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40+ Delightful Vintage Bedroom Decors For Sweet Dreams

When you start rethinking your sleeping area’s decor, you don’t just need to focus on trends anymore but create a unique space for sleeping. If you are passionate about antiquities, you can never go wrong with designing the bedroom using some pieces with vintage flair.

I am sure that most designers agree with this statement as will you – vintage interior designs have a genuine charm. Bedrooms that are designed like this area will be lovely and carry part of the past’s nostalgia.

It is an acquired taste, and nostalgia is worth going the extra mile for those who love this type of design. Considering the bedroom is everyone’s sanctuary, it is wise to incorporate elements representing your personality. Adding vintage decor pieces will add much more disposition and charm than new items would normally do.

However, decorating the bedroom with vintage pieces can be costly. Furthermore, antique items are kind of hard to find.

But what if I told you that you don’t need to use genuine vintage pieces to achieve that ageless bedroom look? You will spend less than you thought and get a space that feels high-quality.

Keep on reading to find the best ways to add some significant vintage style to your sleeping spaces. Whether you are planning to add little vintage pieces in the room or you prepare a total makeover for the sleeping area, these ideas do guarantee that you will have a new vintage look.

Check out my favorite gallery and keep in mind the most precious information about vintage-looking bedrooms.

Easy Ways To Make The Bedroom Seem Vintage

Before sharing the best vintage bedroom examples, let’s start by revealing some tips and tricks to give the sleeping area a more antique look. Ready? Let’s explore the list together:

Shop Second-Hand

The easiest way to make the bedroom look vintage-like is by shopping for second-hand elements. You can go to vintage fairs or check the online marketplaces.

Start mixing the modern furniture pieces with the vintage finds. Make sure you look for some statement pieces that will simply stand out wherever you place them.

Slowly Introduce Timeless Furniture Pieces

Some old grandad clocks, maybe an upholstered armchair, will be those timeless pieces of furniture that you should have in the sleeping area.

Look for these types of elements in charity shops or auction houses. Once you choose some statement elements, that room will immediately achieve that vintage look.

When you say “vintage,” the first thing you think about is pre-technology and genuine craftsmanship. As such, you should look for sleigh beds or other statement furniture pieces to make the room part of an antique store.

Give The Old Furniture A Bit Of Update

If you are that type of person who enjoys DIYs, consider upcycling the old pieces and updating them with a little makeover. Some of these modifications can be changing the old handles, repainting an old nightstand, or decoupage a vintage-like wallpaper.

Most of the vintage bedrooms are styled using soft furnishing pieces, some old hanging pictures, or creating upholstery.

You don’t have to follow the classic rules to combine the vintage elements with a contemporary twist. However, try to avoid too much technology or current trend pieces.

Pay Attention To Details And Accessories

The accessories can change the look of your bedroom. Make sure you pay attention to little elements and choose accessories that are vintage-styled. For instance, you can buy a retro telephone and place it on the nightstand or purchase retro pictures from eBay and hang them above the bed.

On the other hand, if the bedroom is more girlish, then an antique-looking mirror will beautifully complement the sleeping area.

Best Vintage Bedroom Looks In 2021

The best way to learn about decorating the bedroom in a vintage style is by example. So here are the nicest, timeless and original ways to decorate the sleeping areas. Take the best out of this information and start your room’s makeover.

Twinkle Lights On The Headboard

Twinkle Lights On The Headboard 1

Credit: @diybeautify

Twinkle Lights On The Headboard 2

Credit: @frazzledjoy

Who said Christmas lights could not work during the whole year? Use the twinkle lights to hang them on the headboard and make the atmosphere magical.

Hang some sheers from a curtain rod and place it right on the headboard.

Personal opinion: The icicle lights will beautifully fall across the bed’s headboard and create a magical space to sleep and relax.

Reclaimed Vintage Sconces

Add a pair of vintage sconces for an antique look, especially in the bedroom, and enjoy the elegant vibe from now on. You can fix the vintage sconces above the headboard or the drawer and enjoy their warm light.

You can search for these vintage sconces at any fair that is selling antiquities. You can add some cup hooks and insert votive candles for a more romantic vibe. These vintage light fixtures are not expensive but a beautiful way to reuse some old decor elements.

Personal opinion: This twist is inexpensive and quick, while it also creates a rustic and vintage local point in the bedroom.

Upcycled Vintage Decor For Bedroom

Upcycled Vintage Decor For Bedroom 2

Credit: @ogthrift__

Upcycled Vintage Decor For Bedroom 3

Credit: @hauzoffindz

If you want to add that simple touch of vintage into the sleeping area, you can consider a simple detail that you might have forgotten about.

A vintage candlestick can be your upcycled vintage decor. Use it as antique jewelry support and revive the utility of an old decor element.

On the other hand, a tabletop arrangement can go amazing for a vintage-like bedroom. To create more visual impact, use a vintage, framed mirror for the base of this tabletop.

Personal opinion: Do not forget about coordinating other details with your bedroom’s design.

Tip: Tall candlesticks, maybe some votive or pillar candles will complete the arrangements and add that unique vintage-like atmosphere to the bedroom.

Dramatic Parisian Look For The Bedroom

Dramatic Parisian Look For The Bedroom 1

Credit: @frowhome

The best example of a vintage-like bedroom is the Parisian look. We simply love how French people are playing with old and new patterns to create an antique vibe for their sleeping areas.

The main elements you can use are an upholstered headboard, a beautifully handcrafted French dressing table, some full of crystal opulent chandeliers, even a comfortable armchair as the perfect reading spot.

So no matter the size of your sleeping room, choose a statement headboard so you can create that focal point of an antique-like bedroom.

There are multiple creative ways to make your bedroom look just like a dramatic Parisian bedroom.

Personal opinion: Velvety materials and satin beddings are also a tip to enjoy a vintage bedroom every day.

Hang Flora And Fauna Prints Above the Bed

Are your walls looking too empty? Vintage bedrooms can sometimes celebrate the mesmerizing world of nature. If you are not a plant lover and cannot handle the caring part, choose some stylized flora and fauna prints instead.

You can hang these prints above the bed or the dressing table and enjoy a little part of nature right where you sleep.

These prints can go amazing on the fabrics, so nature-inspired prints on the beddings will make the room pop. Internet is full of inspiration, so print those plants you love most.

So why not try to hang a panel of arts and crafts fabric right behind the bed so you can meet “nature” every time you enter the room. Here is how you can bring nature heritage and vibrant pieces into your home.

Personal opinion: The best part? You can replace these nature-inspired prints depending on each season.

You will love this look; there is a lot of inspiration as soon as you search for “art & crafts” online.

Cottage Look With Tea-Stained Vintage Florals

Cottage Look With Tea-Stained Vintage Florals 1

Credit: @oaktreehome

Cottage Look With Tea-Stained Vintage Florals 2

Credit: @door.42

Do you love the traditional cottage looks for sleeping areas? Then you can never go wrong with too many florals. As such, don’t hesitate to use the floral prints all across curtains, beddings, walls, or quilts.

Personal opinion: It does not matter if you have a small room, as the floral pattern will effortlessly enhance the area’s look.

Enjoy the quirky charm and the aged effect of floral wallpaper, just like in the examples above. Your choice will be brilliant indeed.

The Scandi Scheme For A Vintage Bedroom

Are you a fan of Scandinavian bedroom designs? Although very simple, the Scandinavian scheme follows the modern and minimalist lines we are used to. Try stylizing floral wallpapers with some white wooden painted floorboards.

The Swedish wallpapers are one of the main details to think about when decorating your bedroom following the Scandi Vintage scheme. These elements have beautiful, large floral patterns, while their main inspiration stays the vintage originals.

Personal opinion: You can play with different vintage elements, such as some retro canes or the original Swedish stove. Enjoy the final Scandinavian look and sweeter dreams.

American Farmhouse Style For The Bedroom

American Farmhouse Style For The Bedroom 3

Credit: @wall.blush

You can take inspiration from the American style and recreate the historic home’s vintage vibe using only some simple elements.

For instance, a temper wall-to-wall floral wallpaper, a metal bed frame, maybe some striped beddings with folky accessories will be enough to recreate the vintage style of an American farmhouse bedroom.

Personal opinion: If you enjoy patchwork textiles or checked quilts, make sure you will integrate them in the final look as well.

Paneling For Creating A Sophisticated Feature Wall

We simply love bedroom panels. They are exquisite and such a stylish element to add to the bedroom. Try installing some MDF paneling and exposing original floorboards so you can create the stunning vintage bedroom look.

Personal opinion: More than the elegant vibe, panels create some structure behind the bed’s headboard and add ornamental details.

Faded Florals For A Vintage French Feeling

One of the easiest and comfortable ways to give a fresh vibe to your bedroom is by changing the linen with a brand new one. If you are chasing the pretty vintage bedroom look, use faded florals for the beddings.

Choose some cushions, maybe some colorful quilts and linen in soft floral pastels and vintage-inspired prints.

Personal opinion: If you are passionate about the French vintage style, always choose delicate color schemes. Enjoy the relaxing vibe as soon as you enter the bedroom.

Consider Including a Vanity

A vintage vanity can change the look of your bedroom. Instead of getting ready in front of the cold mirror of your bathroom, think about a vintage vanity.

Sip a warm cup of coffee while putting some make-up on, and enjoy a timeless piece of furniture that will always be the room’s statement.

Tip: Choose unique vanity designs and add much more glamour to your daily routine. Bonus points if the vanity is turning into a desk as well.

Every Vintage Piece Can Have A Purpose

Transform an old suitcase into a smart storing space, a vintage candlestick into jewelry support, or an antique table into an amazing nightstand. It is so easy to revive vintage elements and make them useful again.

Personal opinion: By no means should you throw away antique pieces when you can bring the original shine back? Creativity is the key!

Use Landscape Art

Landscape paintings are by far some longtime classics that continue to remain timeless and versatile. In the context of vintage-style bedrooms, landscape art adds more personality to the room compared with a mass-market print.

You don’t need to purchase some extravagant or expensive pictures when you can look for a series of vintage-like images.

Tip: Hang the landscape art above the bed, just like designers would recommend. Check out estate sales to find the best deals.

Lean A Vintage Mirror

Lean A Vintage Mirror 2

Credit: @sujiie__

Lean A Vintage Mirror 3

Credit: @julesandfox

Vintage mirrors are a statement when it comes to decorating the sleeping area. The larger the size, the better. If you plan to attend a vintage fair, please do not underestimate the power of a beautiful vintage brass wall mirror.

If you want to make the best out of the vintage mirror, place it in an area catching both the light and the eye.

Tip: This is a tip for making the space look larger while also evoking the sophisticated vibe of this element.

You will love the glamorous effect the mirror will add to the bedroom.

Bring on the Burlwood

Bring on the Burlwood 2

Credit: @ctasho

Burlwood comes back in style and represents a home design staple. Think about some nightstands made of burlwood or a whole vanity made of this soft material.

Personal opinion: If you can use this material for bedroom decor, don’t hesitate to do it.

Choose A Vintage Bed Frame

Just like antique mirrors, some vintage bed frames can instantly impact the bedroom’s aesthetics. Wood and metal bed frames will make your bedroom look like out of a magazine.

No wonder bed frames with a vintage look are an excellent choice for antique lovers.

Tip: Make everything look even cozier by adding some fluffy pillows and blankets all over.

Choose Pastel or Muted Shade Tones

All the vintage bedrooms will look even more lovely once you choose some dusty shades for the textiles and walls.

Personal opinion: These muted shades will add a soft and romantic touch to the sleeping area.

Patterned Rugs

Patterned Rugs 1

Credit: @ten_carpets

If your style is more boho-like, you can combine it with the vintage-inspired elements and jazz up the space. A vintage patterned rug evokes relaxing vibes, colors, and magic.

When it comes to the bedroom’s coziness, we think any sleeping space should have a beautiful, timeless rug.

Tip: If you don’t have time and energy to look for some genuine vintage rugs, search on the Internet for “fake-vintage” rugs.

Last Thoughts

There are so many ways you can make your bedroom look like a genuine vintage area. Use antique elements as focal points and learn to compliment each corner of the sleeping area.

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