Which Type Of Yogurt Is The Best Before Bed?

Yogurt, rich in bone-building calcium, full of probiotics and proteins, is among the most nutritious diets you can take. Its versatile nature makes it easy to combine with other foods. For instance, you can conjure up one dip, or utilize it as a condiment. It is also possible to come up with one sumptuous bowl recipe for a healthy snack.

With that said, how do you take yogurt before bed? Which is the best way to consume yogurt at night? Is it healthy or beneficial to take yogurt before you sleep?

We shall answer these questions and many more in this article. Read on …

First things first, it is worth noting that taking yogurt is beneficial in many ways. It can be handy to treat the following conditions or issues:

  • Constipation
  • High cholesterol levels
  • Vaginal infections
  • Poor digestion

You can take yogurt before bed as food or dessert. Not all yogurt is the same. Greek yogurt, for instance, is rich in casein protein that not only helps reduce hunger pants in the morning according to this study but also induces sleep.

The golden rule is to settle for the plain yogurt then use unsweetened fruit like peaches or berries to flavor it.

Which Type Of Yogurt Is The Best Before Bed?

As already mentioned, not all types of yogurt are the same. Some types are better taking during the day while others before bed for an array of reasons. Let us have a look at some of the best types of yogurt to take before bed:

1. Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt
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Greek yogurt is turning out to be the most prevalent among the various types of yogurts. It constitutes 40% of the whole yogurt market. When you compare it to the unstrained type of yogurt, this type not only has less sugar but also twice the protein.

Moreover, it contains fewer carbs compared to normal cow’s milk yogurt. When in the market for Greek yogurt, choose one that features two major ingredients, active/live cultures as well as milk.

Refrain from the brands that add unnecessary thickeners and proteins like what they do with modified and concentrated starch.

Greek yogurt is great before bed because it is rich in tryptophan to promote a comfortable and restful sleep at night.

Downside: No FDA regulations exist when it comes to the process and ingredients of manufacturing Greek yogurt.

2. Sheep Milk Yogurt

Sheep Milk Yogurt
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Sheep milk yogurt is an incredible choice for those who desire the same texture and taste present in cow’s milk but have a reaction with it. This yogurt is an incredible source of riboflavin, calcium, and Vitamin B.

You can also use it for cooking because even at high temperatures, it does not break down. One of the best attributes of this yogurt is the fact that it does not have any stabilizers or thickeners.

When it comes to taking it before bed for inducing sleep, it is rich in calcium which is an essential mineral that triggers the brain to secrete melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone.

Downside: Sheep milk yogurt has a higher fat content compared to cow milk yogurt.

3. Soy Yogurt

Soy Yogurt
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Soy yogurt features a soy milk base coupled with soybeans and live cultures for thickening. Impressive attributes about this type of yogurt are that its dairy-free, and low in cholesterol. It is a good option for anyone that is not into animal protein.

The main benefit of soy yogurt is the fact that the soy contained is effective at blocking enzymes that affect the digestion of carbohydrates. On top of that, soy is rich in tryptophan, which is very important when it comes to enhancing sleep.

You can choose to take this yogurt just like it is or include it in a banana and spinach smoothie. In addition to cutting back on sugar, you’ll still enjoy the yogurt’s sweet flavors.

Downside: Finding an unsweetened version that does not contain added thickeners might be challenging.

4. Almond Yogurt

Almond Yogurt
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Almond yogurt is simply a mixture of water and ground almonds featuring low-calorie count. Almonds boast high melatonin content. Melatonin is necessary when it comes to both the waking and sleeping cycle.

Manufacturers add active and live cultures to create almond yogurt. It is not only full of fiber but also calcium.

Almond yogurt is also low in sodium and fat making it a delicious choice for those with the desire to avoid lactose. The fact that it is loose and thin makes it have the same texture as conventional yogurt.

Another striking attribute about this type of yogurt is the fact that its protein counts are lower as most of those nutrients are removed when creating the milk.

Downside: Unless you intend to make your own at home, it is challenging to locate a brand that does not contain sweeteners and thickeners. This is even in the plain yogurt flavor option.

Benefits Of Snacking On Yogurt Before Bed

Benefits Of Snacking On Yogurt Before Bed
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The following are some of the benefits of snacking on yogurt before bed:

Reduce Gastrointestinal Symptoms

Gastrointestinal issues or digestive disorders comprise of various ailments that affect the digestive system. The issues can comprise inflammatory bowel diseases, heartburn, IBS, and hard stool among others. According to Women Health USA, gastrointestinal issues affect an estimated 60-70 million folks in the USA on average.

This study discovered that an association exists between gastrointestinal ailments and sleep. Some of the sleep difficulties that those suffering from digestive conditions grapple with include:

  • Taking longer than normal to fall asleep
  • Excess daytime sleepiness
  • Repeated waking up at night

So how does yogurt come in, in this situation? How does yogurt help with gastrointestinal issues which in turn helps you sleep better?

Well, yogurt contains live culture that enhances your gut microflora that goes miles to improve symptoms of digestive conditions. This also plays a major role in plummeting incidences of ulcers.

It is also worth noting that yogurt features a peptide that enhances the production of mucin. Mucin is an important component when it comes to the mucus layer that not only lines but also protects the intestine from any form of harm.

The next time you’re having sleep issues because of your digestive system, you should consider taking some yogurt before you sleep.

Good For Insomnia

Yogurt is rich in tryptophan. Tryptophan is simply a sleep-enhancing amino acid. An effective sleep promoter, tryptophan acts as a precursor to both melatonin and serotonin. These two are efficient sleep-inducing compounds.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter while melatonin is both a hormone and neurotransmitter. Some foods and drinks such as yogurt are rich in tryptophan. This study suggests that not all yogurt contains the same level of tryptophan.

The concentration of the sleep-enhancing amino acid is different in yogurt from partially skimmed or fully skimmed milk, raw milk, milk without or with fruit, and that with cereals or coffee.

So which type of yogurt contains the highest tryptophan levels? Well, according to the aforementioned study, here are the average values of nonprotein tryptophan of the different forms of yogurt:

  • Plain yogurt from whole milk – 3.45 ± 0.46 mg/kg
  • Plain yogurt from skimmed milk – 3.25 ± 0.38 mg/kg

The mean values of yogurts containing fruit are the same as the above-highlighted ones. Yogurt containing cereal and coffee has the highest content because of the contribution of these in the yogurt.

Of great importance to note is that a high free tryptophan content in yogurt enhances its nutritional value. This is because more tryptophan means the amino acid is available for the combination of the neurotransmitter serotonin.

So does yogurt help you fall asleep faster? Yes, it does! The next time you are having difficulty sleeping, consider taking yogurt with a higher level of free tryptophan.

Ease Muscle Loss/Ache

An emotional and physical indication of bodily harm, pain, regardless of which part of the body affects sleep. Muscle pain can rob you of the much-desired sleep. It can be exhausting for a lack of better words.

Muscle ache comes in the way of a comfortable and restful sleep. In addition to that, it makes it challenging to stay asleep.

The Sleep Foundation opines that averagely Americans with chronic pain report 42-minutes debt in terms of sleep while those with acute pain report 14-minute debt when it comes to sleep.

Whether you are running or exercising or have a condition in the muscles that cause pain, taking yogurt can help relieve the pain in the muscles thus giving you a good night’s sleep.

Greek yogurt is rich in many nutrients including calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. All of these play the role of electrolytes within the body. Since calcium plays an important role in a healthy muscle and helps in muscle recovery, consuming yogurt can help with the cramps.

Yogurt also contains a protein that is handy for not only the growth but also repair of your muscle tissue.

After a strenuous exercise session, take some Greek yogurt to ease the muscle cramps and replenish lost muscles. By easing pain, you will be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Weight Loss

Do you know that you can also take yogurt before bed for weight loss? By incorporating it into your nighttime eating routine, you can manage to revamp the body’s fat-burning engines as well as speed up your weight loss.

It is also possible to shed fat around the tummy using this strategy. This is according to this study.

The study’s findings established that if you eat three fat-free servings of yogurt per day, you can manage to shed around 22% weight and up to 61% of body fat. Consistent consumers of yogurt also enjoy a reduction of 81% of stomach fat.

So how does yogurt before bedtime help with weight loss? Firstly, yogurt is high in satiating macronutrients. Secondly, it is rich in probiotics that are handy in promoting a healthy gut. A healthy gut, according to this research, encourages fat loss and weight loss. Thirdly, yogurt is an effective and nutrient-dense alternative for the high-calorie ingredients.

Nutritionists recommend that you take the thick and plain yogurt as the one best suited for weight loss.

For Lactose-Intolerant People

This study suggests that roughly 65% of humans are unable to digest lactose once they are born. One of the things that lactose-intolerant folks should do to cope with digestive discomfort is to change their diet.

For purposes of health, such as to avoid falling short of nutrient requirements in the body, it is prudent not to keep off all dairy products. Rather than shun all dairy foods, you can be choosy in what you consume. Part of what you should settle for is yogurt.

The good thing is that lactose-free yogurt like the Green Valley Creamery Plain Yogurt doesn’t have any lactose in its ingredients. Your digestion system will have an easy time processing this yogurt.

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