. Funny images express the way we feel connected to a specific community and resonate with some issues more people have. I hope these memes made you laugh, and now you have more reasons to mock your sleeping habits.

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